The High Places

We are now in the Christmas season 2004.  Many Christians are trying to keep Christ in Christmas.  Some Christians are trying to put nativity scenes in public places.  Some think of Christmas as one of the holiest holidays that Christians celebrate.

Many Christians are trying to out do each other with the most lights and the most decorated houses.  I fear that Christians are using such things as alters of worship.  Whatever Christians may do to keep Christmas Christian it is a high place.

Many times in reading in one of the books of Kings in the Bible you read, “But the high places were not taken away.”  In times of revival in Israel they would worship God only; but on high places instead of only at Jerusalem; those revivals were not complete.

The Samaritan woman asked Jesus “Our fathers worship on this mountain; but you say Jerusalem is the place to worship.”  Jesus replied to her, “The Father wants us to worship in Spirit and in Truth.”

Jesus told her that she had five husbands; but now she was living in adultery.  Have you had five husbands: apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers?  Is the one you are living with now not your husband: television, movies, games; beautiful houses, cars, clothes, and etc?  Quit worshipping on the high places of Samaria; come to Jerusalem and worship in Spirit and Truth.

In Luke 14: 16-24 Jesus tells a parable of a certain man that made a great supper; he sent out his servants out to tell the invited guests to come.  The guests made excuses: one said, “I bought a piece of land and I must go see it; another said, I bought five yoke of oxen and he must prove them; another married a wife.

The land speaks of our own body and he was busy seeing to it; five yoke of oxen speaks of the five fold ministry; and the wife speaks of a pastor just getting a new church.  Are you to busy with your life; your ministry; or your church to hear the word that God is speaking in this hour?

Jesus said People (churches) will be going here and there to find Christ but don’t go after them as His coming will be like lightning flashing from the east to the west; he may have been speaking of the second coming of Christ but we can make application for now.  People will tell you go to hear the word at this place or from this person; but Christ is revealed as a flash of lightning coming out of darkness and into brilliant light in your heart (east to West): Spend time with Jesus early in the morning do not bow at anyone’s alter.

God has a Word to teach you now the only word that can prepare you for the coming trouble ahead; but He will only teach people who don’t know the truth those who think they know will be found wanting: the first will be last and the last will be first.

Is the right now Word going to be preached to harlots, publicans, and sinners while you are cast into the Great Tribulation unprepared?  Oh! My brother wake up time is slipping away.

In Matthew 8: 11-13 Jesus says “Many shall come from the east and west, and shall sit down with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob in the Kingdom of heaven; but the children of the Kingdom shall be cast into outer darkness: there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.  God’s people always go from the east to the west; but the lost always go east.

My brother will you hear the voice of God or will you need a great fire to get your attention?  Whatever Jesus says, do it now with all your might.  Whatever Jesus says, believe it with all your might.

What then is a high place and what is Jerusalem?  A high place is where we think we would like to worship; but Jerusalem is the place where God tells us that He wants us to worship.  Always do what God says; never just what you think.

Many Christian leaders put themselves in God’s place as the one to be obeyed: they have read how Paul told the carnal and rebellious Christians to obey their leaders and they now want to apply it to all members of their own church.

If you read Galatians chapters 1 and 2 you will see that the Apostle Paul did not even go to the Apostles of Jesus but to Jesus Him self after he was saved; when your heart is after God you go to Jesus only but when you live carnally you must be put under men for a while.

Pastors who require all their parishioners to come to them in everything are setting themselves to be worshipped and will come under great judgment in the near future; they are also teaching their parishioners idolatry.

If you go down through Jewish history you see fathers sacrificing as priest of the family.  Later sacrifices had to be made by Levitical priests.  God also accepted sacrifices on an open alter; but later it had to be in the tabernacle and than at Jerusalem in the temple.

These things illustrate that God’s requirements are progressive; God’s revelation is also progressive.  Over the years God has both accepted and blessed our worshipping in our own way; but now God is going to require us to come into full compliance to His requirements.

God is requiring you and I to worship at all times only in Spirit and in Truth.  We must spend much time with God early in the morning that we might more and more come into the Spirit.  In the morning continually surrender, confess any sin, and seek His will, and what ever He tells you to do; do it through out the day.

We must certainly know and believe in Jesus’ birth.  We must believe He was born in a stable to a virgin and in a town called Bethlehem.  We must also believe all the other things the Bible says about Jesus; but in worship we must not make our own place.

A golden calf is a type of our new birth experience.  When the children of Israel came out of Egypt how soon they turned from worshipping God only to worshipping an experience (the new birth).

When Jeroboam took the ten tribes that God gave him how soon he changed God’s order to his own order.  He set up two golden calves for them to worship.  He set up his own times of worship.  He put in his own ministers instead of God’s appointed ministers.

Can you not see the parallels in the church today?  The church today thinks that it is the new birth that delivered them out of bondage; but only God can deliver; God uses the new birth in the process; but be careful to worship God not the new birth.

Why are there so many denominations and doctrines in the church today?  It is because that people are figuring out in their own minds what God meant by what He said.  If all God’s people would all come before God in deep humility and surrender with a determination to do all He says; God would give them the Spirit of wisdom and revelation; then God’s people would be in perfect harmony.

We must cease to see Jesus or God’s people after the flesh 11Corinthians 5: 16.  God’s people regardless of what place they are in now have the Spirit of God working in their lives; This Spirit will not quit till He has completed His work in them.  Do not look at what God’s people are doing now; but at what they will be doing when the Spirit is done with them.

Do not spend much time on the babe of Bethlehem; but on the great power of the risen Christ.  What has Jesus done in your life?  What can Jesus do in your life in the future?

At age twelve Jesus had the greatest mind on earth; but for the work He had to do He needed eighteen more years of training under His parents.  God can not use great minds.  Jesus had to come to the place where He could do nothing but what He saw His Father do.

God certainly wants to use you; but until you only do what you see Jesus do He can not do that great work He wants to do through you.

When Jesus came to the fullness of His natural life, it was not enough for the work God wanted to do through Him; He had to bury His natural life in the river Jordan.  The work that Jesus had to do could not be done by even the best natural life.  After He buried His past He had to be tested by the greatest tests that any man had ever gone through; only then was He ready for the great work God had for Him to do.

Satan: the most powerful evil spirit hell could produce did his very best to defeat Jesus; but He passed every test.  The next three to three and one half years Satan continued to test Him.  Than in the garden of Gethsemane Satan mustered all the forces he could come up with; yet still Jesus remained faithful even to the death of the cross.

Had Jesus after His baptism in Jordan once done what His mind said do we would all be lost.  We must demonstrate the same faithfulness if we are to deliver the creation from the bondage of its corruption.

For those who demonstrate the same faithfulness Jesus has a place right next to Himself on His throne for them to sit on.

Had Jesus not been faithful in the little things, when He reached the cross He would have failed.  Jesus told His disciples he that is faithful in little things will receive the true riches.

When you were baptized you symbolically said “I bury my past to live only in newness of life; most Christians seldom follow through with that promise.  Learn to be faithful in the little things and reach for the bigger things.

Jesus went to the cross for to deliver us from sin.  We also need to suffer for others.  Jesus conquered death on the cross.  He made a way for us to conquer death also; but until He has a people who will do what He says He will not come back and this world will not change.


Mystery Babylon:

Men have tried for thousands of years to find out what God meant by “Mystery Babylon”.  Mystery Babylon was built on seven mountains so some think that it is speaking about Rome which is built on seven hills.  Some think that Babylon is the Roman Catholic Church.  Some think Babylon is all organized churches put together.  Some separate the Babylon in chapter 17 from the one in chapter 18.

In Revelation 17 it says that it is both religious and governmental.  In Revelation 18 it says that it is commercial.  Many things Revelation says about Babylon are similar to what Jeremiah says in chapters 50, 51.  In Revelation 18: 24 it says, “All that were slain on earth were killed by mystery Babylon; since this would include Abel it could not be the Roman Catholic Church.

The Roman Catholic Church is certainly a type of Mystery Babylon as is also many other churches; but the real Mystery Babylon is really a city in the heavens made of demons manifesting through various organizations.  We wrestle not against flesh and blood; but against demons.