Reach for Eternity


This book is in the early stages of writing; it has not been divided into chapters or titles. I put this book into publication before it is done so you may benefit now from its word. Feel free to divide it or use it as God may lead you.

Creative Power

God has put within His people His own creative power. God wants us to use His creative power to create a place of refreshing for the weary.

We see people going to and froe trying to find peace, rest, and satisfaction; everything they try only leaves them unsatisfied. No one can be satisfied except in Jesus Christ.

We even see God.s own people (who should know better) going after the things of this world; they will not be satisfied either. If you go searching for finite things in the infinite space of the human heart you will not even be able to find them. No matter how much or how big a finite thing is it will take up no room in an infinite space. The only thing that can fill that space is the infinite God.

When Jesus walked in this world He created a little protected place where His disciples could find peace, refreshing, and safety. Jesus returned to heaven; so He asks us to create a little place that He can take the weary for refreshing. We have been made creators so we must begin to use that power under God.s supervision.

The highest place a man can attain to is to come forth in the image of his father. God is the creator and the highest place for us to attain to is to be a creator like God; unfortunately most Christians are only adult babies; something happened that arrested their growth.

When God became our Father all the powers of the God Head was placed as a little seed in our very New Nature; but as any other seed it can come forth only if the shell is broken; so the powers of God will come forth in us only if the flesh is crucified first.

The mighty Power of God is a keeping Power; before we can use God.s power we must be kept by His Power. The Power of God is like atomic power: It can be used create electricity and it can be used to make a bomb; so God.s power can be used for good or evil.

God has given us .The Creative Word;. with it we can speak the very Life of God forth in other people: we only need to say what God says about them. We have a negative creative word in us also: with it we can tear one another down.

The one who sees Christ in other Christians and speaks great words of encouragement to them is creating or forming Christ in that Christian; but the one who sees another.s faults and tells others is creating great harm in that person. If you are one who speaks negatively about another even if it is true you are not ready to use much of God.s Power, you would do great harm; on the other hand if you if you speak good of another even if they are persecuting you, you are probably ready to use it, yea, you need to start using it.

If another Christian speaks evil of you, do you get mad, upset, or retaliate? Have you determined in your heart to learn to return good for evil? Have determined to speak well of another regardless of what they do? If you have determined to return good for evil, than God needs you to do the work of the Kingdom.

In speaking to a young lady the other day she said, .I wish God would just appear to me and say hear I am.. I told this young lady, .God does not have a body; so He sends people like me to tell her..

I was hoping to ignite that .little spark in her. to hunger after God.

Each person that God foreknew and ordained to eternal life has a little spark in them: a handle God can get a hold of.

God does not want us to tell them how bad they are; they already know that. God does not want us to come against their belief system; they already can see that it does not work.

God only wants us to minister to their needs with intense love. Whether you minister to their spiritual, emotional, or physical needs do it with the intense love of God.

God has put man in charge of the earth and He wants us to conquer it.

People need to see a people who are at perfect peace and rest. Christians have perfect peace and satisfaction available; yet they reject it for the things the world provides. I keep thinking God.s people will see the perfect peace and satisfaction in me and want it; but instead they end up rejecting God.s provision and me as well.

Why would people who are able to reach out and receive God.s infinite supply reject both it and those who are already receiving it at the same time? This shows the extent of the apostasy that Satan talked the church into.

This people think they are rich; but they are steeped in gross apostasy.

If God has brought you to perfect peace; than reach out to God.s people with intense love minister to their need. Reach out to God.s people even if they reject you; they are trying to satisfy themselves with television, movies, sports, games, music, material things, and whatever this world offers them. God.s people have insatiable appetites that will not be satisfied; they are seeking satisfaction in the wrong things.

I realize only a small percentage will take the high road; yet we must bring as many as possible. Most of God.s people do not even believe that it is possible to reach that place on the earth; they are only waiting to leave this world thinking it will happen that way; they are trying to get God to do supernaturally what they are unwilling to pay for themselves.

Reach out to as many as you can in the world and in the church; as God has many people who do not even know they are called as yet.

God has called us as Sons of God; we must be about doing the works of our Father. Just as Jesus said, .I have manifested your name on earth. He wants us to also begin to manifest His name on earth. While we often put the high things off into the future; but if we do not start to do them now, they will also pass us by. We must believe God will do it now.

When Israel spied out the land they thought it impossible to conquer or not yet time; so God passed them by and excluded them; God will do the same to us also if we do not believe.

God is telling me that He has made us little creators and we need to begin now to create the conditions to retake this earth after the judgment. We must create the conditions that will bring many others into the kingdom. We must create the conditions that will deliver God.s people out of Satan.s bondage; we are not going to do it by ourselves; but yoked to Jesus Christ we can do anything. There is a world of people waiting for God.s Sons to manifest His nature to them.

Why are you struggling with sin, sickness and defeat? God has given you the power to defeat any enemy; reach out and take God.s provision cast out the spirits of sin, sickness, fear, and defeat, and run this race in the very power of God nothing will defeat you.

God has created this world to glorify Himself; but all the forces of evil must be defeated and removed first.

God has given us a sharp sword which proceeds from our mouths; we must use that sword against our enemies. We will use that sword to deliver this creation from Satan and return it back to the one who gave His life for it; it will then be the marvelous creation described in Revelation chapter 4 and 22; it will then only bring glory to its creator.

Jesus gave His life for the church. Jesus faced ridicule, the whip, and they drove nails through His hands and His feet; they said, .If you are the Son of God come down from the cross and we will believe; if Jesus had come down from the cross all His followers would have been lost and Satan would have won.

Jesus. suffering was finished nearly two thousand years ago; had His people been fully obedient it would have stayed that way. Alas! The people of God seem to be anything but obedient. God.s people are constantly going after strange gods and doctrines; they worship the gods of wealth, prosperity, ease, entertainment: games, television, movies and the list goes on; they also come up with strange doctrines which deliver them from the consequences; they think they will escape before the judgment.

The suffering of Jesus should be over with; but He must continue to suffer the deeds of the people. Jesus also has faithful men who suffer with Him to fill up the cup of suffering for the church.

God planted a vineyard (Israel) in the most fertile soil; He gave it a hedge of protection; He put husbandmen over it; He gave it the greatest of care; yet they brought forth wild grapes.

God brought forth the church and gave it the Holy Spirit; gave it the new birth; gave it the baptism in the Holy Spirit; and provided all that it needed. God said to the church; .Obey my voice and serve me only.; but they have done little or none of it.

The church thinks because of the new birth and the rapture theory they will escape the consequences; but vines that do not produce good fruit will be cut down and burned. God told Israel in Jeremiah 2: 37, .I have rejected your confidences;. He will reject our confidences too if they are not completely in Him.

I say to all God.s people, .Jesus is just outside the door of your heart with more than your heart can wish or even imagine; why live a barren life with such danger? You live in abject poverty when eternal prosperity is so close you can reach out and take it. Bring the suffering of Jesus Christ to an end; focus totally on Him.

Most people including Christians have suffered many things in their souls. The souls of many people are very sore; people without realizing it or on purpose injure each other; after a while the soul can get very sore.

People have many needs and we need to be about the business of ministering to their needs. Spend much time with God so you will have the spiritual resources to minister to the needs of others.

Many people have only a little spark of life in them, try not to quench it. If God has not given you a word for them, just minister Jesus to them, and when God gives you a word for them than tell it to them.

God by His for knowledge knows who can be reached and those He ordained to Eternal Life. All those who are ordained to Eternal Life have a spark a handle He can get a hold of and to save them; that is the reason He ordained them to Eternal Life.

Many of God.s people are in a deep state of apostasy and are going down a very destructive path and many can be saved only so as by fire; I hope to save as many from the fire as I can. I realize that most Christians are so engrossed in wealth, ease, false teaching, and a false sense of security that only the fire will wake them up.

Whatever people.s needs are or wherever they are on God.s ladder of salvation; we need to meet as many of their needs as we can. Develop an intense love for others and do everything through that intense love.

The good deeds you do for people are passed from person to person till they go around the world; they go on forever and will bring rewards into eternity. The rewards you get for your good deeds will never come to an end.


Faithfulness should be a trait found in all Christians. Anything done out of Love will also be done in faithfulness.

When you go out and get a job always remember to be faithful. When you apply for a job you are selling your services in exchange for something of value usually money. Unless otherwise agreed upon, you must do your best. Do all your work at an acceptable speed and Quality for your employer.

If it is possible; arrive at your work place at the agreed upon time and quit at the agreed upon time. Faithfulness will bring you in favor with both God and man. When you do your work faithfully you bring honor to God. We need to represent God faithfully in all that we do.

When a Christian fails to represent God properly it brings dishonor to God. Christians sometimes dishonor God by breaking their word to their employers, their spouses, to loan companies, and almost any other type of agreement they enter into; my friend this aught not so to be.


When we first became Christians we were just spiritual babes; we were not ready to bear fruit. The fruit of the Spirit comes out of the nature of mature Christians not babes. Often times God has things for us to do that go beyond our capability; so God gives us a gift of the Spirit to perform it. We may be sick and need a healing; or we may need a gift of faith for our need or to minister to another.s need; if you are a young Christian God may give you a gift to meet those needs.

When we are children and undeveloped God often gives us special gifts to meet the need. God may require us to bring forth the fruit right out of our nature as we grow older.

God wants us to grow up just like a mother wants her children to grow up. Many ministries in the past were moving in the gifts of the Spirit and when the miracles begin to subside they didn.t understand it; so they would try to force the gift. If God is through ministering by gifts through you; forcing it anyway may cause it to turn into witchcraft.

What God is wanting you to do is to spend much time with Him in deep surrender and communion; so He begins to remove your gift ministry. If you respond to God.s leading in surrender and communion your ministry will deepen into a ministry of love; faith which works by love is much greater than the gift of faith. The fruit of the Spirit is a much higher realm than the gifts of the Spirit. The gifts of the Spirit can operate without love and will end; but the fruit will never end.

Whether you are operating under God or in witchcraft it is still God.s power brought forth by faith. If you persist in faith without love it will eventually lead to witchcraft.

God told Satan what He would be allowed to do to Job; when Satan believed God and did it that was faith. You can believe God for the power to accomplish a work like Satan did and be operating in witchcraft. Never seek to build your own ministry; but only God.s Kingdom and you will never have to worry about operating in witchcraft.

Whatever ministries you are in never manipulate people; manipulation of people is a form of witchcraft; manipulating people to give to your ministry, to believe like you, or in any other way is witchcraft. Teach the Word as God leads you to and let God lead them.

If God has brought forth miracles in your ministry in the past; yet now they are subsiding then concentrate on developing a much deeper relationship with the Lord. A deep relationship with the Lord will cause you to grow then the miracles will come right out of your nature. Jesus never moved in the gift realm only in the nature; He had real love for the people.

When Jesus met a person in need The Bible said, .He had compassion on them;. or it said, .He loved them.. Jesus moved in the fruit of the Spirit not the gifts. Jesus was a mature Son and only did what He saw His Father do.

What we need today are many mature Sons of God that refuse to move on their own; but follow the Lamb wherever He goes.

God has had to move in the gift realm much in the past; but He will require much more relationship and growth of us in the future. If you refuse to grow up; in the future you may find it much harder to do what you used to do. Never stay longer in the gift realm than you have to.

It is certainly nice to have the gifts when we need them; but God wants mature Sons that He can turn His business over to.

To prepare to take over the Father.s business we must spend much time with Him; also we must receive and pass many tests in smaller things. When you spend a little time with God and keep adding to it, it is like watering and fertilizing a plant. When you are tested on many little things; it causes you to grow; it is properly preparing you to bear fruit.

If you are going to take over the Father.s business you must become a strong mature Son of God; you must be one who only does the Father.s will.

Spending much Time with God gives you a much deeper understanding of the Father.s plans; many things you did not understand you will begin to understand.

When you were young you did not know if a gift of faith would come or not; but with maturity the fruit of faith will operate one hundred per cent of the time. As Paul said in 1 Corinthians 13, .The gift of faith can operate without love;. but the fruit of the Spirit can only operate through love it is really just another name for love.

When you first came to Christ there were many distractions in your life that drowned out the still small voice of God so God met you where you were; but now as you grow older God will require you to spend much more time with Him.

If you desire to hear and obey you must spend much time with Him. In God.s presence the distractions, sins, and weights will all begin to fade away. In God.s presence all the desire for worldly and fleshly things will fade away.

The more time you spend in God.s presence the more the flesh will pass away. In God.s presence you will find your love for God will grow.

If you have been a Christian for a while put away childish things spend time with God and become a man. Mature Christians are healed not so much by asking as by spending much time in God.s presence. All the things you need are found only in His presence.


One of the spring boards that catapult us into God.s presence is suffering. Suffering plays a very important role in our lives. If you have dedicated your life to God and keep it up regularly God handles and plans everything that happens in your life. If you choose to run your own life I do not know to what extent God influences events in your life.

For dedicated Christians God is involved in everything. Only God knows what you need. God has the will and the power to arrange everything that comes into your life.

With a little study you can see that Job benefited tremendously from the suffering he went through. The focus of Job.s life went from himself and his family, to God. God knew exactly what Job needed just as He knows what you need.

The benefits of suffering are greatly improved by communion; both suffering and communion work together to perfect your hearing and obedience. When you are called upon to suffer for the cause of Christ it should be a time of rejoicing for great will be your reward.

When Jesus suffered the death of the cross He had a joy set before Him. Our salvation certainly gave Him great joy; but being able to sit with God on His throne must have also given Him great joy.

When I think of how I should have gone to hell; yet I get to sit with Jesus on His throne it is worth anything I have to go through to get there. I have come to the place where I just love to sit in His presence and feel the warmth of His love just pouring all over me; brethren this is only a foretaste; but I will get to feel that love pour over me eternally.

Brethren walking in communion and obedience to God even to the death of the cross will be the greatest catapult of all even to the very throne of Jesus Christ. To reach the throne of Jesus Christ we must be willing to drink of His cup of suffering. Can you now see the value of suffering? Be faithful now in little things. Prepare yourself for the great things just ahead. If you can not endure the little things now; how can you endure the death of the cross? Learn faithfulness now; join me on the throne.

God will keep the exact path or plan most of the way a secret lest Satan gain the advantage. God takes us one step at a time; trust God with the whole plan and process.

Satan has tried to thwart us with every plan he can conceive. Satan gave the church easy doctrines so we would think endurance was optional. He says, .You can get to heaven any way so why worry.. He says, .All you need to do is be born again you may lose a few rewards but so what..

Satan gave the same temptation to Jesus; he said, .All you have to do is worship me and I will give you the whole world without suffering for it.. Don.t be deceived my brethren, what you have to lose is of immense value.

I can not imagine what could be so great here that you would be willing to sacrifice sitting with Jesus on His throne for. The treasures of heaven are worth sacrificing anything you have to sacrifice for them. If you want to walk the high calling: never take the easy way out of anything; but only do the will of God explicitly.

The Power of God

For those who are faithful to follow God explicitly; who spend much time with Jesus Christ; who come into deep union with Him; and follow the Lamb wherever He goes will develop the power to create. Jesus created enough bread out of five loaves to feed five thousand men; that power came through a deep relationship with His Father. Jesus did every miracle as a man; though He was the Son of God; yet He did everything as the Son of man.

Jesus said, .It is sufficient that a disciple be as his master.. The power that was in Jesus is also in His disciples; when we are in perfect union with Him that power will manifest through us. Use all the power Jesus gives you to build yourself and the Kingdom of God.

The power of Jesus is now present to build your health: spirit, soul, and body. The manifest Sons of God will do exploits in just a few years that will absolutely blow your mind.

If you want to manifest that power; than you must be absolutely diligent to develop as deep a relationship with God as you can. My brother begin creating now the things of God; do not create hurtful things or things for the flesh as that is witchcraft. In order to bring this age to a close it is very important to have Sons that walk in the image of God even as Jesus did.

The temptation for people is to use God.s power for earthly gain is very great; but such people will create enormous problems for themselves. WARNING: Do not use God.s power to greater extent than you surrender to Him. All Satan.s power is God.s power; but he uses it for evil instead of for good.

WARNING: God will not tolerate the intentional misuse of His power; God will judge such with swift and great destruction. Jesus buried all earthly desire and talent beneath Jordan.s waters before using God.s power.

Just as atomic power can be very useful in the generation of electricity; but also very destructive in a bomb; even so with God.s power.

We are called to defeat the enemy of our souls; but with out God.s power we will never defeat him. If we use His power for earthly gain we will help him instead of defeating him. I believe over the next four or five years we will see the greatest use of God.s power since the time of Jesus.


When I was thirty eight I had what I believe was a heart attack. I was reading to my children when I experienced what felt like an iron butterfly trying to get of my chest; my arms went numb and I could barely talk. I gave the book to my daughter to finish reading while I sat down.

For years I had severe angina pain; I could not run; and I could not stand a tight belt or sit on the floor. My mother took my blood pressure and found it a hundred over ninety. I bought a machine myself and found the same reading almost every time I took my blood pressure.

Five years later I heard that vitamin E and lecithin would be very beneficial so I begin taking them and in three month my reading went to one fifteen over eighty five.

For the past twenty years I took vitamin E and lecithin than in May 2003 I went to my grand son.s graduation from boot camp at Lackland Air force base San Antonio Texas; I forgot my vitamin E and when I got back I again had strong angina pains.

In the last year I kept hearing God say; .It is time to get off vitamin E and lecithin.. On December 10: 2004 I decided it was time; so I went off cold turkey. When I went off I developed strong angina pains again; my stomach was so upset I had a hard time eating; and I was so weak I could hardly make it.

On December 17th God told me I could go back on vitamin E again so I went on them again my appetite returned and my strength; but the angina pains persisted. After eight days I realized my time had come so I went off of them again; but this time I had no lack of appetite or strength only a little angina at times. I now know that God is causing me to overcome my heart problem through my relationship with Him.

A year and a half ago I had severe back pains. I was told the pains were from a crushed disk. For several months I went to work with extreme pain. When I walked my right leg was turned side ways and my legs had tinkling and numb feelings also my right knee was very painful. I realized that my leg and knee pains were phantom pains from my back.

I sought God carefully for the answer; but I seemed not to get the answer. In my pain my brother thought the Chiropractor would help so he took me to one; but no relief was received. I was taking as much as thirty five grams of powdered MSM a day just so I could work.

One morning after about two or three months I realized the pain had vanished and I gave the rest of my MSM to another and now it has been a year and I can lift as much as I ever could. I am now realizing that God is beginning to bring His power right out of my own nature.

I look forward to the next four or five years as I believe we will see a great increase of the use of God.s power among God.s anointed Sons.

This power is available to all of God.s saints; but only through faith, developed through relationship. Do not trade God.s power for any or all of this world.s goods. There is not one thing this world has that is worth losing the eternal riches for.

I would like to stress the fact that life on this earth is only for a very short time. Evolutionist say that the earth is ten billion years old, some say even older. Some Christians say it is only six thousand years old; whatever the age it takes no time from eternity. No matter what amount of time there has been or will be it can not fill any space of eternity.

If you could take a hundred billion years from eternity; yet eternity would still last as long as before. What can you think of from this world or this present time that would be trading anything in eternity for? If the things of eternity are that much greater why are you not reaching for all of them? If you could live for an hundred billion years for yourself it still would not be worth a trade for one eternal thing.

If you think one adulterous affair with a most desirable man or woman or if you think great riches would be worth it than you are extremely foolish. If you could spend a hundred billion years in adultery after adultery with many most desirable men or women it would still be most foolish indeed. I assure you that you will find nothing worth anything in itself. Earthly things are worth while only in the building of God.s Kingdom; in all other things it is only wasted.

In this world we Christians face the same obstacles as the people of the world face; but our response to the problems should be very different. When the world sees their bank account going down, it immediately gets worried about having enough; but Christians should be looking to God as their supply, an eternal supply that can not run out.

The world looks at money, insurance, and possessions to get them through; but Christians should look at God to get them through. When you can drive an old car and are not disturbed at other people.s opinions; when trouble comes and your peace is not disturbed; those in the world will take notice and will want what you have. When you do everything by the Spirit of God and by the power of God: God is your healing, your supply, and your way over troubled waters, your knowledge, your wisdom, and over everything you need; the world will take notice.

If you sell a possession or charge for some work and the other person says, .That is too much.; so you say, .Well what do you think it is worth?. When the people of this world see you are more concerned about them then yourself, they will take notice.

Always remember in all you do, you represent God to the people. The world is waiting for a people who demonstrate that God is a God of Love, Hope, and Cheer. The world is not interested in a bunch of empty phrases and platitudes. The world is not interested in condemnation; but Love, Mercy, and Grace. The world is not interested in vanity but real power.

If you are going win the world it will not happen with empty words; but with the very Life and Power of God.

When Jesus referred to the world in His day, He was really speaking about His own apostate people; that problem is the same for the church today.

Judge yourself: If your are doing what you think is right; you are in a state of apostasy and are a part of the world; but if you are walking in the Spirit and doing His will then all is well. What the world is looking for is a people who have laid a hold of Eternal Life; reach for Eternity.

If you were in the world, would you want to spend eternity with a powerless God? What can you point to in your life that would attract the world to your God? Does your God deliver from the world.s entertainment; from sickness or disease; from sin and from all your enemies? Does your God have the power to change your life?

Does your God save in your sin or from your sin? Does your God have the power to heal you or do you have to go to the doctor? What does your God have that would make a person want to spend Eternity with Him? Have you spent enough time with Him to demonstrate His power in your own life?

If you invited someone into your heart would they see Love Joy and Faith toward God; or would they see lust, hate, unforgiveness, pride, or unbelief? If you are going to win the world, you must pre-sent it a Life giving, Life sustaining, spirit renewing, and delivering God.

The power to demonstrate a God of power will only be found by getting up early and in much communion with God. Your communion must be developed by God ordained trouble. All gold is purified in the crucible; but without communion there is no gold to purify.

Do not attempt go out and do God.s work without preparation; but work on preparation till you are ready than do God.s work.

Abide in Christ

The Truths of God are of enormous consequences. One of the great Truths of the Bible is, .Abide in Christ;. if you are to be of any use to God this is one of the greatest Truths to carry out. Not only must you abide in Christ to be able to work for Him; but also to escape the fire to come.

When you abide in Christ you share in God.s great creative power and energy. God the Creator is your Father and a Son.s greatest goal is to come forth in the very image of His father; so your greatest goal must be the very image of God. One of the great goals of the Father is to have Sons that He can share His creative power with.

God will not share His unlimited creative power to those who are unfit to use it. The sun puts out enormous quantities of power; but when a sun explodes it can destroy other stars close by. If God gave you His mighty power before you are ready it would only explode (super nova) and destroy much good; but if you are ready to use it, it will produce life just like our sun.

God wants us to be little creators in His image giving life to those around us. Can you not see how important it is for us to develop great intimacy with Him? Are you beginning to see the wonderful things God has in store for those who love Him? God enlarge our minds to see your deeper Truths.

When we abide in Christ and He abides in us we will go forth yoked together and hand in hand doing works so great that it staggers the imagination. More than ninety percent of God.s people are selling this great inheritance for a mere pittance; how sad it is to see God.s people operate in such stupidity.

When a person sells out his inheritance he also lives in fear of poverty, theft, the laws of nature, and other things; he does not experience God.s great security, he is in bondage to the world, the flesh, and the Devil. You could sum it up as living in the law of sin and death instead of the law of the Spirit of Life.

You Christian have been delivered from the law of sin and death; but it will never be experienced till you learn to abide in Christ. The reason people still succumb to sin and sickness is that they are living under the law of sin and death. Walk in the Spirit and you will not fulfill the lusts of the flesh. The law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus has made us free from the law of sin and death.


(I want you to see that word .made free.. To be made free is a change of nature; but to be set free is a change in status. When you are made free it is forever; but when you are set free you can be returned to bondage. If the Son has made you free you shall be free indeed.)

You must determine how many times in the day you meet with God; but I suggest at least early morning and at evening; but know this that without these special times of meeting with God you will never be free. Your whole being was made to have intimate contact with God: tell Him what He means to you; tell Him about how nice it is to have peace, confidence, contentment, safety, and assurance with Him; Listen as He speaks back to you.

As you interact with God, it will prepare you and give you something to share with others you come into contact with through out the day. Most people walk in their own wisdom; but you have God.s wisdom to share with them.

Many peoples lives have been wasted away; but you can help save what is left of it. Many people do not realize how dangerous the pathway they are walking on is. For many people the future looks black and for those who have hope it is just a mirage; you can share a true and living hope with them; maybe not with words but at least with actions.

Those who walk with God walk a way of great beauty: They see the beautiful hills of God.s Mercy and Grace; they see the beauties of sunset on another day making preparation for a brand new day; they see the beautiful streams of the Holy Spirit; they see the beautiful flowers of revelation and meadows of rest and meditation.

Those who have tasted of God.s great beauty no longer desire the fake beauties this world puts before them. When you have experienced the joy of walking with God the things of this world begins to lose its attractiveness. If you have walked with God, the people of the world will begin to take notice; you will have more effect on people than all the fear you can muster against them.

Continue to spend much time with God; in the morning it prepares you for the day; but in the evening it helps you to forget the troubles of the day. Spending time with God renews your mind and builds you up: spirit, soul, and body; it also helps you save and heal others.

Spending time with God causes you to experience the resurrection power of God which renews your spirit, soul, and body; what a power of healing and security. Spending time with God is spending time with the risen Christ a power and relationship greater than Adam ever knew.

If Adam had eaten of the Tree of Life, he would have experienced what we can experience; but though he failed, yet we have this great privilege: God.s risen life is in you and you may share not just an earthly joy; but real resurrection power with others. You will have real power to change someone.s life.

You need to be about saving lives: Daily reach out to someone in love be it monetary, a note, a letter, encouragement, or a visit. Always be joyful. Joy saves. Joy heals. Let the joy of the Lord be your strength.

People are attracted to the shining in your face; but a sour face attracts no one. Many people are living in the law of sin and death; they suffer in sin, disease, and unbelief. People will see your peace and joy and want what you have.

Everything about this life usually includes struggle and you encourage people to turn to the right solution. People need to turn to Jesus; His Word builds faith out of trouble; His Word gives health to the sick; His word gives strength to the weak; whatever they need Jesus is the answer; but He only meets recognized need. If you think you have no need, He can.t meet it.

Everything written in the Bible for us to do is based on love. When you approach people it must always be in love. Laughter is also a good way to get into a person.s heart where you may lead them to Jesus their only solution. A downcast soul will turn people off so always refuse it.

People will want what you have only if they perceive that what you have is desirable.

We must learn to live in absolute humility knowing that all that God has already shared with us is infinitesimally small compared to what He still has to share with us.

Self confidence, so highly valued by the world is based on pride and will only take away your confidence in Christ. Learn to put confidence in God only; that is humility. The pathway to the throne is a long way and we must be diligent at all times to do all God tells us. There is only one way; there is only one truth; and there is only one life: that is Jesus.

Our confidence in self must be completely destroyed; but our confidence in Christ must be absolute. The world and the flesh are always agreeing with the Devil trying to divert us off the true path. We must be constantly diligent to make our calling and election sure.

One of Satan.s biggest tricks is to get God.s people to look at the past or the future; so he tries to keep us from living in the present. Any way Satan can keep the Word of God from penetrating us now he will do it; he says, .That word is for someone else, or the past, or the future..

Do not fear the future: poverty, suffering, loss, failure, disappointment, gloom, or despondency. Rid yourself of resentment, unkindness, bitterness, and dislikes. Put all your trust in God to change you and to supply all your need. God will supply wisdom, strength, finances, and all you need for today.

Jesus is your burden bearer let Him bear your burdens; as He carries your burdens turn and help another bear their burdens. .Give and it shall be given unto you. as you help another you will also receive help with your own burdens. How many people can you help today?

We must be renewed in our minds. Our souls must be recreated. We must be recreated into the very image of Christ. Christ is everything. We must learn to wait on Christ. We must learn to rest in Christ. Christ is Love the all conquering force. There is absolutely nothing to fear.

God is Love; we must also be love. God is our help; we must be each other.s help. God fights, conquers, and wins; we must also fight, conquer, and win.

Stand with Christ and doors will open that no one can shut. Again I say, .Listen to what He tells you and trust not your own thinking.. As the days unfold, you will also see God.s plans unfold. As your eyes are on Christ, you will continually receive greater revelation of His plans in your own lives. No one can stand against or thwart God.s plan in your life.

God is your teacher; He wants you to learn as a child. Just as Abraham obeyed God in the sacrifice of his son; so must we obey no matter what the price.

The greatest problem is self; it is always trying to thwart God.s plan for us. Unless you crucify self and cast it out you will go no where in God. Self will block everything God would do in your life. We must absolutely get rid of every last aspect of self in our lives.

We must not make our own plans except at God.s direction. God alone knows the way. Christ alone is the way. Christ will usually only tell us what we need to know for today and tell us to trust Him for tomorrow.

There is a .Promised Land. God has promised not only to Israel but to all His people together; this is where He is leading us. God is not taking us to the natural things of the past; but to the very real and spiritual things of the future.

It is not by natural physical weapons that we will be ruling with in the future; but the sword will come right out of our mouths. When Jesus was arrested in the garden the disciples thought Jesus wanted them to wield a physical sword; but Jesus showed them the sword comes right out His mouth. When Jesus said, .I am He. the men fell over backwards; this same sword also comes out of our own mouths.

I tell you the .Promised Land. we are coming to is far more real than any earthly land. All the promises are yes and amen in Christ Jesus. I have no desire to turn back to the earthly; but only going on to the heavenly. God.s desire for Israel is not earthly salvation; but for Eternal Salvation.

In the pathway to Glory the Israelis are only on but the first step; God says in Hebrews and Galatians not to return that way; instead God wants us to bring them with us to Eternity. The stairway leads from the earth to heaven; we must ascend not descend.

Why do so many of God.s people want to go back into Judaism; it always points us to God. We must always go forward to God never backwards. The Jews are certainly my dear brethren; but they must go forward as well as us.

Jesus nailed all the old ordinances to His cross and now we must follow Him just as Israel followed the cloud. It may look spiritual to follow laws and rules; but they will never take us one step closer to God. Walking in rules and laws is only walking in the flesh. Walking in the Spirit is the only way to God.

Today God not only judges Works; but also the very motive that inspired them. The very thoughts of the heart are now being judged. To sit with Jesus on His throne will require us to walk in all the Nature of God Him Self. God.s Nature is Love and we must learn to walk only in Love; all other distinctions are to be ignored.

We must know the Truth; the Truths that will come to us will be beyond anything that our minds can even comprehend right now. A building to achieve great heights must have an adequate foundation; for us to receive Infinite Truth we must have an infinite foundation.

The great Truths God will bring us to can not be based on the law as it can not make anything perfect. Our .Promised Land. can not be earthly land as it can not contain the great promises or truths we will receive. I realize that the things I teach will cause me to be rejected by men and they will call me names trying to turn me; but I can be turned only by God Himself; so if you think I am wrong than point me only to His Word as names will not change me.

If the light you are following is not the very Word of God than it is only darkness and can not take you to God. Do you shrink back from the very Revelation of Jesus Christ? Do you reject one who does not agree with you? Do you accept your brethren whither they agree with you or not. Does the Word you receive cleanse you and give you power over your besetting sins?

Do you receive revelation that constantly searches out what is not of God; does it give you the power to change those sins? Is the life you live only lived to please God? Are you trying to see how much fun you can have? What is the goal you have for the little short life you have on this earth? Is there anything you can gain that is worth missing out on the Throne of God for?

God has a very deep Revelation just for you; it will search out what is not of Him; it will change all into God.s own image; and it will cause you to triumph over all evil. To receive Truth of Great power you must put God in the very center of everything you do; you must fully surrender to Him.

When you go through great trouble and your trust in Christ is unfazed this is a great witness to the power of God in your life; such power and trust is a very attractive witness to the lost.

When you come in contact with one who is weak or in need and you pour of your own resources into them; it is very attractive to people.

When no suffering or trouble can disturb your peace and joy; this is very attractive to people.

Live in Eternal Life; grow in Grace and the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ; grow up into Him in all things; allow no pressure to change the Truth God gives you; in all your thoughts and ways make God known to all around you; you may indeed save some.

People are more attracted to the power of the gospel than to all the fair speeches you can speak. Many times you may not realize how you have affected people; but they will often change many things in their lives as a result. The way you live is more powerful than what you say.

Most of us have many more things than what we can use; we have been hoarding them up. Freely give of what you have to those in need. A finger can remain healthy only by passing on the blood it receives. The finger can receive new blood only if it releases the blood it already has. If a finger would try to hang on to the blood it has; it would soon poison it and it would die.

When Jesus said, .Seek first the Kingdom of God and your needs would be supplied,. it is easier for heaven and earth to pass away than for that Word to fail. God.s Word is Eternal and can not fail. If you build God.s Kingdom God can not fail to supply your need.

Learn how to rest in Jesus Christ; in His presence is perfect peace. Your desire for God.s will, will bring fulfillment.

Continue to seek the Lord and resist all attempts of the Devil to thwart you: he will try to make you sleepy; make your mind to wander; to tell you it does no good; to tell you that what you are learning is from the devil; and every other trick in the book. If you endure to the end you will be saved. Even when it looks like nothing is happening inside God is still changing you; continue expecting God to work.

When you have more than you need give the extra away; a good soldier carries only what is absolutely necessary.

The carnal man including carnal Christians can not know the real Truths of God. The things that Jesus and the Apostles said seem like foolishness to them. In Ephesians 5:5 Paul says, .The covetous who are idolaters can not inherit the Kingdom of God; but those are the ones that the church makes elders and leaders out of.

Jesus says take no thought for tomorrow; but those who take no thought for the future but only seek God.s Kingdom can not be leaders in today.s church. I say to all who highly value God.s Kingdom and values, .Do not try to be leaders in today.s church only seek to please God..

The things of the Kingdom are Love, trust, faith, hope, confidence, and such like; those who value those things above all else are truly rich indeed; they are the ones God will use in the coming years to establish the next great thing He will do on earth. God will bypass the carnal Christian and bring them through the Fire that none may be lost.

Praying, reading your Bible, and disciplining yourself will make you sharp and ready for God to use. Spare no effort or cost in preparing yourself for the Master.s use. Soon every thought and word will come to pass and only those who have disciplined themselves will speak the right words.

Those who develop the carnal nature their words will bring forth death; but those who develop the spirit will speak words of Life. Words will be like swords coming right out of your mouth.

The carnal words will produce miracles of witchcraft; but the spiritual words will produce miracles of God. You have only a little time then the very laws of nature will be changed. Even now the things you say produce great effect; but then the effect will be instantaneous.

I can not over stress the importance of present discipline. You are even now deciding which side you will be on in the coming years. Developing purity, holiness, goodness, and godliness is more important than you can even imagine right now. God will deliver this power to all people once He has a people who can handle it. Those who can not handle this power it will burn them like an oven; but to the spiritual it will perform the very works of God.

The Day of the Lord is a fearful day; it is a day of titanic forces unimaginable to the people of today. The Day of the Lord is like giving to everyone the power of the atom; but only the prepared can handle it right. I say to all of God.s people, .Prepare yourself in great fear and trembling.. Do not fear man or any other thing; but only God who will not be mocked. God is a great God of great Love; but if you do not do what He says He will judge you.

This is the day of the blowing of trumpets when God is giving us revelation of immense importance. All who ignore the trumpets in this day will do it at their own peril.

All down through the ages all who came in contact with God fell trembling on their faces; the Word God is revealing to the high ones today is so great you must fall in awe of a mighty God.

In preparing for this day God may have you do only little things and that is ok! Only He knows the way; trust everything into His hands. Keep increasing the time and quality of the time spent with Him this is the most important thing I can think of. Doing What God says is the next most important thing I can think of. Sharing what God gives you with others is the third most important thing I can think of.

All day long in all you do keep working and developing your relationship with God. Do not be caught napping. Be prepared. Remember what you are, is more important than what you do. It is not your effort but the Spirit of God that actually does the work. Your job is to get into the Spirit and to co-operate with Him.

Some people think God leads through open doors; but most often doors have to be pushed open. Wherever Jesus, Paul, Peter most early Christians went they faced persecution and distress of every kind. If God is in a thing the devil will resist it with all he has got; just walking through open doors can be a trap.

No matter what you may have to go through to do God.s will; it will be worth every bit of trouble you have to go through. What ever you face put your trust in God and face the trouble with the Joy of the Lord; trusting the Lord and accepting the problem builds Love and Joy and they will help to open even more doors.

Remember every affliction you face in the Lord is but a light affliction. Every affliction in the Lord is building an unbelievable great reward in Eternity. Be calm. Rest in Jesus. Jesus has everything under control. No burden will be too heavy. With Jesus in control you can not be overwhelmed.

If you feel like you are under a strain; than you are depending on the wrong thing or you are trying to hard. If you are depending and resting in Jesus you can not be under a strain. Jesus is making you into what He wants you to be: He is making you into a person of great perfection that you may do the perfect work He has for you to do.

The work Jesus is doing in you is most delicate indeed and a strain would ruin His plan for your life. Whatever Jesus has for you to do, He has given you all the grace you need to bear it without strain. Put your trust in Him, a faithful creator; He will recreate you perfectly. Jesus makes no mistakes.

If you feel over burdened, check your motives, are you serving money, the opinions of men, the world, or any other thing outside of Christ? Every master but Christ will make your burden to great. Are you carrying burdens that Christ did not put on you? Let Christ carry your burdens; carry only what He puts on you.

Let Christ order your life and Burdens He alone knows just what you need. God.s people will trust Planes, cars, buildings, and many other things; but they have trouble trusting Christ; yet Christ is far more trust worthy. All earthly things will let you down; but Christ will never let you down.

If you want to feel the presence of Christ or hear His voice your desire must be Him alone; other desires will drown out His voice. The presence of earthly things will cause you to miss the presence of the Lord. The voice and presence of Jesus Christ are very delicate things and the least little bit of distraction will cause you to miss them.

The voice and presence of Jesus contain absolute power; if you miss them you will not have enough power to defeat your enemies. In your devotional time make every effort to feel the presence of Christ. In the presence of Jesus there is rest for the weary soul; there is comfort and peace; all that you need is found in the presence of Jesus Christ.

When you come into the presence of Christ you also meet His need. Jesus created you to meet His need; but in so doing He also meets your need. God created everything for Himself; and when you commune with Christ you help to fulfill the purpose He created you for.

All the things that happen in the presence of the Lord can not be perceived by the human mind; but enormous power is unleashed. A very important thing that happens in God.s presence is the crucifixion of the self nature. The self nature can not survive in God.s presence.

In 11 Thessalonians 2: 8 it says, .The man of sin will be destroyed by the brightness of Christ.s coming.. The first aspect of the man of sin must be dealt with within us first; if the man of sin within us is destroyed first than no outward enemy can touch us. Whatever God meant by the man of sin the most important thing for us is the enemy within.

When we meet with the Lord it is of utmost importance that we make contact with the Him; a quick chapter in the Bible and a distracted prayer are not going to do it. In our devotion we must make as close a contact with God as man can get.

Another purpose for time spent with God is so you may receive the mind of Christ which penetrates the holiest of all to receive the deepest revelation of the words of Jesus. There is no sacrifice too great for the infinite value of receiving divine revelation; be willing to pay the full price.

When we came unto Jesus and were saved we received Eternal Life in our spirits; as we come to Jesus today this Eternal Life is being worked in our souls; this Eternal Life is also affecting the health of the body.

Eternal Life is a very powerful thing. Eternal Life affects every word we speak. Eternal Life creates an atmosphere around us that influences everyone you come in contact with. The effects that are produced by Eternal Life will go on into Eternity, they will never cease.

The Power of Eternal Life God has put in us is absolutely stupendous. There is no way we can even begin to understand the mighty Power God has put in the hands of those who put their trust in Him.

I see the mighty works that God has done in my life and I wish there was some way to get across to other Christians the Mighty Power of God. I see the miracles of healing that have taken place in my life and than I see all the health insurance and doctors in the lives of other Christians, and I long to teach them the Truth.

I spent thousands of dollars on health foods, vitamins, minerals; for my heart problems, my back problems, and indigestion problems with only partial effect. I am in my sixties and also had trouble getting enough energy to do all that I had to do; but as I spent more and more time with the Lord believing all He told me I found it the solution for it all. I always have all the health and energy I need. If you are not spending enough time with God you may get some benefit from those things; but you lose the Eternal benefit.

I find it hard to understand why any Christian would choose the natural things over the spiritual things. Carnal Christians are of little value to the work of God and build little reward in heaven.

I have given you some pearls of great price as they were given to me; chew on these things in your mind, meditate on these things much, let them drive you to Jesus; spend much time with Him. I hope you are not a pig who will trample the precious pearls of Jesus in the dirt.

When you come to Jesus Christ there are many treasures waiting for you. Jesus has unlimited stores of food, health, emotional stores, and great spiritual powers. Jesus. great stores are just waiting for you to appropriate them. In Jesus there is no want of any good thing; seek His wonderful Truths; seek His Kingdom and you will have no want.

If you come to Jesus but seem to hear nothing; than remember when He spoke to you in the past, and live in those words. Many times when Jesus speaks to you, you may not realize that it is Him speaking to you; but it is still doing a great work in you; do not be discouraged; later it may come to you .That was Jesus speaking..

Jesus may say nothing, if you only have a consciousness of Jesus. presence than just bask in that presence. We are pilgrims on earth and we need only strength and direction; but one day we will see Him face to face and know as we are known.

Listen carefully and expectantly for the voice of Jesus, allow nothing to crowd it out; He uses that and the suffering you have experienced to build what you need to help others. We need to be very disciplined if we are to be used in building God.s Kingdom.

A most important thing that takes place in the presence of Christ is the death of self. No man can kill his own self life; but when he comes into the presence of Christ it automatically begins to die. A few minutes a day will only give a little strength; the amount of time you take and its quality will determine the amount of help you receive. A good soldier will give all his time to his commanding officer.

If you are to see self die then all your time must be surrendered to Christ. If you do not surrender all your time to Christ, than how can you know His mind and purpose; when you surrender all to Christ than He will reveal the very deep things that make up His purpose on earth?

The things that Jesus said and did on earth carry a very deep meaning. The Words and Acts of Jesus will never be understood by the carnal mind; to fathom their depth will require a renewed mind. Can you not see how important is the time spent with Christ? Sacrifice everything to gain Christ.

Be thankful for everything even trials and troubles; joy in the midst of trials is the heart expressing its thankfulness. Expressing joy in the midst of trials keeps you from being unruffled by them. You can make a game out of being unmoved or ruffled in the midst of trials: when troubles come, practice being unmoved.

When you are unruffled by trials it will have a great effect on those around you; it will help you to be a channel of help to those around you. Have compassion on those around you and your own troubles will be forgotten.

When you succumb to your troubles Satan.s kingdom rejoices; but when you overcome heaven rejoices. Jesus conquered Satan in the garden and on the cross and He conquered death in the resurrection; all that power is available to you. There are no problems in your life Jesus can not conquer if you will only trust in Him.

The Holy Spirit and Jesus are spiritual beings and their work in our lives is imperceptible to our sense; but the effect of their work will be marvelously manifest indeed. Walking in the Spirit brings great security and life. When we walk in the Spirit we also walk in Jesus Christ; they are inseparable.

We must constantly keep killing the self life. We must check every action: is it self; is it the Spirit? When a thought comes to you if self prompted it cast it out; if it came from the Lord embrace it in full surrender. When we have successfully destroyed all self we will even conquer death.

Remember we will be having a New and an Eternal Self that will last eternally. When we seek out and destroy the present self life, we are shaping and forming the new self for eternity. Be thorough. Be relentless. Allow no part of the present self to survive; any part of the present self that survives will prevent the new self from coming forth.

As you kill the self life you begin to be able wield the very creative powers of the universe. Put off the old man and his deeds and put on the new man who was created in righteousness and true holiness. The new self will come forth in righteousness and true holiness; all victory in your life will come forth by this process. The power of the new man .new self. is greater than all the powers of this world combined. No power of the world, the flesh, or evil spirit can stand against the enormous power of the new self; these are the teachings of Jesus.

The teachings of Jesus are marvelous indeed and they will be plumbed more and more in the future but only by those who are surrendered to Him.

We are in the time of the blowing of the trumpets; therefore revelation will soon come forth in torrents from those who are surrendered to Him. Move forth in all the revelation that comes forth in full obedience; you can not be overworked as you can always be replenished in your time with Christ. The Joy of the Lord is your strength. Live in Joy. Be constantly immersed in Joy. Let all your work be in Joy.

Heal the sick. Comfort the broken. Give to the poor. Raise the dead. Be always about the work of the Kingdom. Freely you have received; freely give.

Remember it is the consistent doing of God.s will that brings great results not the size of the work. Moses said, .Man must live by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God;. (present tense). God is always speaking; it is that word we are to obey; tested by the written word. Satan is also speaking therefore every word must be tested.

When God speaks many little things it may seem to us like drudgery; but that is the time to rise up in the joy of the Lord. The joy of the Lord makes everything fresh. It is hard to see the intricate little patterns God is weaving in our lives; but God knows just what He is doing.

Seek the Lord in the wee hours of the morning. Be silent before the Lord. Learn to abide in God.s presence. Create the atmosphere of God.s presence to be with you all day. Try to learn how to be understanding with all men.

In God.s presence no evil can overcome you. When the devil tries to tempt you, you already have something better so you don.t want it. Do not let worry, impatience, doubts, fantasy, or any other evil thought have even one place in your thoughts. If evil thoughts are already a regular part of your thoughts; than cast down those strong holds.


God longs to supply your needs; but evil thoughts prevent Him from meeting your needs. Learn to abide in His love. Learn to trust Him in all things. Walk by faith. Faith will move all mountains. Faith is received in the wee hours of the morning. Persevere! He that endureth to the end will be saved.

Do all things by faith. Whatever is not of faith is sin. Without faith it is impossible to please God. Whatever you do at home, on the job, or in helping another; do all by faith. All deeds, even simple deeds, done by faith are mighty deeds.

Repetitive faithless prayers are of little value. Prayers of faith have great value and always move the hand of God. Faith overcomes all enemies. Faith is a two way street. Faith is received by intimate prayer; it also empowers intimate prayer.

Faith is made alive by works. Faith without works can not move the hand of God. Faith comes from the inward man. Your mind can not produce faith. People who do great works of faith often do not understand how they got it; they got it in developing the new man. Mental faith can not produce eternal results. True faith must proceed from your spirit. True faith comes only from intimate knowledge of God.

All who seek God in the wee hours of the morning will find Him, if they faint not. God loves to meet with you and will always be found by those who seek Him. God is always eager to meet with you and has already prepared the things you need; but sometimes we need to learn diligence before we are prepared to receive.

God does not respond to begging, repetition, or self inflicted punishment; God only responds to faith. The problem of receiving from God does not depend on God.s eagerness or willingness; but on our asking in faith. When God.s people ask in faith; it is God.s absolute delight to give to us abundantly.

When our affections are on things above; when we are at one with the creator of the universe; our very thoughts will be prayers that will be answered immediately. To be at one with the creator of the universe means our privilege is the very highest privilege of all; what can this world offer compared to that.

When you are one with the Creator your every thought will create immediately. In the high place your thoughts affect spirit, soul, and body; thoughts of health heal your body, your mind, and cause growth in your spirit.

We are nearing the end of this age; as we get nearer to the end our words will begin to produce more and more effect. Words are becoming more and more effective; bad words produce curses and good words produce blessings. Words are very important; when the demons confessed Jesus as the Son of God Jesus told them to be quiet; when the fortune telling girl told who Paul was he cast the demon out. Even when a person speaks truth you must check who is saying it.

I hear or read of some so called prophet.s predictions for 2005 or 2006 and I realize that for the most part God does not lead that way though He will do it at times as He wants us to live by faith in the present. Always live in the present and trust the past and the future to God; so I have little confidence in those kinds of predictions.

If you have been predicting a lot of things and a number of them fail to materialize than just consider yourself a false prophet; God has very profitable things for you to do if you just ask Him.

God wants us to use our creative powers to build each other up: If you see your brother or sister with many bad habits and other problems; you can see him or her as victorious and you can even say so to them; your faith in your brother will help to build them up and begin to produce in them now what you do not yet see. If you are a tale bearer you may tear down what little they still have; tale bearing is a creative force also, but in a negative manner.

Always think the very best you can about your brother; see what he can be and call into being those things that are not yet as though they already were; what measure you mete it will be measured back to you again. If you build up your brother you will also be built up.

It must be noted that I am not speaking about mental concentration or flattery; but by the Spirit of God; the carnal mind can only tear down but the Spirit creates good.

In no way must we condone or join in our brother.s sin; but we must lift our brother out of his sin. Paul says in 11 Corinthians 5: 16 that .We are not to know anyone after the flesh.. Always edify and build your brother never tear him down.

We live in a world of great darkness created by sin and willful disobedience. A world of darkness can cause depression and sorrow. A world of darkness makes life not worth while; except that we have Jesus walking beside us; we must also lift others up. Jesus is the light; there is no darkness in Him and the closer you get to Jesus the better you are able to see.

God has invested great power in you and as you lift other people up you become a great threat to the powers of darkness; never think for one moment that Satan will just let you take his kingdom without a fight; the more of a threat you become the more Satan will resist you.

We tend to think that our battles are the things we see and face every day; but in reality the real battles are in the unseen realm. If we perceive the battle to be the seen world we are ineffective; but God would have us battle the unseen and win.

In the seen world we use argument, policemen, courts, guns, and other visible weapons; but in the unseen realm we use love, joy, peace, all the fruit of the Spirit, the whole armor of God, and the Word of God. The weapons that Sons of God use to fight the real enemy are spiritual and all powerful. Our brethren are not our enemies. The people of the world are not our enemies. Invisible principalities, powers, the rulers of the darkness of this world they are our enemies; they have no defense against our weapons, except as they can get you not to use them.

I would like to encourage you to spend much time with God and walk with Him that is what activates the fruit of the Spirit, the Word, and the armor of God. When you fight with demons make sure you use the right weapons or you will lose.

When you walk with Jesus you are at peace and feel satisfied; but you must be careful to always choose His will over your own and never thwart His will; following our own will is what brought all the darkness to this earth.

The darkness of self will completely cover this earth in a few short years; this will be a time of trouble such as the earth has never seen before. We have a short window of opportunity to draw close to God and be a real help to those around us; let us make use of every opportunity to grow and help our fellow Christians to prepare for that day.

God is our guide; He is leading us; but we must always respond to Him as a little child; simple child like faith is what makes great men and women. The great works that God will have us do in these last days will be done in simple child like faith and obedience.

We are entering into some of the greatest days of this earth as God is about to separate the light from the darkness; but first we must go through the greatest period of deception this world has ever known. In the coming days Satan will do great miracles, even raising the dead that those who depend on anything other than Christ, may be deceived and turned out of the way.

Seek to be delivered from every self tie that ties you to earthly things as they will hinder you from entering into the Kingdom. Self Ties: wealth, lusts, recognition, entertainment, and power. Other self ties past failures must also be removed; looking back will keep you from looking forward. Confess and repent of all sins and failures then forsake them.

Jesus is our shield from storms, sins, failures, and a reward far exceeding anything of this world. Jesus: our reward not for good deeds, for our deeds merit nothing; but the Obedience of Faith and only God knows all the reasons.

Have Faith in God. The proof of Faith is works: step out in Faith on everything God tells you, once you see that it is God that said it.

Pray daily for Faith, all the Faith you need to do the works of God; without Faith no great work for God can be accomplished, it is the prerequisite for every great work. Faith overcomes every difficulty. Faith overcomes every enemy.

Pray daily for Faith: by Faith you receive your answer from God; by Faith nothing can stand before you; by Faith you beget even greater Faith; all Eternal things come by Faith; but unless you hear from God you can have no Eternal Faith.

Resurrection Power

Recently the Lord shared a thing of enormous consequence with me: this I would like to share with you. In Matthew 5: 10- 12 Jesus said, .Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness. sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake. Rejoice and be exceeding glad: for great is your reward in heaven: for so persecuted the prophets which before you..

When Jesus was before the Sanhedrin and before Pilot: He was reviled, He was beaten, they put a crown of thorns on His head, all this was done to gain the power of resurrection, and that power may be passed on to us. Jesus faced the persecution without a word of self defense, God was His defense.

Jesus says that when we face persecution leaving our entire defense to Him we also receive the power of resurrection; which in turn we can share with our brethren who are persecuting us. Always remember that our brethren are not our enemies; but Satan and his host, our brethren think they are doing God a service.

When our brethren persecute us, we have the honor of asking God to forgive them for they do not know what they are doing; you may draw them to yourself in real Love and Forgiveness; you have the privilege of sharing the power God gives to you, with them.

Another very important point: Look at your brethren as overcomers, as walking in the Spirit, as doing the will of God, and see only the very best in them; you will be calling those things that are not yet as though they already were; the power of your thoughts and words to change your brethren are enormous.

Always remember that what you do even to your most wayward brother, you are doing it to Christ; remember when you were the one who needed a brother who would love you that way; what way you treat your brother so you will be treated.

Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever and He never changes. Jesus was crucified before the foundation of the world. Jesus was crucified 2000 years ago. Jesus in a figure is being crucified right now, and when we receive His life we also help Him carry His cross.

Lay down your life; crucify the flesh; and lay hold on His Eternal Life. Jesus laid down His life for us and we need to lay down our lives for Him.


The Christian life can sometimes seem like drudgery: just a continuous succession of little things and no big exciting things. Jesus works in little things for the most part to bring about change in our lives. Jesus knows when we become faithful in the little things it prepares us for the big things. One of the greatest things Jesus is developing in us is faithfulness.

Never despise the day of little things. No one was born an astronaut; but he started on milk than stronger food; he started to crawl than walk; he started in the first grade than went up through college; and than he went through intense astronaut training. In your Christian life you always start small; but the big things will come through much training. A first Grader will be discouraged if given college math; so will a young Christian if he is required to do the big things.

Jesus is doing an intricate work in each of our lives; but it is going require obedience in very many little things. There is nothing that is too small for Jesus to use; let Him use everything. Jesus is interested in a cup of coffee, a bottle of pop, pants, shirts, ties, and every little thing.

People seem to get bound up in many things that hold them in bondage. One of the things God will touch on is things that hold us in bondage. We can not set others free if our own lives are full of bondages. Many of the things are quite alright in themselves, except that we are in bondage to them. Those who are faithful in little things will be given things in the future that stagger the imagination.

Anything that holds us in bondage is a thing Jesus does not control. Be silent before Him. Seek to know His will. Seek to do His will.

Much of the work God does in your life will really come right out of your own divine nature: when you just love others instead of trying to correct them; it begins to build a protective screen which defends you from darts of the enemy.


When people come against do you retaliate? When people come against you do you get mad or even? When people come against you, do you see them as your enemy? Can you see that your only enemies are the world, the flesh, and the devil?

Our number one enemy is the Flesh; if we conquer the flesh all other enemies will also be conquered.

If someone comes against you, you must first recognize that the enemy is principalities and powers of darkness and not the person themselves.

Secondly you must recognize that the only part of you that can be disturbed is your flesh (self); therefore if you get disturbed it means that your flesh is still alive.

Your next course of action must be the crucifixion of the flesh. When someone comes against you then say to yourself, .That is self and it must die.. When trouble comes, never see it as coming from without, but from within. When a person offends you, they only exposed what needs to be changed in your own life.

People, Satan, and the world can only expose what is wrong in your own life, they can not hurt you. No matter what the trouble, if you will receive it, it can only do the favor of exposing what must be changed.

Your next course of action is: To practice over and over destroying the flesh till no problem will ever again disturb your peace. The work that God would have you do can only be done in peace; so always restore a disturbed mind to peace before trying to work for God.

Sometimes God gives you things you really wanted and you feel you are on top of the world; but that is not where the real growth takes place; real growth comes from faithfulness in the little things. The little things that often seem boring, faithfully performed will produce steady growth.

When a person tries to lose weight on a crash diet; they soon lose control and may get heavier than before. When a person little by little takes control of their diet; they can over a period of time see a distinct difference in their weight; they must see it as a life long change.

If you have bad habits, sins, and other weights holding you back spiritually; you must take the long view. Overcome the weights in your life a little at a time; do not let holidays and other occasions be times to splurge, they will break your control.

Whenever you put off the old man always put on the new man at the same time; every negative action must be followed with a positive action. Put off the old man with his deeds, and put on the new man; who is created in righteousness and true holiness.

When the self life is destroyed, the new self must take its place. Put you on the Lord Jesus Christ. The new life is like a mosaic: every piece is put in its proper place to build the new self.

No Other Gods Before Me

Isaiah 40: 31, .They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength;. We seem to think this only refers spirit and soul; but God tells me it also refers to the body.

God has been teaching me many things about waiting on Him for strength; all other sources are supplanting His work and is therefore idolatry; also a form of anti-Christ. Our work is to wait on Him, and His work is to provide health and strength.

For years I spent a lot of time and money on health foods and vitamins; God has required me to get off of all those things. I had a heart attack (not confirmed) about 25 years ago; I had a lot of angina pain and was very weak; my blood pressure was usually 100 over 90; I could not set on the floor or wear a tight belt. I was told vitamin E and lecithin was what I needed to restore my health; I took that advice and my blood pressure was up to 115 over 85 in about three months.

About eight months ago God told me to get off of it; since God has taken me off every health food and addicting substance. When God told me to get off coffee it was very hard to do, but He lets me have a cup once in a while, I just dare not let it have any control over my life, I tried to substitute tea but God would not allow it.

Recently God showed me that my job was to do what He said, and His job was to give me health. I work nine hour days many times in the hot sunshine and come home tired; so I would drink a large glass of tomato juice to restore electrolytes and strength, but God also forbid that: I can drink tomato juice as a food, but not for restoration. God is my health, my strength, and my restoration.

Law of Sin and Death

Romans 8: 2, .The law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death..

First let me explain the difference between being made free and set free: when you are made free, it becomes a very part of your nature; but set free means, a temporary change of position.

When you are made free it is Eternal; but set free is temporary. When you are made free no matter what prison you are put in you are still free inside.

What is the .Law of Sin and Death.?

When God made man He had certain design in mind: He put in man certain limitations and certain strengths. Man was designed with a body something like Moses: to live so their eyes do not dim and their strength does not abate till their time has come to go; actually it is more to it then that but let that suffice for now.

Man however has chosen to sin, therefore the .Law of Sin and Death. has been applied. The .Law of Sin and Death. has altered the state of health of mankind introducing much sorrow, sickness, disease, cripples, and even death.

In the book .Scenes beyond the Grave. it calls this process, .Violated Law.. All sickness, disease, and premature death come from violated law or the law of sin and death. Paul says, .That the Law of the Spirit of Life in Christ has made us free from the law of sin and death;. though this is true, yet we will not see it in our lives until we spend much time with God Believing and Doing what He says.

Violated law does not affect only our own lives; but our children, and our children.s children until a generation stops it. Violated law causes spontaneous abortions, birth defects, childhood diseases as well as senile problems. God has given us the power to stop every effect of the law of sin and death if we would just do it.

All the promises of God are fulfilled only by Faith, which comes by time spent with God and doing what He tells you. Until a Christian spends time with God, doing what He says their health will take the same course as the sinner, most think it is just normal (doctrine of devils).

Don.t think that you can do the duty of certain Christian offices or positions and it will be the same as doing what God says. In Churches there are certain people very active and doing many things; but God may have had little input in what they are doing. A preacher may be ordained by God, yet coming up with his own sermons; that is not doing what God says.

The Flesh is very subtle and very good at masquerading as spiritual. With all the helps and methods of Bible study today a person can appear very spiritual, and seemingly preach good sermons; but only the Spirit can change lives.

Check to see if they are still subject to the .Law of Sin and Death.; a person who spends the time with God will have overcome much of the .Law of Sin and Death..

When the Day of the Lord comes you must be completely free of bondage to the law of sin and death or it will keep you from standing in that day. I listen to many preachers and love to hear their messages; but if I tried to count on one hand those who understood this law I don.t think I could count every finger on my one hand; is there any wonder that sickness and disease runs rampant in the church just like the world.

Are you born again? If you are born again you are a family member, and all you need to do is to reach out and take what you need to fulfill all God.s will in your life; but if you still succumb to the law of sin and death, you will not have enough faith.

You may be excusing your lack of faith as, God just wants to keep me humble; and then blaming God instead of your lack of discipline. Discipline yourself to get up early in the morning, and spend quality time with God and do what He says; this will develop your faith.

All the promises of God are yea and amen in Christ. Work out your salvation with fear and trembling.