1. Changed lives.

  2. Natural verses spiritual perception.

  3. Perfect obedience.

  4. God’s cure for worl


    1.    Changed lives.

    2.    Natural verses spiritual perception.

    3.    Perfect obedience.

    4.    God’s cure for world trouble.

    5.    Law verses Spirit.

    6.    Be taught of God.

    7.    True prayer.

    8.    Prepare for trouble.

    9.    Break the shell.

    10.                        Victory through praise.

    11.                        Crucify the flesh.

    12.                        Walk the high road.

    13.                        Gifts to Fruit.

    14.                        The mark of Christ.

    15.                        Be like Christ.

    16.                        Be prepared.

    17.                        God’s guidance.

    18.                        God’s security.

    19.                        Honor from God only.

    20.                        Spiritual motivation.

    21.                        Admit your weakness.

    22.                        Soil preparation.

    23.                        Take the gift.

    24.                        Spiritual faith.

    25.                        Rich or poor.

    26.                        Making all things new.

    27.                        Power to reign.

    28.                        Confession and repentance.

    29.                        forgiveness

    30.                        The high way to holiness.

    31.                        Hid in the day of the Lord’s anger.

    32.                        Kingdom Economy.

    33.                        Carnality versus the high road.

    34.                        Satisfaction.

    35.                        The Unseen World.

    36.                        The Demon World.

    37.                        An Uneasy Peace.

    38.                        Wasted Years.

    39.                        Perfection.

    40.                        Hell.

    41.                        Conclusion.

    42.                        Bibliography.

    Intensive Soul Transformation


    The church is divided into major camps of thought and doctrine: Eternal security versus Armenianism, Pre-millennial versus A-millennial, “The sovereignty of God” versus Man’s choice, Conservative versus Liberal, and many other divisions exist.  All these divisions exist because we do not operate under the Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation Ephesians 1:17.

    God has taught me over the years that I must not develop my own doctrine.  I must spend time with Him and He will teach me the truth.  He will teach me by the Spirit of Truth.  All truth proceeds from the God Head; all other teaching contains only pieces mixed with error.  Because God’s people insist on coming up with own teaching; God Himself looked down and put divisions between them.  If God allowed them to become one that way it would be a monstrous Tower of Babel.

    God’s method of oneness is: Every member of the body hearing from the Head.  We must in this last hour be taught by God Himself.

    The church has allowed Satan to convince them to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil instead of the tree of life.  The tree of the knowledge of good and evil is going by what your mind says; going by what is right in your own eyes.  The tree of life is, walking in the Spirit even to the death on the cross.


    I wrote a book called, “God’s Purpose for Mankind on Earth”; I am writing this book for those who read the first book and want to know more about how to renew their minds and the salvation of their souls.  The salvation of the soul is a vast subject; a large portion of the Bible was written on this subject.  I could not cover this subject on soul salvation in my life time; but I briefly present many portions of this subject in this book; I pray God raise up many who will take up the cause and enlarge each portion.

    To understand this book: Make sure you are born again and fully consecrated to God.  To be born again: Repent and ask Jesus to come into your life; then commit everything to Him.

    Frank Overholt


    1. Changed Lives

    When we were lost in Egypt we were in deep bondage to the things of this world.  God called us out of Egypt.

    We crossed the red sea and entered the wilderness, “We were born again.”  In the wilderness we were covered with the Righteousness of Jesus Christ.  We had no righteousness of our own; so His righteousness was imputed to us.

    Christians find that no matter how long they are in the wilderness their clothes do not wear out.  They eat manna they gather every morning, and water from a rock.  While they do experience hard times; God always brings them through.

    Many of the leaders in the church have spied out the promise land.  They have found it is truly a land flowing with milk and honey.  They also saw the giants in the land of: fear, lusts, pride, unbelief, and other sins and said, “They are too big we can not overcome them.”  They saw how all the people that tried to overcome them down through the ages and failed.

    God’s people can not believe that God meant for them to enter the Promised Land in this life; but they think it will only happen after they die.  God’s people can not seem to understand that all the things that God is going to do in our lives will be us yoked to Christ, a co-operation between us and the Spirit; the Spirit will not do it without us and we can not do it without Him.

    Through their unbelief they tried to change the Word of God to mean something else.  Perfect as the Father they say is treating everyone alike.  Perfection means maturity, full growth, or complete.  These things may be true; but in their minds they have diluted it.  If you treat everyone alike, like the Father does; you are perfect.  Maturity is the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ; any lower standard just simply isn’t the Word of God.

    The perfection we are talking about in this book is the perfection that is needed to bring this age to a close, and to give God’s people what they need to stand in the tribulation.  Perfection in this life can only come to the spirit and the soul; the body must wait for the resurrection.  It should be noted that there is a much higher level of perfection in eternity just as Jesus had achieved a much higher level after His resurrection.

    I would ask you was Jesus not perfect when He walked this earth?  Did not Jesus achieve a much higher standard of perfection after His resurrection?  When Jesus walked this earth He had the perfection needed fulfill His entire mission.

    When we were born again our spirits became intimately acquainted with God.  Our spirits put on God’s nature and had eternal life.  Our spirits could not sin nor even be tempted to sin.  Old things had passed away all things had become new.

    Our souls however were not born again.  Our souls can and are being tempted everyday.   We often find ourselves in sin and needing to be forgiven.  We find ourselves in a great battle against sin. The forces of the enemy are determined to defeat us.  We must be determined to find God’s way to defeat them.

    The big job ahead of us is the salvation of the soul; for our souls to be saved will require much work.  We must become intimately acquainted with God.  Most of the rest of this book will be directed to learn God’s will and to walk in perfect obedience.  These are the things that are absolutely necessary for the salvation of the soul.  This is the conquering of the land of promise.  This is the land God promised to Abraham.

    Do not dilute the Word of God.  Do not put it far from yourself.  Apply it directly inside yourself.  Always do what God says as soon as you can confirm that it is the Word of God.  None of the Israelites that did not believe entered the promise land.  The church because it believes a diluted gospel has died in the wilderness for two thousand years.

    When will God’s people believe all that God says?  It certainly is wonderful to have clothes that do not wear out, to be fed with bread from heaven, and to drink water out of a rock; but God wants us to eat the corn of the land, our own figs, and rest in our own inheritance.

    We must conquer the land: drive out the enemies in it; if we do not drive them all out they will be thorns in our sides and pricks in our eyes.  If we dilute the gospel, fail to believe it, or fail to apply it within us; we will die in the wilderness just like they did.  God is a God of love to be sure; but He is also a God of terror 11 Corinthians 5:10, 11; we must not fail to believe and do all His will.

    It is no longer acceptable to become a Christian, go to church, pay your tithes, and just live a good life the rest of your life.  We are coming to a time of trouble such as was never on the earth before.  It is of utmost importance that we prepare for that day; those who do not prepare are very foolish indeed.

    Develop a relationship with God, listen to Him for instruction, and do what He says.  Do not be sidetracked by the enemy.  Fear nothing but God Himself.

    When the Israelites did not believe, God slew them Himself.  Be much more fearful of unbelief than of the enemies of the land.  Do not be afraid of what you will eat, drink, wear, drive, live in, or any other thing.  Be afraid God will slay you in the wilderness for unbelief.

    If you can see what God did to Israel every time they fell away; you are a fool if you think He will not do the same thing to you.  Every time Israel fell into idolatry God punished them severely.

    Paul says, “Covetousness is idolatry”.  The great drive for wealth in the church today is surely idolatry.  Will God punish you or catch you away and punish the rest of the world?  Do you think because you are born again that God has special plan for you different than for the rest of the world?

    Is God going to let you live like the world; but punish you different than the world?  Don’t be deceived God never changes.

    In Jeremiah’s day the people thought the temple would save them.  In Jesus’ day the people thought being a child of Abraham would save them.  In our day they think if they are born again that would save them.

    Being born again will save you from ultimate destruction; but not from the judgment for your works.  Second Corinthians 5 says that even we must stand before the judgment seat of Christ and it would be a time of terror.

    Judge yourself and you will not need to be judged.  Build your house with gold, silver, and precious stones.  Build with materials that can with stand fire.  Do not let your works be burned up.

    Get into the land and destroy those enemies.  Destroy anything that exalts itself against the knowledge of God.

    God is perfectly able to perfect that which concerns us.  We must quit looking at ourselves or the enemy, but at God.  Even if no one was successful before; God said it and He will do it.  We must believe all that He says; but God can not do it till He has a people who will believe.

    Jesus is certainly coming back; but He must have a people with out spot or wrinkle first.  The Righteousness of Jesus Christ will not cover you in the judgment; you must be clothed with the righteousness of saints.  Those with out a wedding garment must be put out for judgment first.

    No matter how weak you look to yourself; your weakness will not stop God from doing what He said; only your unbelief will stop God doing what He said.

    Joshua did not conquer all the enemies.  David did not conquer all the enemies either.  We must do much better than they did.  Put on the whole armor of God and learn how to stand.  All soldiers must do a lot of practicing; so use that armor a lot.  Practice!  Practice!  Practice!  We must be able to stand in the evil day.

    We must continuously walk in the Spirit.  The Spirit alone knows how to deliver us from our enemies.  Our enemies are too strong for us, but not for the Spirit.

    All the work of the Spirit is forever.  All the work we do on our own will burn up and pass away.  No enemy can harm you if you are walking in the Spirit.  The protection of the Father is perfect.  No enemy can break through His protection while you are walking with Him.

    If you are walking with God, He can not fail to meet all your needs.  Never go by what your mind says.  Always go by what God says.  Your mind goes by natural perception.  God goes by His eternal power do what He says.  God can do anything He decides to do.

    God is always there for you.  His love for you is infinite.  He is perfectly capable and willing to meet all your needs.  Your fear, doubt, and unbelief are sins against that love.  Constantly keep repeating this till you believe it in your heart:  God loves me.  God cares for me.  God will always take care of me.

    God longs for a people who will reach out and take what He is offering them.  Most of His people are in such unbelief they receive very little from God.  God longs to care for your every need.  He is however hindered by fear, doubts, and unbelief.  It takes faith and trust to move the hand of God.

    Keep meeting with God; keep listening to what He says till your faith is strong.


    2.  Natural vs. Spiritual Perception

    Sometimes Jesus will appear to a person for a special reason; He is accomplishing a certain purpose.  These are not times of real growth.  Real growth takes place when the senses are bypassed and He is detected by spiritual senses.  Spending time with Him is what develops spiritual perception.

    Many people make the claims that they saw Jesus with their eyes and I believe many such accounts are true; but any real change made in them will only occur through spiritual perception.  Real changes in a person require a time in the fires of purification, and when the metal is really pure, than it can be poured into the mold.

    Spending time in the sense realm will not produce spiritual perception.  Spending time with God in meditation and praying in the Spirit will produce spiritual perception.  Sensing Jesus in the spiritual realm; is far superior to sensing Him with any of the senses.  The closer you get to Him the more the things that did not make sense, will now begin to make sense.

    You might think if only I had been there when Jesus walked the streets of Galilee.  When Jesus taught the Sermon on the Mount, taught the parables, or spoke to the two on their way to Emmaus you may have thought it great to have been there; but today you may hear His voice in a more life changing way than then.

    Many people who saw Jesus in the flesh in Galilee were never changed by it.  If you see Jesus with your natural eyes it is only the physical seeing physical, this can not produce spiritual change.

    Today if you will hear His voice; harden not your heart.  Today if you hear Him knocking on the door of your heart; open the door and eat with Him.  Jesus has much to say to those who will listen.  He wants to sit down and eat with you and speak with you.

    Do not let your heart be hard; respond to Him.  When you respond to Him; He makes difficult things understandable.  True understanding comes from His presence.

    Time spent with Him will begin to change everything in your life.  You will begin to come into God’s perfect order, perfect harmony, perfect supply, perfect love, perfect honesty, perfect obedience, into God’s power, conquering all enemies, and perfect success.

    In the sense realm you have to do it yourself, this is impossible.  Going by your senses, you will not even believe it is possible.  Do not be like the ten spies whom God slew; but like the two who were approved of by God.  The ten spies saw only natural perception; the two spies saw God with the eyes of faith.

    In the eternal realm it is God who is doing it; this gives us great rest.  Developing that close relationship to Jesus Christ is an absolute pre-requisite to the realm of perfection.

    God does not say, I suggest to you to be perfect.  He says, “Be perfect as the Father is perfect.  Do not live in unbelief.  If you do not do it someone will.  There must be a people who do it before the tribulation can begin.  God can not allow the tribulation to begin till He has a people who are ready for it; but it will never happen out of human effort alone; but it will happen when it can flow out of the nature God put in each Christian when they were born again.

    This will happen to the ones who nurture it.  Just as the fruit of a plant comes out of its nature; so the fruit of the Spirit will come right out of the nature God put in you.  In the tribulation you must be able to hear God perfectly or you will not be able to stand.

    Spend more and more time with God.  Start in the morning with all distractions excluded.  Keep God included in all your activities all through the day.  Learn to distrust your own thinking.  Learn to only trust what God says.  More and more you will find your self on the high road with God.

    Don’t be discouraged when God takes you into the wilderness to test you.  Every word, every doctrine must be tested.  He that endures to the end shall be saved: (Shall see that word come to pass).  I refuse to teach you a cheap gospel.  The cost of getting saved is not that much; but the rest of your salvation will cost you a lot.

    Most of God’s people have a cheap gospel; they will be found wanting; later God will stoke the fire an extract the rest of the price.  The thief on the cross was saved before the foundation of the world; but because he lived for himself he lost almost all his inheritance; wouldn’t it have been much better to have lived for God and have gone home with a full inheritance?

    A cheap gospel will not prepare you for the dark days ahead and you also will lose your inheritance if live for yourself.  Hold on to God’s hand in the darkness, darkness and light are the same to Him.  If you choose to go in your own way; you will find out what the terror of the Lord really is.

    All of God’s people were saved before the foundation of the World; but how many are willing to pay the price to rule with Jesus; that Jesus told James and John would have to be paid?  How many will have to be saved so as by fire?  You can not have that place just for asking; but only if you are willing to pay the price, (drink of Jesus’ cup of suffering).

    Every good confession a person makes is wonderful; but we have a Kingdom to establish on this earth and we need to work with all we have to bring it forth.  Take back the land from the demon spirits that control it.

    Most people look at their weakness and say, “Nobody can be perfect.”  Do not look at your weakness; look at God’s strength.  Even Ephesians 4: 13 will not convince them.  God must be asking the same question today as He asked about Israel; Hosea 8:5, “How long tell Israel attains unto innocency?”  “How long will it be, till He has a people who will go on to perfection?”


    3.  Perfect Obedience

    You must be obedient; but to believe or do the will of God will take a lot of effort.  Man’s effort is not wrong in itself; but it becomes wrong when directed by man’s mind; when it is in response to God’s command it becomes necessary.  God told King Saul to destroy the Amalekites.  God told him to leave nothing that breathed; this took a lot of effort.  Had he obeyed God all would have been well, but; he kept the king and some of the sacrificial sheep; and lost the blessing of God on the kingdom.

    God has many things for all His children to do.  If you are obedient, all will be well.  If you are disobedient it becomes sin.  Your effort is good when done in obedience to God’s command.

    To learn obedience, proceed very slowly.  Listen carefully for His voice.  Keep turning to Him for direction.  Keep turning to Him for Strength.  When you miss it, try again.  Keep putting your own thoughts out of your mind.  Do not trust your own ability.  When it is only your own ability it will not give you peace and joy; nor will it be the will of God.

    Learn to rest in Him.  Learn to walk with Him.  Do everything according to His purposes.  God’s work and purposes are eternal.  God’s work and purposes produce miracles.  You can do all things when you rest in Him.  Be afraid to walk or move on your own.  To walk on your own is pride. To walk with Jesus is humility.  Trusting only in Jesus is humility.

    Jesus is our creator; we need to learn to enjoy His presence.  He is in the process of recreating our souls.  For those who are surrendered to Him, He is constantly arranging their circumstances to renew their souls.

    Share with Jesus all your pain, sorrows, troubles, joys, and everything that comes your way.  Keep Him in all you do.  The more you share with Him the more He will do in your life.  The time spent with Him is health both to your soul and your body.

    My Christian friend, fall in love with the truth.  Fall in love with Jesus Christ.  Spend much time with Him.  Be prepared for the time of the “Great Temptation” coming on the earth.  Many Christians will be groping in darkness in that day.  They will not know who or what they are in that day.  Their lusts and passions will burn out of control.  Their flesh will burn like fire James 5:3.

    Jesus said, “What you do in secret will be shouted on the house tops.  What you do when no one is looking can not be hid in that day.  If you develop the flesh life do not expect to walk in the Spirit in that day.  Your flesh will become a monster that will completely take charge of you in that day unless you crucify it.

    Many Christians engage in sin thinking they will just ask God to forgive them; but they do not realize that they are developing their flesh nature.  Sure God will forgive you; but you will have developed the wrong nature.  That is an improper use of the grace of God.  Crucify the old man and develop the new man; use the time of grace given to you to prepare for the time to come.

    The preparation of the soul for the dark days ahead is of utmost importance.  Getting rid of our thoughts and making room for His thoughts are of utmost importance.  We must trust nothing that comes from ourselves.  We must constantly keep turning to Him for help.  All our trust must be in Him.  We must constantly admit to our weakness.  Humility is better than great strength or achievement.

    Bring everything in your life under God’s authority now; this will not only prepare you for that day, but will build God’s kingdom in you.

    If you are just beginning to develop a deep relationship with Him; set aside a little time to spend with Him in the morning; as you grow set aside more time.  Take time to listen to Him speak to you.  Do not be discouraged if you hear nothing, you just need to spend more time with Him.

    Arise early in the morning.  Confess your sins and weakness to Him. Read the Bible. Always commit yourself to all that He shows you.  Keep praying for everything that comes to your mind.  Take time to commune with Him.  Take time to listen to His voice.  Through out the day, keep turning to Him.  Keep getting rid of your own thoughts.

    We must quit trying to find our own way through these things; The Spirit alone knows the way.  One who fearlessly follows the Lord; who is not afraid of rejection; who will change his mind when he sees he is wrong; he who only does God’s will as much as lies within him; will be ready when the great trouble comes.

    You can vary the thing you do with God in the morning.  You can read your Bible, read books written by faithful men, meditate, pray for the concerns on your heart, confess your sins and weaknesses, have communion, and etc.  When you hear from God; do what He says immediately.  Keep praying for what ever comes to your mind.  Take time to commune with Him.  Take time to listen to His voice.  Through out the day keep turning to Him.  Keep getting rid of your own thoughts.

    Just as any Olympic athlete will tell you; he must work out many hours a day.  If we want perfect obedience we must practice many hours a day.  If they will do it to receive a prize that is passing away; let us do it for a prize that is eternal.  Certainly we can do as well as they can.

    If you are going to succeed you must persevere.  You must keep confessing your sins and weaknesses to the Lord.  Keep practicing these things and watch your faith grow.

    The more time you spend with Him, the more you will trust Him.  The more you trust Him, the more of His power you will be able to use.  The more you will be able to help someone else.  Many of God’s people spend little time with Him; so they are not able to believe.  When they do not believe it will limit His power.  They therefore can not do much to help others.

    Do not worry about what you will wear or where you will sleep; seek God’s kingdom; God will take care of you.  Let the things of the kingdom fill all your desire.  Let Jesus be all your desire; your relationship with Him must be deep and intimate; head knowledge will not produce much change in you.

    As you set your affection on Jesus, you will find that even the simplest things in life will satisfy you.  The things that the world seeks after will have no hold on you.  Everyone who is seeking the things of this world will reject you, even Christians.  Do not expect harmony between yourself and the world; they will reject you, and then maybe even put you out of their church; some however will change, and surrender their lives to God and join you.

    In learning the will of God you will have many failures; but this is the day of grace, God is giving you time to learn.  Through God’s Grace you will learn through both successes and failures; do not waste away you’re day of grace.  There will come a time when God’s grace will be taken away; at some point in time it will be too late.

    Do all the things that God tells you to do now.  Always walk in perfect obedience to what He tells you.

    I have spent only a little time in proving these things to you.  I could prove these things to you; but those who forsake sin and only follow Christ will know instinctively the truth; they are sheep and only know the master’s voice.

    If you want to argue with these things; there must be something in you life keeping you from seeing.  Confess you’re sins and fully commit yourself to God and you will have no trouble believing.

    Anything that comes between you and God will blind your eyes.  You can not believe the truth with sin in your life.  You can not believe the truth if your eyes are on earthly things.  Only those free from sin and fully consecrated to God will understand and believe what He says.  Without full consecration to God you will not even be able to understand what I am saying.


    4.  God’s Cure for World Trouble

    The words of Jesus are the only cure for the ills of this world.  To understand the words of Jesus will go against everything your mind thinks.  Your mind thinks seeking its needs will provide for you.  God says seeking the kingdom will provide for you.

    To meet all your needs spirit, soul, and body seek God’s kingdom.  Do you need to know God’s will?  Seek the kingdom.  Do you have emotional needs?  Seek the kingdom.  Do you need Food?  Seek the kingdom.  Do you need Healing?  Seek the kingdom.

    All your needs are met in Jesus Christ.  Certainly you must continue to work, and all your other daily duties, but; your trust and all your attention must be on Jesus Christ; every effort must be made on building His Kingdom.

    God’s kingdom is built only through slow, calm, and deliberate trust.  Nothing of God can be done in a hurry.  God’s power is made perfect in weakness.  God’s power is found by resting in Jesus.  When we recognize and admit our weaknesses, God turns it into humility.  The humble have more power with God than all the greatest of men.

    Even though we are very weak; God requires of us great effort.  For a boater flowing with the tide takes little effort.  Whether in the world or the church, the tide is always flowing away from God.  To do the will of God therefore means, you must row against the tide.

    Every church gets organized and falls away from God.  They always use the wrong methods to keep the church in the right way.  They organize it into laws, rules, and standards.  When restrained the people always push against what restrains them.

    The right way to build and protect the church is for everyone to be taught to develop a deep relationship with Jesus Christ.  A people who have an ever deepening relationship with Jesus Christ, will not even want the forbidden things.

    A revival will come when a few come together and sincerely confess their sins, and then deliberately forsake them.  Then they begin to confess their weaknesses.  Then they begin to apply God’s strength.  They look to God for direction.  They commit themselves to completely obey God.  They put all their effort to building the kingdom of God.  These things must be done in complete sincerity and surrender.  Then they go out to spread God’s word.


    When you go out to witness remember everyone is different.  Everyone’s needs are different.  Everyone personality is different.  People’s personalities are like a foreign language.  Only Jesus can understand a person’s personality language; so when witnessing to anyone ask Him to interpret for you.  Speak out of personal experience.   Make Jesus exciting.  Speak what God gives you to say.


    5.  Law vs. Spirit

    A people are falling away when they are more concerned about if something is alright, than what God says about it.  When a person asks if a thing is alright; they are trying to see how far they can go in the wrong direction.  A person who wants to know what God says will want to do it.  People under law always fall away.  People seeking God’s will are the ones who grow.  Seeking God’s will always goes against the crowd, probably even in your own church.  The crowd is always seeking the things of this life; you seek the Lord.

    It is no longer look at the written commandments and do them; but it is walking in the Spirit.  When you are led by a spirit, look at the Word of God to see what kind of spirit is leading you.  Try the spirits.  Follow only the leading of the Spirit of God.

    What is wrong with the law?  The law only puts your flesh in prison.  Your flesh will break free one little bit at a time.  When it is free it will come back stronger than before.

    The flesh must be crucified and destroyed, Romans 6:6.  To destroy the flesh set your affection on things above.  The more you treasure the heavenly things the more you will crucify the flesh.  As your flesh dies you will become more aware how empty the things of the world are.  As the Lord becomes your delight, the things of this world will lose their appeal.  Rules and laws can not change your life; but Jesus can and will; set your affection on Him.

    When you walk by law your desire for earthly things actually increase.  It may appear the right way to your mind; but it has no power to change you.

    Those who walk by law always crucify those who walk in the Spirit.  Those who walk in the Spirit crucify their own Flesh; people usually do not realize what spirit they are of; the same people who cried Hosanna on Palm Sunday cried crucify Him a few days later.

    If we are to please God we must do what He says.  Those who please crowds will not please God.

    Do not be afraid to tell the truth; those who love the truth will hear.  Those who do not love the truth will either persecute you or leave your presence.  When you are operating in the Spirit; wrong spirits in others will not tolerate that.

    Those who want you to walk by law only want to glory in your flesh.  If your church operates by laws and rules; you will have to put the unruly out by your own laws; those churches that are walking in the Spirit are governed by God.


    6.  Be Taught By God

    In the book of Hebrews it says that the law was given by angels; but in the New Testament He speaks to us by His Son.  God does not speak to us by angels or man in this day.  When you hear men teach in this day or see an angel check to see if you hear the voice of the Son.  Reject anything that is not from the Son; anything from the Son will harmonize with the Word.

    There are many doctrines of devils in the church today.  I will give you a few examples: Some teach that angels were only for the Jews; because we have the Spirit and do not need them.  Jesus had the Spirit without measure; yet He needed ministry from angels on several occasions.  Cornelius a gentile needed an angel to tell him to get in touch with Peter to teach him what to do.

    Another doctrine of demons is that if the early church did not do a thing it is not biblical.  Paul said, “As many as are led by the Spirit of God they are the Sons of God.”  Many things today are not the same as in the early church; but whatever way He leads us will harmonize with the way He led them.  Peter says that, “There is a salvation to be revealed in the last days.”  (Further details of this subject are found in chapter 36).  More salvation revelation is yet to be revealed.

    Do not go by anything taught by men (not by me either); God is your only teacher.  Whatever you hear anyone say look for God’s voice.  If God did not teach me first; I can not teach you.

    Psalm 71: 17 says, “O God, thou hast taught me from my youth.  Ecclesiastes 12: 11 says, “The words of the wise are as goads, and as nails fastened by the master of assemblies, which are given from ONE Shepherd.  Isaiah 54: 13; Jeremiah 31: 34; John 6: 45; Galatians 1: 12; Ephesians 4: 21; 5: 17; 1 Thessalonians 4: 9; 1 John 2: 27; all say we shall be taught by God.

    1 John 2: 27 says, God’s teaching us is without error.  God can not teach error.  All the error we have picked up came from another source.  It is our responsibility to check out our sources.  You have the Holy Spirit who can not teach error.  Jesus is the Truth and has no error.  If you are taught by God you can not be in error in what He taught.  You will have no excuse if you are in error.

    Jesus said, “I am the way the truth and the life.  If you know Jesus you can not say you do not know the way.  Spend as much time with Him as you can and He will lead you out of error.

    God says to us in the New Testament, “He speaks to us by His Son.  John says, ‘We have an anointing to teach us all things.  Isaiah, Jesus, Paul and John all four said, “We would be taught of God.  If you do not know God’s will, you will have no excuse in the judgment?  God would have taught you if you would have listened.

    When God teaches you it will agree with all Scripture.  When God teaches you there is peace, joy, harmony, understanding, and a love for the Truth in your heart.  You can always tell if God is teaching you by the love, joy, and peace it brings to your heart.

    Most fundamental Christian churches have a set of teachings that they teach they guard very closely to make sure that no one teaches anything else in their church because most of their people are taught by man instead of Jesus Christ.

    When people are taught by man (facts mixed with error) they most be closely guarded lest they receive real truth or other errors; But when people are taught by God they can not be deceived.

    When you were in the first grade you were probably taught that two and two equals four; now if someone would tell you that two and two equals five you could not be deceived.

    Suppose you had been taught that two and two equals five than your teacher would have to keep you from hearing another teach and from testing the teaching lest you learn the truth.

    Once you learn the principles of math no one would ever be able to deceive you again; so if I teach you the principles of being taught by God I will never have to protect you from false teaching.  Knowing two and two equals four gives you peace and stability; so being taught by God gives you peace and stability.

    The disciples told Jesus we saw someone casting out devils in your name and we forbad him because he walked not with us.  If that happened in one of our churches we would tell him to come under the covering of the elders and than we may let cast out devils; but Jesus just told His disciples to forbid him not as whosoever is not against us is for us.

    Most of God’s people are taught by man therefore they have no stability; teaching by when left to mature to its fullness always leads to disaster (as in Jim Jones).  Some churches teach that all things must be checked out with the pastor this only leads to cultism and will end in disaster.

    Any Pastor that loves his people should make the number one thing on his agenda to teach his people how to be taught of God then their protection will be built right in them and no one will ever be able to deceive them again.

    The joy of being taught by God can not be expressed.  When one is taught an error the loss of peace it brings will tell them immediately that something is wrong.  Those who are taught by God have a peace (a name) that no one knows but them themselves.  When people see a person that is taught by God they see God’s peace and power in them and try to imitate what they do; but it does not work for them because they are following man instead.

    All Christians have a perfect right to be taught by God.  If you would like to be taught by God; you must choose to fall in love with the Truth; if you are in love another’s teaching you will not love the truth.  You must be willing to change your mind when you find out you are wrong.  You must believe He has a perfect word for you.  You must have confidence that He is willing to teach you.

    He wants with all His heart for you to know the truth.  He loves to teach and even to meet all the needs of His children.  He wants you to be able to walk in perfect truth.  He has much to share with you if you will only let Him.

    Jesus Himself received only what God taught Him.  He only did that which He saw His Father do.  He set His sights on the Father and whatever the Father told Him He did it with joy.  The Word became flesh by the works that He did.

    If we do only those things that please Him the Word will become flesh in our lives as well.  No matter how hard the difficulty do all that He says.  Jesus is in charge of all circumstances nothing can go wrong.

    Many Christians will hold to what they believe even if it is proven to be false; they are more interested in being accepted by men than the truth; they do not like to be proven wrong.  If you receive honor from men you can not receive the truth.

    When the demons that operate in their lives speak to them they listen to them instead.  We wrestle against principalities and powers.  We either agree with God or demons.  The word taught by men is often the truth distorted by demons.  The truth can be taught to you by God only; and to be taught by Him you must be fully surrendered to Him.

    Do not be swayed by the teaching of any other man.  When you listen to someone teach or preach; always listen for the voice of the master, if it is lacking reject it.

    If you are taught by man, you are taking the most precious thing you have, and putting it in the hands of a man.  He may be more interested in his ministry than your soul.  That is a very foolish thing to do.  If you do not walk in God’s way, and receive His truth, you may be also sadly lacking in His life.

    If your beliefs are given you by men I will tell you it is full of errors.  Everyone is a different part of the body and God alone knows what instruction you need.  Trust yourself completely into His hand and let Him teach you.

    Walk the narrow road.  On the broad road you may have many so called none essential doctrine.  On the narrow road there is room only for God’s teaching.  All that God says is essential.  On the narrow road it is only you and God; but you accept everyone.  On the broad road there many people; but you accept only those who agree with you.

    Fall completely in love with the Truth.  If you fall completely in love with the Truth; you will be rejected and persecuted by man; but fully approved by God.

    If you were going to school to learn to be a doctor or a nurse; would you expect to make it if you gave it the same time and sincerity as you give God?  How can you believe if you give greater priority to earthly things than to the Kingdom of God?  How can you speak as the oracles of God if you do not believe you can know perfect Truth? If you do not know perfect Truth why are you teaching others?  You will receive the greater judgment.  God has certainly made perfect Truth available to you.

    The Truth He teaches you is perfect for where you are at; but tomorrow additional Truth will be needed.  God only gives us what we need for now.  Tomorrow God will give us what we need for that day.

    Do everything by Him.  Let Him be your strength, your hope, and your life.  He is with you all the time.  He is longing to meet your every need.  You need not be afraid.  Keep listening for His voice.  Keep turning everything over to Him.  Do what ever He says.  He is in control of every situation.  He is working everything for your good.

    Jesus is with you all the time.  He is perfectly capable and willing to teach you whatever you need today.  Jesus’ presence is not ethereal but as real anybody else’s.  The reason we do not see Him is there are scales on our eyes.  Spend much time with Him; let Him become real to you.  If you want Him to be real to you; you must spend much time with Him.

    Remember that wherever you spend your time is what nature you will develop.  If you want to use God’s power you must spend much time with God.  God has His power for you to use; but you must learn how to use it.  If you would say “Jesus” and mean it many times every day you would soon manifest much greater power of God in your life.

    Walk with God to the level He has brought you to.  Work together with God to continually raise your walk to a higher level.  Allow God’s Word to bring you to perfect obedience.  As you keep doing these things the scales will start coming off and you begin to recognize His presence.  Living in God’s presence is so wonderful I am amazed that God’s people think you can not see or feel Him.

    David showed he heard the voice of God when he refused to destroy the Lords anointed.  Saul rejected the voice of God when he refused to destroy all of Amalek; but tried to destroy David the Lord’s anointed instead.  God’s people do the same today when they do not destroy all the flesh; but come against their brethren instead.  If God’s people walked in the Spirit they would never come against one of their brethren.

    In the past God may have allowed contrasting doctrines; but now He requires everyone to be taught of God.  God will soon require everyone’s doctrines to harmonize with each other; they will if taught by God.  God’s Word to you is, “Today if you will hear His voice; harden not your hearts as the Israelites did Hebrews 3.  God wants to speak to you.

    If you will not allow God to teach you today you will fall in that day.  Every foundation which is not the very Word of God will fail in that day.  An adulterated word will not protect you in that day.

    Get your life in order today.  Get your life on a solid foundation that can not be destroyed.  If you fail to hear your rebellion will be judged in that day, none will escape.

    When you were a little child at a strange place, you hung on to your parents.  Well you are a little child in the spirit, in a strange land; so hang on to your Father’s hand.  You can not by your own wisdom or strength, take care of yourself; anymore than a little child can.  If you insist on doing it yourself, your pride will take you to destruction.

    Cast out the old self life and the pride that goes with it Romans 6:6; Galatians 5:24.  Put your trust and confidence in Jesus.  Be happy and content with what you have.  When Jesus is in charge all will be well.

    Doubt, unbelief, unrest, always leads to the destruction of faith.  Faith is always calm.  No matter how bad the problem, always approach it calmly; trust in the Lord.  The Lord can not fail.  Do not attack your problems too quickly; if you attack it too quickly or with your own thinking, you will fail.

    Sometimes God waits till the last minute to see if you will endure to the end.  Stay true and you will be saved in the situation.

    Whether for healing from sickness or any other trouble, do not doubt.  Be happy.  Be at rest.  Let peace and joy flood your heart.  Be full of love and laughter.  Refuse entry to any negative thoughts.  God has all in control.  Even when the storm is in the height of its raging, look at God’s deliverance.  Each time He delivers you, you will learn to trust Him more.  You will get closer and closer to Him.  You will even begin to feel His tender hands as they bind up your wounds.  You will begin to more and more understand His ways.

    When others do not understand you do not be surprised.  Your ways and words are like a foreign language to them.  When you have physical needs, and you seek the kingdom of God instead of earthly things; do you really think worldly minded people will understand?  They will say you are crazy.  One however who is close to God will understand this principle clearly.


    7.  True Prayer

    Prayer is not meant to be a time to ask or beg for things from God; but to prepare ones heart for God Himself who supplies all his needs.

    When you have a need: pray for the kingdom of God; pray that people may be added to the kingdom; ask God how you might help to build His kingdom; ask Him to fill your life with Himself.  Be content with what you have.  If you genuinely need something, God will supply it.

    Prayer says, I need help, I don’t know the answer.  Prayer means I humble myself; except when I do it to be seen of men.  Prayer is very powerful.  Prayer will do great things.  Prayer is irresistible.  Pray without ceasing.

    A man of prayer breathes in the Holy Spirit, and God so fills him with the Spirit that he becomes a Living Soul filled with Everlasting Life; this Life effects him spirit, soul, and body

    God knows our weakness and lack of ability to pray accurately; therefore He purifies the prayer of the sincere just as water vapor is purified as it ascends to the clouds, and when it returns in the form of rain it bless all who receive it.

    Nice sounding public prayers will probably do more harm than good.  Praying to receive merit from God, will probably do more harm than good.  Praying humbly to meet your needs or someone else’s needs; God will hear those prayers.  Prayers that are felt, God hears.  You must reach heaven.

    Do not waste your time on vain repetition.  Speak those things you feel from your heart, knowing they will be answered.  Take everything to Him.  When you pray according to the Will of God, you can end with thanksgiving, joy, and praise knowing they will be answered.  Just like God, call those things that are not yet as though they already were.

    Become one who even the greatest sorrow of the night can not quench the joy of expectation for the morning.  You will know you will have your request, because; you do those things that are pleasing in His sight.  Refuse to look at the circumstances; look at God.

    God has the power to deliver you.  God has the desire to deliver you.  Only believe.  Only trust.  Have faith in Him.  Rejoice in the answer; salvation is yours.  As you look to God, doubts will flee.  In joy and hope you will conquer every obstacle.  Nothing will stand before you.

    As you behold the glory of the Lord, you will be changed.  Continue to look to the Lord.  Much work will be done without you realizing it.

    Much activity usually means you are not resting in Jesus.  Inactivity may mean you are lazy or in despair, doing the very will of God will avoid those problems.  Doing the very will of God is very productive and profitable in the kingdom of God.

    Jesus has given us a conquering spirit.  Face every trial with the Spirit of conquest.  When you trust in Jesus you can conquer anything.  Do not be discouraged if it takes time.  If you fall keep getting up.  Do not try to save yourself; Jesus saves.  Keep saying it and mean it, “Jesus saves.”  He is always working things out for our good.  When you are in trouble, let the first thing you think of be, “Jesus saves.”

    Do not beg Jesus to do it; He has already put the power in you to do it.  Let your prayer to Him be one of trust.  Just know He will do it.  If your faith is small, just keep going to Him, Spend time with Him, till your faith grows strong.  Strong faith comes from spending much time with Him, in meditation, and prayer.

    Earthly things will rob you of your faith television sports, games, and etc. will rob you of your faith.  If you are caught up in earthly things, you will hardly have the faith to do anything.  Keep getting rid of anything that robs you of your faith.

    When the disciples had trouble casting out a demon Jesus said, “This kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting.”  With our natural minds we tend to think He only meant fasting food.  Jesus meant however such things as television, movies, fancy clothes cars, and any other thing that may distract from the very will of God.

    Replace it with the things of the kingdom.  If you get rid of it and not replace it with the heavenly things, other earthly things will replace it.  Your life can not have a vacuum; something will be in it.  Some of the things we mentioned are certainly legitimate; but they often have a real grip on us.

    He also mentioned prayer as well as fasting.  This kind of prayer is not just a few words out your own mind; but it must be real communion with God.  You must feel the thing you are saying strongly enough to reach heaven.  You must experience trouble; trouble causes you to reach for heaven.  You must spend time with God.

    As Christians we have a light lit with the oil of the Holy Spirit; Prayer stores more oil in our vessels preparing us for the trouble to come.  Be wise.  Pray much.  Store much oil in your vessels.

    Pray that your flight be not in the winter of the tribulation, or the Sabbath of a thousand years of Eternal Rest; pray now; now is the time of preparation.  The little ant is wise to store for winter; we must store now for the time to come.

    A boat is made for water; but the water must not come into the boat.  You need to drink water; but you must not be immersed in it.

    We have a need for some of the things of this world just as we need water; but we must be careful, if we get immersed in it we will drown, so if we get immersed in the things of this world it will drown out our prayer life and we will perish.  Set your sights on God and He will supply your need.

    Become a man/woman of prayer and the earthly will not hurt you; but if you prayer life fades the earthly things will destroy you.  People of prayer feel God’s Power in a church service and are changed by it; but prayerless people also feel God’s Power in a church service than go their way unchanged.  People of prayer alone can worship in Spirit and Truth.

    People of prayer receive the things of God at a cost and value them much; but prayerless people receive God’s things at little cost and value them little.

    When a person is saved he is saved from the world; but if he does not become a person of prayer he will fall right back into his old sinful ways.  Set your sights on God Himself not the things of the world and be thankful, lest the things of the world crowd God out and you lose your way.

    The man who seeks to fulfill his need by getting things will never be satisfied nor have enough; but the man who has God all his needs are fulfilled for God is more than enough, the man of prayer can never know loss.  Much prayer is to abide in Christ; is to become like Christ; is to partake of His Nature; is to be formed into His Image.

    Man may travel through the air and even to some of the near planets; but the man of prayer travels the heavens even to where our Lord is coming from.

    Praying to the Father in the name of Jesus means in the Nature of Jesus; do not use Jesus’ Name and not live like He tells you.  To receive from God obey without question just as the man at the gate beautiful leaped to his feet when Peter said, “Rise up and walk”.


    8.  Prepare For Trouble

    Jesus will come suddenly, only the faithful will stand; if you Christian are caught up in the things of this world, you will be completely unprepared; faith takes time to build; so at that time it will be too late; you need to take advantage of every opportunity now.

    Jesus is your safety and security; build your trust in Him now.  Money, insurance, or any other earthly things, can not provide you with security for the day of the Lord.

    Jesus is also the way; do not try to find your own way, you need His guidance; any other way will lead to abject failure.  With Jesus being safety, security, and guidance, you will conquer all; you will be prepared for the dark days ahead.

    Remember Jesus is in control of every circumstance; He is working everything out for your good.  Jesus will never let more trouble come to you than you need; every trouble is filled with His tender loving care; He has the Midas touch; each trouble turns to gold.  Peter says, “Troubles are more precious than fine gold.”  Nothing you can desire can be compared to the good God brings out of trouble.

    We are children of trouble; let us lay aside every sin, every weight, and every trouble at His feet; and let Him bear it for us.

    Jesus delights to be our burden bearer, draw ever closer to Him.  When you are burdened down you can not feel Him; so lay everything at His feet and enjoy His presence.  Do not pick your burdens up again after giving them to Jesus; He alone is able to carry our burdens we can not.

    Jesus knows all your needs.  Each person has a different set of needs; Jesus alone knows what they are; He alone knows how to fill them.

    As you draw closer to him, you will depend less and less on the law, and walk more and more in the Spirit.  No law was ever written that could meet man’s need.  The Spirit alone knows the way.  The Spirit alone knows the need.

    Think of people’s need as members of the same body.  The eye needs different instructions than the ear.  Each member has different needs, but; they are in perfect harmony with each other.  Jesus alone knows the perfect combination of troubles and instruction each person needs; He only knows the exact place we fill in the body.

    When Jesus told us to ask and we would receive, we try to do it in our flesh and do not receive; we should not get discouraged; we just asked amiss.  We must keep meeting with Jesus early in the morning; let our faith in the Spirit arise, and we will receive.  You can not believe by just trying with your mind; your faith will come forth naturally as you spend time with Him.

    There is no substitute for spending time with Him.  If we want to realize the spiritual blessings, we must cease to operate in the flesh.  The spiritual blessings are available only to the new nature; if God gave His things to us in our old nature we would consume them on our own lusts; but if you would have the things of God a change must take place in you first.

    If God would answer us in our old nature it would cause us to fall further away from Him; but God wants to draw us closer to Him.  It is God’s love and mercy that we have to rise in the new nature in order to receive from Him.  Do not get discouraged.  Keep on asking.  Keep on meeting with Him.  Honest productive meeting with Him has got to build your faith.

    Use your new found faith to build God’s kingdom.  God wants and needs people who will not let Him go till they receive what is theirs.  The great men and women of the past, who wielded so much power, received that power through much time spent with God; they practiced and practiced the presence of God; as they followed these principles it became easier to perform great feats.

    A seed planted on a rock with little soil will wither in the sun; so you will wither also if try to do much work for God with little time spent with Him.  You must be deeply rooted to support a great work.  A deep relationship will cause a great work to come right out of your nature, just as a plant grows great right out of its nature.  Practicing God’s presence will fit you for the work of the kingdom.

    What did trouble come from?  Troubles came as a result of disobedience to God’s commands.  God’s commands are intended to give us peace and happiness; but in disobedience to God’s commands man received sin, sickness, pain, and disease.


    9.  Brake the Shell

    When you were born again God put His nature in you; however it is encased in a hard shell; this hard shell keeps God’s nature from manifesting fully in our lives.  We see the things God tells us to do in the Bible; but try as we might we can not do them.  We need to break that shell and the fruit of the Spirit will flow forth naturally.

    The hard shell is called the flesh.  The flesh is contrary to God and can never do the will of God.  The flesh is of this world and God’s nature is from heaven.  A fertilized egg is a good illustration of the situation: The Life within must be warmed by the mother till the life within breaks forth; so we must be warmed by the Spirit till the Life within is manifest.

    The flesh makes us to be very self conscious.  God’s nature will make us to be very Spirit conscious.  To become Spirit conscious we must spend time with the Spirit.  Spending much time with the flesh, keeps us flesh conscious; if we do not spend the time with the Spirit we will never see the Life Power within us manifest.

    When we agree with God’s Word in our minds and try to do it, it is like trying to go through space in a horse and buggy.  When we agree with God’s Word with our minds and give pre-eminence to the Spirit to fulfill it then we are space traveling with a rocket.

    No eternal good can be produced by the flesh.  Eternal good can only be produced by walking in the Spirit.  The fruit of the Spirit is already in your eternal nature; but it must be freed from the flesh.  It will automatically produce love right out of its own nature.  All the fruit of the Spirit comes forth by nature when freed from the flesh.

    In John 15 Jesus says, “I am the vine you are the branches.”  We must abide in the vine and bear fruit lest we be cut off and be burned.  It is imperative that we maintain a deep relationship with Christ and bear the fruit of the Spirit.

    For the Spirit to come forth in our lives we must be pruned or broken.  If we do not allow Jesus to break us, He will fall on us and crush us.  Do not be afraid to be broken; Jesus will put His whole nature of love in the breaking process.

    If we do not allow ourselves to be broken, we will never know much of His power in our lives.  He has given us the cross to take up on which to crucify the self life.  Destruction of the self life will release the new life.  The natural force that is in your new nature can not be deceived or overcome; but it can be hindered from working by the flesh.  Break off the flesh and walk in the new nature there is no enemy that it can not conquer.

    This force is the very power of God Himself.  This force flows into you like sap from the vine to the branches.  As you allow yourself to be pruned by God this life force will come forth more and more.  If you refuse pruning you will not bear fruit; instead you will be cut off and be burned.  These are new creation forces and will only operate in the new creation.

    This is your new self.  Jesus put it in another way, “Whosoever has to him shall be given and he shall have abundance; but he who has not even that which he has will be taken from him.  Operate in the new man.

    The old self is in Adam’s image.  The new self is in Christ’s image.  The old self is of this world.  The new self is of the new world.  The old world is headed by Adam.  The new world is headed by Jesus.  The old man is fallen and headed for destruction.  The new man is created in righteousness and true holiness

    If we do not allow ourselves to be broken, we will never see the power of that new nature at work.  The hard shell (the old self) that covers it will keep it from operating.  It is the very nature of God in you.  It contains the very power of God.  Much work is required though to release it.

    Jesus gave us a cross to bear.  We need to deny the old self, and put it on the cross.  We must do our part.  We must put self on the cross.  We must take up our crosses and follow Him.

    Jesus provided the cross.  He will search out every vestige of the self life.  He has provided the power to destroy the self life.  Jesus has already destroyed the self life on the cross.  We must however go through the process to see the reality of it in our lives.

    The old self is made in Adam’s image.  The new self is made in the image of Christ.  The old self is of this world.  The new self is of the new creation.  Put off the old man and his deeds.  Put on the new man, which is created in righteousness and true holiness.  The new man is Christ in you the hope of glory.  We must constantly keep doing these things till Christ be formed in us.

    The old man constantly tries to take the pre-eminence.  The new man has the humility of Christ.  The new man will only come forward, if God brings it forward.  The old man always defends it self.  The new depends on God to defend it.  The old man always fights for its rights.  The new man tries to make peace through love.

    To habitually put off the old; and put on the new man; takes a lot of practice.  You will have a lot of failures.  Learn from them then forget them.  Keep putting off the old man.  Put on the Lord Jesus Christ.  Take everything to Him no matter how small.


    10.  Victory through Praise

    No matter what kind of problem you have you can praise the Lord.  Praise and joy will defeat the devil every time.  If your car or truck breaks down praise the Lord.  If you lose your job praise the Lord.  If there is no food in the house praise the Lord.  If you do not have a house, praise the Lord.

    If you do these things; you will defeat the devil.  God will meet your need.  You have no need God can not meet.  Just obey God with joy, thankfulness, and praise.  To defeat the devil the most powerful force is praise.  Keep practicing praise in the little troubles.  When the big problems come you will be ready for them.

    As you practice, your praise will begin to come out of your inner being.  This can not be developed in a moment.  You must practice it over a period of time.  Spend much time in prayer.  What ever you experience through out the day, turn to prayer.  Each little problem that comes up, turn to prayer.

    God gave the church power to defeat the devil already two thousand years ago.  When a people comes forth that believes what God says, we will defeat him.  I intend to work to that end till he is defeated; or till I die which ever comes first.  A generation must arise and defeat the devil.

    Seek God’s way through your problems.  God’s way is always best.  You will begin to do things through God’s nature in you.  You will be drawing closer to God.

    As you develop the practice of going to praise and prayer, you will be prepared for the future problems.  The solution will come right out of your new nature.  Keep plenty of oil in your lamp.  Fill a separate container besides.

    Future problems will become gigantic.  Those of God’s people, who fill their minds with the things of this world, will not know what hit them.  In that day television, computer games, movies, and etc. will contain the very nature blasphemy.  They will not be able to buy or sell without taking the mark of the beast.  God’s people who indulge in the things of this world will have no clear vision of what is to come.

    Wake up church.  Spend time with God.  Walk with God.  Learn obedience.  Learn through suffering.  Value the eternal things.  Set your heart on things above.  You have just enough time to prepare if you start now.  This is a very serious situation.  It takes time to be changed and your lives are slipping away.  For some it may be already too late.

    God’s people have been told, “God will take them out before the great tribulation.”  They are depending on a doctrine developed by man.  If they would listen to God instead they could not be so deceived.  Listen only to the master’s voice.  He will only lead you into the truth.  God has only your wellbeing in mind.  These have their doctrine and ministry in mind.  Do not put your future in the hands of anyone, not even me.  Only God loves you enough to lead you into all truth.

    God will make you like Himself.  Men will make you like themselves.  God will make you perfect.  Men will tell you nobody can be perfect.  If you put your future in the hands of man you are a fool.  Do the right thing.  Accept Christ.  Then let Him perfect you.  To become a Christian you only need to accept Christ.  To become like Christ takes a life time of practice.  Give it all you have.

    Do not live for yourself.  Do not fill your mind with the things of this world.  Surrender to Christ every step of the way.  Do not think you can enjoy the things of the world and be ready at the same time.  Do not be deceived; evil communications corrupt good manners.  Do everything you do by the Spirit.  What you do out of your own mind will only burn in the judgment.

    Israel was God’s son; but every time they fell away God judged them severely; do not think that a just God will treat you differently.

    God has held back the fires of judgment that will consume this world, till He can prepare a people to face it.  When the restrainer is gone people’s passions will burn like an oven.  Everywhere through out the earth people’s passions and lusts will burn out of control.  Everything they do will be to fulfill their lusts and passions.

    No laws or policemen will be able to restrain them.  The whole land will burn as an oven.  The very elements of their nature will melt with extreme heat.  All their works will burn in the fire.

    Only the manifest sons of God will be able to stand in that day.  Only gold, silver, and precious stones will not burn.  The day of the Lord is darkness and night with fire of ungodly proportions.  Do not be unprepared in that day.  Paul says in 11 Corintians 5, “Knowing the terror of the Lord we persuade men.”  Yes, that fire will try our works as well.

    When I hear preachers preaching on the rapture of the church; I do not hear them expounding on Luke 21:34-36.  Verse 34, “Take heed to yourselves, lest at anytime your hearts be overcharged with surfeiting, drunkenness, and the cares of this life, so that day come upon you unawares.”

    Verse 35, “For as a snare shall it come upon all them that dwell upon the face of the earth.”

    Verse 36, “Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and stand before the Son of man.”  I hear nothing about God being a consuming fire and that He will judge His people, Hebrews 10:30; 12:29.

    I hear nothing about, “Knowing the terror of the Lord we persuade men, 2 Corinthians 5:11.

    I do not hear them talk about the fire that is to try everyman’s work, 1 Corinthians 3:13.  I hear nothing about some men’s sins and works going before into judgment, 1 Timothy 4: 24, 25.  These things are all spoken to God’s people.

    I never hear about Joseph and his brethren and the famine in Egypt.  I hear nothing about how God judged Israel every time they did what the church does freely everyday.

    They put together a few scriptures that seem to support their view and ignore the rest or try to make them fit.  The fact is that the Bible never says that judgment is according to your new birth.  It is always according to your works.

    If they were on top off a mountain walking along a five thousand foot cliff; they would watch every step.  Whether you fall or not goes by your works not by your birth.  A Queen will not be any different in the fall than a pauper.  The fact is their actual position is much more serious; it has eternal consequences.

    I hope many wake up long before they fall and take many with them.


    11.  Crucify the Flesh

    These things I am writing to you so you may walk into the deep things of God.  Why would anyone want anything less?  To walk in the deep things of God, you need to walk hand in hand with God.  Work out your salvation every minute of the day.  Love Him.  Praise Him.  The more you interact with Him the more you will become like Him.

    If you spend your time with the world, you will become like the world.  That will cause the old man to become stronger.  Look upon the face of Jesus Christ.  The old man will die and pass away.  Galatians 5:24, “They that are Christ’s have crucified the flesh with the affections and lusts.”  The old man must be crucified.

    You will begin to see the shallowness of the things of this world.  The things of this world will lose their appeal.  In the Book of Romans Chapter 8 It says, “Mortify or put to death the deeds of the body.”  God has not only given you the power to crucify the flesh; but He has commanded you to do it.

    Though you will certainly have sorrow and disappointment; yet you will have peace, joy, and contentment.  You will notice more and more that the old man will be passing away.

    Love the Lord.  Let your love for the Lord be revealed by your love for others.  Love other Christians.  Love the harlots and sinners.  Love is the most powerful force of all.  Love drives out sin.  Love drives out Satan.  Love conquers temptation.  Love destroys the works of the devil.  Love wins the sinner to Christ.  Love conquers all.  Keep on loving.

    Praise conquers depression, despair, and failure.  Praise is the acknowledging of God’s power and work.  Persistent praise and thankfulness will cause you to grow.  You may not feel like praising.  You may not feel very thankful.  If you keep praising and thanking anyway it will grow.  It will become a spring of praise and thankfulness coming right out of your new nature.


    12.  Walk the High Road

    As you clime the mount of God, Keep reaching for new truths.  Yesterday’s truth will not meet today needs.  Do not camp on a plateau.  Do not camp around one set of teachings.  Keep on ascending up the mountain.  Learn all He will teach you today.  Be obedient to all He tells you today.

    As you go; you will grow.  As you grow; you will find your nature is being changed.  You will find that you no longer fit into the old life.  Most Christians tend to please the body.  They live for ease, comfort, fun, and etc.  They will find their Christian life is anemic at best.  They hinder the work of God in their lives.  Their prayers go unanswered.  They bring upon themselves unnecessary trouble.

    You and God must shape the soul together.  We must be yoked together to accomplish the work.  God will not do it without us.  We can not do it without Him.  We must live for the saving of the soul.  You must work on it all day long to accomplish this task.

    Those who walk the high road face many obstacles, Troubles, and trials. They are necessary to shape us, and they will re-form us into the image of Christ.  They are not the finale goal.  Our joy in the Lord; and His pleasure in us is our finale goal.  We may however get a taste of the eternal things now.

    We are Disciples of Christ.  In our training we will face failure, shortcomings, Jolts, jars, and other obstacles.  After troubles have done their job, forget them.  Always run to win Christ.  Set your sights on the eternal riches.  Those high desires will all be granted.

    Thank Him for everything.  Everything is working for your own good.  Consistent proper response to God’s testing is like putting money in the bank.  Put a little in the bank day by day.  One day the big trouble will come and you will have sufficient to meet your needs.

    Praise God consistently.  Thank God consistently.  Do all He says consistently.  Doing all the little things He tells you will store up spiritual wealth.  This will make you ready when the big trouble comes.  Unlike the natural world, the big trouble does not deplete your resources.  The big trouble only prepares you for even bigger trouble.


    13.  Gifts to fruit

    When we first came to God because we were just babies we could manifest little of the Fruit of the Spirit so God gave us gifts instead: If we were sick God may have given us a gift of healing?  If we lacked faith God may have given us a gift of faith and etc?  God gives gifts to those too young to bring it out of their nature.

    Paul says in 1 Corinthians 12: 31, “There is a more excellent way.”  Paul says, “The gifts of faith and prophecy can work without love and thus be of little value.”  He goes on to show the many attributes of love.  Paul indicates that the gifts are for babies; but love is for full grown men.

    When you are young in the Spirit it is normal to operate in the gifts of the Spirit; but full grown men operate in love.  Full grown men must put away childish things.

    When a person is a baby you expect them to play with a baby rattle; but if you still see them playing with it as an adult you know something is a wrong.

    When a person becomes a Christian they have an intense desire for the Truth; often you see them spending much time in the Bible; listening to sermons; praying; and etc.  They often think no one could ever take that away from them.  The fruit they manifest is a gift from God.

    They must not stay in the gift realm too long.  The long and intensive journey is just beginning; many things in their lives have to be changed.

    God does not want to bring many babies; but many Sons into glory.  There will be many troubles and trials before a baby can be a Son.  Babies also have many habits and sins that hinder their lives that must be broken if they are to become men.

    If you are a baby you must begin by setting a little time aside to meet with God.  You must fill your mind with positive truths.  You must commit yourself to doing them even if you are not yet able to.  You must believe all that God says no matter how impossible it may seem right now.  Never go by what your mind says; but only by what God says.

    Continuously keep your life surrendered to God.  No matter how dark and dangerous the way may seem take God’s hand and go forward.  You will probably have to walk this way with God alone, as few if any of your acquaintances will be willing to go with you.  The Highway of Holiness is a very lonely road for those who desire human company.

    Spend much time in communion with God.  Do not try to get out of trouble; but build your faith to go through it.  As your communion, commitment, and surrender deepen God will show you many things that others will only be able to get from you; things you only wondered about will become sharply clear to you.

    You will see the emptiness of the life you left behind with no desire to return.  You will see that when you gave your money away it appeared so dangerous; but now you see how really dangerous it was to hoard money, depend on insurance, and build a retirement account.

    To our natural mind the Tree of the Knowledge of good and evil seems good; but the Tree of Life seems evil; but we have it backwards.  As you grow in the Spirit it will all straighten out.  Suffering seems to us evil; but it is the spring board that catapults to God.

    When you suffer in obedience to God it only takes you to perfection.  Instead of the gift of faith; faith comes right out of your own nature.  Instead of the gift of prophecy you actually see the things approaching.

    As you continue more and more bad habits will fall away and more and more you will become just like Jesus.  You will find Jesus is health to your spirit, soul, and body; your mind will be renewed and you will laugh at sickness.  When a sickness comes on you; you will laugh and say praise God I get to see God’s power at work in my life again.

    As you grow everything you do will bless someone.  The very fruit of the Spirit will flow right out of your very nature.  When you were young the distractions in your life drowned out the still small voice; but now you hear the quietest whisper of God speaking to you.

    Jesus was the greatest manifested Son of God of all; He used the cross to catapult Him to the Throne of God; He also opened the way for every other Son of God to do the same; tragically few of His people are even willing to go that route.

    It has been pointed out many times that the Joy set before Jesus was us; but I believe an even greater Joy was the throne of His Father for Him and those who will pay the price.  Though the cross may cause you to sweat as were great drops of blood; yet the Joy beyond makes it the most wonderful instrument of all.

    It causes me much sorrow to see so few of God’s people willing to pay the full price.  To see in God’s people all the genetics to become a majestic oak; but only becoming a little bonsai seems tragic to me indeed.

    The process by which we will go to the cross is hid in the heart of God lest Satan fail to crucify us.  We will know the way only one step at a time.  Mark it down Satan will use every wile he has got to keep you from the throne.

    Satan has planted easy and escapism doctrines in the church so that few will purposely endure anything for Jesus Christ.  Satan offered Jesus an easy way to obtain the world by bowing down to him; but Jesus did not fall for it.

    To get to heaven may not cost you much; but the high calling of God will cost you everything.  Everything you have got is really a very cheap price for such a high prize.  To achieve the high calling of God you must not try to escape anything; but you must obey the voice of God explicitly.


    14.  The Mark of Christ

    Doing the will of God from the heart; causes you to receive the mark of Jesus Christ.  Those marked for Him can see clearly and can judge all things.  You will be at perfect peace.  You will be at perfect rest.  You will agree with all that Jesus says.

    Test yourself.  See if you carry the mark of Christ?  Look at all the sayings of Jesus in the Bible.  The blesseds of the Sermon on the Mount, do they make sense?  Turn the other Cheek, does that make sense?  Be perfect as the Father, does it make sense?  Do you have put it off to another age?  Do you have to force an interpretation of it?  When you are marked by God everything will make perfect sense.

    To have your needs met, seek the kingdom of God.  This does not make sense to the natural mind.  To achieve life you must lay it down.  This does not make sense to the natural mind.  To have peace in the midst of trouble, joy in the midst of sorrow, to have happiness in the midst of grief, these things do not make sense to the natural mind.  All of these things make perfect sense to the one who has the mark of Jesus Christ.

    You will find out more and more that you will think just like Jesus.  You can correct any deficiency you see in yourself.  Be obedient to all He tells you line upon line.

    When the mark of Jesus Christ is in your forehead, you will think just like Jesus.  The things Jesus says will come right out of your own nature.  If you need to change anything Jesus says in any way; your nature still needs changing.

    When you are marked with the mark of Jesus, you will no longer fit in with those who are living for themselves.  Living only for the kingdom of God, will cause others to separate themselves from you.

    Build your house on the Rock.  To build your house on the Rock, requires instant obedience.  Jesus has spoken to us in the Sermon on the Mount.  He speaks to us through out the day, in a still small voice.  What ever He says be instantly obedient.  Instant obedience indicates great faith.

    The disciples showed signs of really developing this kind of belief when Jesus said, “Except you eat my flesh and drink my blood you have no life in you.”  They had been brought up to believe the doctrine “Eat no human flesh nor drink any blood.”  These words of Jesus seemed like false teaching to them; but they knew Jesus was of God and they would understand His words better later.

    If Jesus told something you believed was false doctrine would believe Him or your doctrine?  Can you even recognize His voice?  If you heard His voice would you obey like Abraham did?  Would you sacrifice your own son for Him?  I am sure Abraham did not believe in human sacrifice; yet he knew that he had heard from God.

    If you are going to call Him Lord, then do what He says.  Receive the love for the truth.  Obey Him because you love Him.  Obey Him because you love the truth.  Every time you obey Him you put a stone in place in your new home.

    The foundation is Jesus Christ.  Build the floor.  Build the walls.  Build the ceiling and roof.  Everything built out of obedience to Jesus Christ.  A house built by man at the command and direction of Jesus Christ.

    Every act of obedience is an act of praise to Him.  Every act of obedience is an act of worship of Him.  Every act of obedience is an act of adoration of Him.  Where there is obedience you will find Jesus Christ.

    Jesus loves to dwell with the obedient.  Jesus loves to carry out every wish of the obedient.  However those living for themselves will know little of the blessing of God.

    The miracles that Jesus did when He walked this earth He still wants to do; but He is hindered by our unbelief.  We can not believe because we have been walking too much in the flesh.  The flesh can never have believing faith.

    Believing faith comes by spending time with Jesus.  That kind of faith will come right out of our new nature.


    15.  Be like Christ

    Faith does not come out of human effort to believe.  It comes by communion with Jesus Christ.  To build your faith, set aside some time early in the morning to commune with Jesus Christ.  It will build both faith and trust.  It brings forth in you the mind of Christ.

    Christ has compassion on the sinner.  He raises the dead.  He heals the sick.  He comforts the troubled.  He makes the lame to walk.  To those lost in sin He brings the good news.

    When you have the mind of Christ: you will realize that people are in bondage to sin, sickness, and Satan.  You will work to release people from their bondages.

    With all that is within you work out your own salvation.  As you overcome your own bondages you will have what you need to deliver others from their bondages.  You will more and more receive the mind of Christ.

    Continue to expand your time with Jesus Christ.  Seek to include Him in your entire day.  You will be satisfied when you become like Him.  Others will be satisfied when they become like Christ, when they have received Him from you.

    Constantly keep thinking of Christ.  Constantly keep talking to Christ.  Constantly keep living for Christ.  The more time you spend with Him, the more you will be like Him.

    I find there are times when I don’t think of all these things.  As I keep spending the time with Him, I will remember more and more to seek Him.

    There are times when the cares of this life overwhelm us.  Sometimes we just need to get aside and rest, and commune with the Lord.  Let thoughts of Jesus Christ crowd out the cares that overwhelm us.  Just know He will take care of you.  He is greater then the worst of life’s situations.  In His presence is fullness of joy.  Let His love and joy flood your heart.  Let His peace return into your heart.  Let His mind be in you.


    16.  be prepared

    Sometimes we may not get a clear word right away.  God wants us to continue in the last words we have received.  More clear words will come in the future.  Do not be in a hurry. Wait for guidance, even in the little things.  God is interested in guiding you in every part of your life as you prepare for the time of instant obedience. We are preparing for the greatest battle of all time.

    When God speaks we must learn instant obedience.  A prize fighter must practice and practice.  His body must be well coordinated and respond instantly to his head.  If he tells his hands to ball up into a fist it must be instantaneous, without any delay or he will lose the fight.  We must practice and practice.  We must learn to hear and obey instantly.

    Do not live in fear.  Satan will tempt you to fear if he can.  When you fear something you are worshipping it.  The only fear we are told to have is the fear of God.  All other fear is of evil.  Fear is faith in reverse: the thing we fear is thereby established and may cause us to fall.

    If you have given all to follow God; then fear only Him.  Nothing can touch you.  Everything must first pass through God’s hands.

    The one who walks the high road has the protection of psalm 91; he may see a thousand fall at his side and ten thousand fall at his right hand; but it will not come near him.

    We need to learn to rest in Jesus Christ at all times.  Rest in Him; He will give you understanding of God’s Word.  Rest in Him; He will meet your needs.  Rest in Him; He will solve your problems.  Rest in Him; He will be there when you need fellowship.  Rest in Him; He will give you direction.  Regardless of the need always include Him.

    Our minds can not fathom the wonders of receiving personal guidance from God.  The one who created the universe takes time to be with me.  God’s promises to the overcomers are wonderful beyond all imagination.  If you will apply yourself all will be fulfilled.  There will be problems.  There will be times when you will fall.  Always get up again.  No evil can touch the one on the high road with God.

    Seek the Lord early in the morning.  Seek the Lord before the hustle and bustle can distract you.  Seek Him before you get involved in other things.  Then seek Him for the little things throughout the day.

    Many Christians seek fun, money and all it can buy.  They get in trouble.  Then they seek God; but the heavens are brass.  They try desperately; but they can not get through.  The carnal mind is God’s enemy.  If you develop the carnal mind your prayers will be greatly hindered.  The evil days are certainly coming.  You will need the mind of Christ to conquer in those days.  This earth will be covered with gross darkness.

    Many Christians (virgins) will be knocking to get in, in those days; they will be weeping and gnashing their teeth.  They will look for a word from God; they will find it only with those in Zion or Jerusalem.  Only those walking in the Spirit will have the Word of God in those days.

    Start walking in the Spirit now.  Keep your mind off earthly things.  Call on the Name of Jesus Christ.  The Name of Jesus is powerful.  In the Name of Jesus you can defeat the tempter.  Keep His Name ever before you.

    When you go where you should not; you may not be able to get in the Spirit in time to defeat the tempter.  When your mind is on earthly things; you’re on Satan’s territory.  You may succumb to temptation before you can get back into the Spirit.  Constantly keep working on keeping your mind in the Spirit.  Be ready to call instantly on the Name of the Lord.  Keep developing your faith.  What carnal Christians would think impossible, you will do right out of your nature.  Nothing will be impossible for you.


    17.  God’s Guidance

    As you continue on this journey you will be more and more guided by God.  You will be God taught.  You will be God guided.  You will find it extremely wonderful.  You will have perfect peace, joy, and happiness.

    Those who live for themselves can not even imagine that kind of a life.  This kind of a life is only available to the faithful.  You will be walking hand and hand with the creator of the universe.  You will be fellowshipping with the one who dwells in eternity.

    Be faithful in the little things.  Be obedient in the little things.  Keep extending it to bigger things.  Your reward will be great.

    The deeper you go in the Lord; the more you will treat everyone alike.  You will not treat the loving better then the hateful.  You will not love the hateful less than the loving.  You will manifest the same nature as your Father.  You must face many things if you are going to manifest that nature consistently.

    The battles we face are often different than we realize.  We look at the obstacle as our enemy to overcome; but the real enemy is inside us.  Defeat the self life and you can defeat anything.  When you pray earnestly and still seem to lose the battle; you may still be winning over the self life.  We must learn to trust God to finish the work that He started.

    Learn quickly so you do not need to take the lesson over and over again.  God will take us to His standard.  Be perfect as the Father.  Jesus reveals to us in Luke 11: 36, “That the light in us can be so that no part is dark that is God’s standard.”

    Jesus told John in the Revelation that, “He that overcomes will receive a name that no one knows except he that receives it.”  As you move in obedience to all God tells you; you will come to a place where you become so one with the Lord you can not even explain it to one who has not received it.  Your bond with the Lord will be greater than any other bond on earth.

    When you were born again, your spirit became one with God.  As you work out the salvation of the soul, it also is becoming one with the Father.  Your spirit already has God’s nature.  Your soul is receiving God’s nature.  As you behold the face of the Father; your soul receives His nature; you are receiving God’s mark in your forehead.

    The tie between husband and wife illustrates the tie between us and Christ.  The tie between us and Christ is far deeper than between husband and wife.  Our tie to Christ is not based on law; but on having the same nature.  Because we have the same nature we will never want a divorce.

    The oneness between us and Christ is for eternity.  No death can ever separate us from Christ.  It is the same oneness found in the God head.

    Constantly keep working on the salvation of the soul.  First give God our selves, then our time, money, even everything we have and are.  The price you pay is well worth the reward.  If you seek the very best that this world has to offer, you will have them for a hundred years at the most.  When they are gone you will have nothing.  If you reach for the best God has to offer; you will have them forever.

    A close relationship with Jesus is forever.  Perfect peace, joy, and happiness in Christ are forever.  They are so superior to anything this world has to offer, there is no comparison.  Why would you sacrifice the best of eternity for a piece of this world?


    18.  God’s Security

    When men try to gain wealth and security, they get a job that pays well.  They put as much as they can in the bank.  They invest in things that increase in value or depreciate slowly.  They try to buy low and sell high.  The problem with that method is that their wealth is only as secure as they can make it.  If money fails or investments collapse everything is lost.

    God says, “Look to me for your wealth and security.  Take the job that I supply.  When the money comes in use it as much as possible to build My Kingdom.  As you use it on the kingdom He replaces it with more.  God promises to supply all the needs of one who only seeks to build His Kingdom.

    When God says, “If you seek My Kingdom, I will meet your need;” it is easier for Heaven and Earth to pass away than for His Word to fail.  If you do what He says, He can not fail to meet your needs.  Your security is as sure as God Himself.

    We never have to guess at what is the proper way to walk.  We have instruction from the Bible we can read it every day.  We have the Holy Spirit to interpret the Word of God and to guide us in the way.  We can get deeply acquainted with both by waiting on God in the morning and reading His Word.  With diligence and practice we will receive all we need to walk the high road.

    We need to keep very close to the Spirit.  If we get very far away from Him we will be attacked by Satan.  Sometimes a magazine, a news paper, a catalog, or some other program will attract us away from the presence of God; then we will become vulnerable to attack by Satan; as simple a thing as sorting through the mail will sometimes do it.

    We must very consistently walk with God.  It is very easy to slip up.  If you get very far from God you may not be able to get back in time to avoid sin.  Everyone seems to have sins that easily beset them.  If you have trouble with besetting sins stay very close to the Lord.  Do not leave yourself vulnerable to Satan’s darts.  Keep examining yourself to see what is tripping you up.

    If you are not at the place where you sense the presence of God on a regular bases you must correct that first.  Start by setting a time aside to regularly meet with God.  As you grow keep increasing the time spent with God.  Make sure it is quality time.  In any combination you feel to do it: Read the Bible, read books written by faithful men of God, pray what is on your heart.  Listen to what God tells you, and meditate on His Word.  You may also praise, worship, and have communion.  As God puts His finger on a problem in your life do what He says.

    As you continue to increase quality time with God you will more and more sense His presence.  You now are ready to start conquering your besetting sins.  You will never conquer them through your own effort or will power.  The power to conquer besetting sins will come from God’s nature within you.  Romans chapter 7 tells us what happens when we try to do it through the mind or will power; but Romans chapter 8 tells us to do it by walking in the Spirit.

    The release of God’s nature from within requires us to spend much time with God.  Stay as close to the Lord as you can.  If you find yourself at a distance from the Lord get back immediately, this will require some practice.  With time and God’s help you can master it.  With practice you will begin to master your besetting sins.


    19.  Honor from God Only

    When there is a natural disaster you see many Christians flocking to help, and so they should; but you never hear the end of it.  They prove that they are doing it to be seen of men.  My brethren do your benevolent works in secret let God reward you at the proper time.

    Do not seek honor from men; seek the honor that comes from God only.  If you seek the honor that comes from God only; you will be walking in truth and can not be deceived.  If you seek man’s honor they will receive and speak highly of you; but if you choose to follow Jesus wherever He goes you will be persecuted by your brethren.  Your wayward brethren will reject you.  If they called Jesus a wine bibber and a glutton don’t expect them to treat you differently.  Your life will bring conviction on them.  Either they must change or attack you.  Most would rather attack you.

    Many of your brethren are all bound up in sports, movies, sitcoms, magazines, news papers, fashions, televisions, and other things.  They do not believe you can follow Christ wherever He goes.  Peter says in 1 Peter 4:4, “They think it strange that ye run not with them to the same excess of riot.”  They do not even realize they are in apostasy.  Much of the Word of God that they believe in has been adulterated by Demons.  If they would fall in love with the truth the demons would not be able to deceive them so.

    These things I believe have been taught to me by God.  God wants to give us abundant life spirit, soul, and body.  People say yes, “I believe God can heal,” but; just in case He does not I have insurance and a doctor.  For the mind they go to a psychiatrist.  For the truth they listen to a preacher teach an adulterated word.  They do little to hear what God is saying.  Forty and fifty years they are still babies.  If someone teaches a true word from God they reject it as false teaching.

    Jesus said, “I came in my Father’s name and you receive me not; if another comes in his own name him you will receive.”  Many Evangelists and pastors come in their own nature.  They teach a word they came up with in their own studies.  They believe only in their own interpretation.  They do not believe that anyone today can get the true Word of God only.  So they give their own interpretation which has no power to change a life.  Every effort they make to revive their congregations fails.  If they had no confidence in the flesh; but only confidence in God; they would see God do what they can not do.

    A man comes speaking only the Words of Eternal life and they reject it; yet these words have the power to change all who will receive them.  They can not believe the truth because they receive honor from one another.  Receive honor only from God and you will not be able to be deceived.  When a person receives honor from men it causes many errors in their beliefs.  Those who receive honor from men can not believe the truth.

    Do not receive honor from men.  Man’s honor is worthless.  Consider honor from men an abomination; abhor it; flee from it; treat it as a poison serpent; it will destroy everything you worked so hard for.  If you on the other hand you seek only God’s honor it will restore everything.

    Whether someone speaks well or evil of you do not receive it.  Receive only what God says about you.  While man’s opinion is worthless; yet God’s honor is absolutely priceless and is of great power.

    False teaching is often revealed by the need to protect it.  God’s word protects itself.  Another thing that reveals it is that it can not be absolutely proven.  God’s Word is always in harmony with the rest of what it says and thus proves itself.  Anything you need to protect is not of God; whatever is of God, God himself will protect it.

    You notice I have spent little time proving what I say; I could prove it but I am writing to sheep who already know God’s voice.  God will teach the sheep Himself.  If I tried to prove it to those who receive honor from men; they would not believe no matter how much proof you used; they can not receive the truth.  They are going to believe their own doctrine even if they have no proof at all.

    Nevertheless they are still my brethren and I will receive them error and all.  I love my brethren I just wish I knew how to free them from their bondages.  I certainly am not better than they are.  I thank God for all that He rescued me from and He will rescue me from all the rest of my bondages.

    Never consider yourself better than your brethren.  Never brush them off.  Be concerned for them.  Save as many of them from the fire coming on the earth as possible.  Soon the earth will burn with the lusts of the flesh as an oven.  Already some of the people are in the fire.  If God did not hold it back, the earth would have turned into an oven already years ago.  If God’s kingdom is going to stand, then God has to have a people who can stand first.  Only those who can not be pried away from God’s side will stand in that day.

    Jesus said, “If they have received me they will receive you; if they have rejected me they will reject you.”  I can tell what a person does with Jesus by what they do with me.  If you are fully surrendered to Jesus you will also know the same thing.

    Jesus says, “Whatever you do to the least of His brethren you do it to Him.”  If you exclude a brother because you disagree with him; Jesus will do the same thing to you.   James and John forbade a man from casting out demons in Jesus’ name; Jesus said, “Forbid him not for who ever is not against us is for us.”

    This principle is violated by churches everywhere.  If one disagrees with them they forbid him to speak.  Be careful; whatever you mete out to another will be meted back to you.  Such churches have little power in the Spirit.

    The word preached there has been developed by human minds.  They control their people by rules and regulations.  The measure they meted out to others has already in part returned to them; the real sheep will not listen to them; the real sheep only listen to the master’s voice.


    20.  Spiritual motivation

    People do not know what is motivating them.  Sometimes the easiest way to see is to use an extreme case.  Where are you the most comfortable: around the people of God or a night club, around the rich or the poor?  The spirits in your life are the most comfortable around their own kind.  Are you more comfortable watching a television set or in church?  Holy spirits like holy surroundings; evil spirits like evil surroundings.  This way you can see where you are.

    Do not let the demons turn the Word of God into a doctrine of demons for you.  If you fall in love with the truth, they will not be able to do it.  Determine to do all that He tells you.  Any doctrine of demons you already have will be exposed and you will be able to get rid of it.  As you get free from your bondages you will be able to help your brethren get rid of their bondages.

    Jesus is longing for a people who will trust Him.  Trust Him to lead you out of corruption, bondage, darkness, disorder, deception, and any other sin.  There are no sins He can not deliver you from.  The steps of a good man are ordered of the Lord.  Let Him order your steps.


    21.  Admit your Weaknesses

    Jesus spoke many things in principles.  Example: “I came not to call the righteous but sinners to repentance.”  If you think you are pretty good or alright; you may have already cut yourself off from receiving much help from God.  God can only rescue the lost.  He can only forgive sinners.  He can only heal the sick.

    Jesus said, “If you were blind you should have no sin; but now you say we see therefore your sin remains.”  If you think you see even when you are blind; you will become responsible even for unknown faults.  Be humble.  When you are blind admit it.  Let Jesus open your eyes.  Humility will move the hand of God.  Pride will stop Him from doing His work in you.

    If you want deliverance, be humble.  Admit your faults.  If you find weaknesses in your life; make no excuse for it.  Always admit you are weak.  Always confess your sins; but in doctrine be perfect.  Whenever you see a defect in your doctrine; as soon as you can prove it change to what God says.


    22.  Soil Preparation

    In the parable of the sower, Jesus illustrates to us four kinds of hearts: hard hearts, shallow preparation, thorny, and well prepared.  To receive God’s Word; our hearts must be prepared.  A hard heart will make the Word ineffective and Satan will remove the word.  Many Christians live every day this way.  Unless you can succeed in getting them under conviction you will never get a word into them.

    Some have a little preparation, but; there is a hardpan underneath.  They gladly receive the Word of God, but with little preparation.  Under testing they will fall away.  Prepare your soil deep to avoid this pitfall.  Some are better prepared but they are caught up in the things of this world; their Christian life will be stunted at best.  To be one hundred percent fruitful, be fully prepared.  Spare no needed preparation.

    Soil preparation takes time and work.  You will not succeed if you are lazy or overly busy.  All spiritual things are done in obedience to the leading of the Spirit.  You must be diligent; but don’t try it in your own way.  The best way is when God speaks, do it.

    In order to be able to do all, that God tells us, we need much preparation of the soul and heart.  To do the will of God we need the faith to receive His supply.  Unlike the natural world, God’s supply is always with us.  It takes faith to reach out and take them.  God loves to supply our need.  God longs to supply our need.

    Jesus said, “All power is given unto Him in heaven and earth; lo I am with you always even unto the ends of the earth.”  With Jesus in us we have all that we need.  We have perfect supply, perfect love, perfect strength, perfect understanding, perfect wisdom, perfect patience, and etc.  We must learn to believe what He says.  Without faith we will see none of these things.  Reach out and take them.

    God is grieved that He has so few who will reach out and take them.  God’s people live in the midst of plenty; yet they are poverty stricken.  God’s people live after the flesh; then have no faith to receive God’s supply.

    They would receive all that God would give them if they could consume it on their flesh.  Everything they do is for comfort, lust, to please the eye, and for the approval of man.

    The flesh and the carnal mind have no faith to receive from God.  Some of God’s people love to serve God; but they do everything according to the dictates of their carnal mind.  They have no faith to receive the needed supplies from God.  Their work is ineffective because it is out of order.  They do not even know what the will of God is.

    The spiritual man spends much time with God.  He knows what God says.  He reaches out and receives it.  He has no need because he receives of God’s endless supply.  God’s supply is without limit to the man of faith.  He walks with God.  He is obedient to His Word.  He only does God’s will.  He never goes his own way.  He will go with God even into death.

    Spend time with God till it is no longer you doing it.  God will supply your every need.  He will give you faith in place of doubt and fear.  He will give you love in place of hate.  He will give you light in place of darkness.  He will give you forgiveness in place of bitterness and resentment.  He will give you strength in place of weakness.

    He will give you wealth in place of poverty.  He will give you healing in place of sickness.  He will give you security where there is danger; peace in place of unrest.  Whatever your need He will supply it.  With Jesus there is always plenty, all you need is faith.  He told the Corintians that “All things are yours.”  In Him there is no limit.  We are His only limit.  Where is your faith?


    23.  Take the Gift

    In examining yourself use only this standard: “Be ye perfect as the Father”.  Do not look at anyone else.  Use only the perfect standard.  Wherever you see a lack, start believing God to correct it, to meet the need.  He is able and willing to supply all your need.

    God is even now beginning to raise a whole company of people who will believe all that He says.  Will you be in that company?  If you think this is too much for you, you are looking at yourself.  Do not look at yourself; you can not do it.  Look at God.  He alone can do it.

    Do not be like the ten spies whom God slew.  Be like the two spies who went in and possessed the land.  The ones who endure to the end will be saved.  They will possess the land.

    Spend time with God till you know what He is saying.  Hold on to what He says till you receive.  It may look like you are in great danger; but if He said it He will do it.  Do not look at the giants.  Look at God; and they will be bread for you.

    God gave His Son for you that you might have eternal life; He gave you His own life.  How can you just ignore it?  How can you just live in poverty?  God’s supply is always before you; yet almost all Christians live in poverty; why would they do that?

    The saddest thing Jesus has to face is that His people refuse His gift.  They would rather have the garbage spewed out by Hollywood than the eternal things.  They would rather watch a game than spend time with the creator of the universe.  They would rather spend their money on new cars, expensive houses, expensive clothes, air conditioners, and etc than to spread the gospel around the world.

    They listen to the poison of Satan rather than the voice of Jesus Christ.  They change the words “the perfection of the Father” to maturity.  They change “the fear of the Lord” to reverence or awe.  I am not sure what they think “the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ is?”  With their mind on the flesh no wonder they can not believe.

    Just as one child serves his father with joy, and another child must be forced; so in this last day God will have to take the rebellious children through the fire in order to save them.  He loves them too much to let them go.  Some must be saved so as by fire.  Why not serve Him with joy?  Why not live with the satisfaction of knowing you please God?

    Will you look at God and believe in His power?  Will you look in your self and be filled with unbelief?  Your defects will not stop the power of God.  The only thing that will stop God’s power is your unbelief.  If you will believe, God can not fail.  We will be changed from glory to glory by looking in God’s face.


    24.  Spiritual Faith

    No books of fiction can change you.  The very words of Jesus Christ will change you.  When Jesus speaks not even a period at the end of the sentence will fail; all will come to pass.  You will never believe what He says with your carnal mind.  As you spend time with Him faith will come right out of your new nature.  You must realize also that your minds fantasy is also fiction and is powerless.

    What ever you do at home or on the job, keep your mind on heavenly things.  The carnal mind has no power to believe God.  Our minds must be renewed in the image of God.  Our minds must be transformed; then they will believe.  Do not be discouraged when it doesn’t happen right away; we must endure unto the end.

    When we have a people who believe all that God says: They will bring Jesus back and this world to a close.  This can not be done by a people operating in their carnal mind.  Faith will come through trouble and communion with God.

    Look around you.  See a world in deep trouble.  The world needs a savior.  Even the people of God live in stark poverty; they need to come out of the pig pen and return to the Father.

    Look at your future.  Communion with God and trouble will produce riches beyond anything you can comprehend.

    If you are walking the high road, Jesus is filtering everything that comes at you; he knows just what we need to perfect us.  A light bulb may burn out.  An appliance may need repair.  You may have a flat tire.  Any number of little things may go wrong.  All these things pass through His hands, never too many, just the right amount.  Jesus allows only just the right things needed to change us into His likeness.  Respond to trouble with praise and thanksgiving; value it very highly.

    We must set our affection on things above.  We must not let the earthly things to take precedent in our lives.  Look at the unseen things that will last forever.  The earthly things are only for a short time.  The earthly things can not meet your real need.

    If we knew the value of trouble we would jump up and down for joy for the privilege.  The end result is better than the finest gold.  Do not look at the trouble look at the joy set before you.

    God knows that we need food, clothing, transportation, housing, and etc.  Set your affection on the heavenly things and God will supply the earthly needs also.

    The smelter is less concerned about the fire than the refined metal.  God is in charge of the fire.  We need to joy at the coming refinement.  If you new even a little of the things God has in store for you, you could not wait for the next trial.  Receive everything He provides with thanksgiving and contentment.

    Each trial is miniscule compared to the immense value of what it produces.  When we go after the material things they crowd out spiritual things of immense value.  All the things of the world are very meager to one eternal possession.  When you begin to really value the eternal riches, it begins to seem strange to see one go after the earthly riches.

    When you go after the earthly things, you will never get enough.  Someone ask John Rockefeller, “How much is enough?”  He said, “Just a little bit more.”  No matter how much you get it is never enough.  For the spiritual man what God gives is always enough.  Any man whatever his possessions if he hangs on to them tightly is like a rich man.  Hang on to them tightly and you are poor.

    Jesus said of the earthly rich it is hard for them to enter the kingdom of God. Whatever your possessions release them to God.  If you trust God you are already rich.  You are already in the kingdom of God.

    See God’s supply as your blood supply.  If your finger would hang on to the blood that flowed into it; it would swell up and die.  The oxygen would soon be gone.  If it allows the same amount of blood to flow out as flows in; it gets enough oxygen and nutrients to remain healthy.

    So give as the Lord has prospered you; the more you give the more room you have to receive.  If you are having trouble receiving from God; you may have too much; so give something away.  Make room for God’s supply.  If you are hoarding things up you will be poisoned by the very things meant to give you life.

    If we are to have life we must walk in Kingdom principles.  Do not do what is right in your own eyes.  Some think charging a high price will supply their need; but giving things away will supply their need.

    An old preacher friend out of my past Andrew Jantze used to say of his poverty stricken mother, “When there was not enough food in the house, she would find a dollar to send to some missionary”; now that is the kind of faith God will bless.

    These are the teachings of Jesus and they can not fail.  The teachings of Jesus always go against the thinking of the natural mind.  Our minds need to be renewed to think like Jesus.

    The circumstances Jesus has arraigned to change us are infinitely more valuable than all the earthly things you will ever get.  God send everything I need to prepare me to sit with you on your throne.  This is the very most valuable thing I can think of.  I will gladly sacrifice everything for that privilege.

    The most fearful thing I face would be if God quit sending the things I need to change me.  Rejoice exceedingly that God by His mercy and grace gives us these perfecting troubles.  God’s love is enormous He sends us what we need.

    It seems we need to learn that all the valuable things of God go against our nature.  Do not look at the trouble, but at the result.  .  Trust your life completely to Him.

    He who trusts the Lord has nothing to worry about.  Nothing in God’s hands can go wrong.  The one who trusts the Lord does not fear poverty; for God supplies his need; he does not fear his enemies; for God is his defense; he does not fear disease for God is his health.  The One who trusts God is thankful without an air conditioner even on the hottest days; he is thankful without a heater even on the coldest days; he has learned to be abased and how to abound in all circumstances.


    25.  Rich or Poor

    What is rich?  A man with lots of money and possessions the world calls rich.  A man has deep relationship to the Lord God calls rich.

    The man that spends his time amassing an earthly fortune is poor indeed; earthly things will have no value in the judgment.

    During “World war two” when the Nazis invaded France many a rich man would have given his entire fortune for just enough gas to get to ferry and into England; but their money had suddenly become worthless and they could not escape.

    God’s rich men will use their money for God’s Kingdom while it still buys things so that when money fails it will be converted to Eternal Riches.  If you use your money for God’s Kingdom God will supply all your need and you will always have enough.

    A man who thinks his skill and hard work is his source of support; will have a hard time learning how to receive God’s supply.  It makes no sense to our natural minds that giving our money away and seeking God’s kingdom is our source of supply.

    Any man going his own way will not make it into the kingdom of God.  In God’s kingdom God is in charge of everything.  Any part of your life where God is not making the decisions is not in the kingdom of God.

    Jesus said in Matthew 19 “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of the needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom.”  Jesus was just revealing that anyone depending on earthly things will have great difficulty operating in the heavenly things.

    The earthly things and the heavenly things operate in opposition to each other.  The old world and the new world are separated by a cross.  Everything in the old world must go through the cross to get into the new world.  Once a thing has gone through the cross into the new world it will never come back.

    The old creation is headed by Adam.  The new creation is headed by Jesus Christ.  Those in the new creation can find nothing they want in the old creation.  Those in the old creation can not understand those in the new creation.  Sadly most Christians operate almost totally in the old creation.  Earthly rich Christians seem to be more taken by the things of this world, they also have more of it.

    I have been to many churches; I can not say that I have ever seen one elder that was poor.  Yet James says, “That they are rich in faith”.  Having their finances together is more important to most churches than having great faith.  Most churches have a materialistic relation to the Lord; they know very little about true Kingdom living; if they see God move at all it is usually money, numbers, and large buildings.

    The power to bring forth men of great faith in most churches is sadly lacking; their leaders have been installed by man’s wisdom and they have a committee for almost every activity in the church.

    In a spiritual church God supplies the wisdom, the leaders, and the direction.  Every action is a co-operation between God and man.  In the old creation you get security through wealth, insurance, a strong nation, and other earthly things.  In the new creation we get our security by giving our money to wherever God tells us and by seeking His kingdom with all our hearts.

    The new creation will never make sense to one in the old creation.  If what I said does not make sense to you, you are operating in the old world.  Jesus said to the rich young ruler, “Sell all you have give it to the poor and you shall have treasure in heaven.”  It is not the selling all you have and giving it to the poor; but doing what Jesus’ says, that will give you treasure in heaven.


    26.  Making All Things New

    Jesus is in the process of making all things new.  We need to do what Jesus says to be made new.  To enter into the new creation, our security must be in Jesus and what He says.  All earthly security will fail.  Those trusting in earthly things can not trust in Christ also.  Jesus will make all things new only in those whose trust is in Him.

    When we were born again our spirits were made new; our spirits entered the new creation where Jesus is the head.  Now the battle is for the renewing of the mind.  We need to trust the keeping of our souls to Jesus as a faithful creator; He will recreate our souls in His own image and when the process is complete truly His Name will be in our foreheads.

    At the present time our souls are in the old creation.  As we take up our crosses and follow Jesus; our souls will little by little be changed into His image.  Everything in the old creation must go through the cross to get into the new creation.

    The old and new creations are two worlds separated by a cross.  Nothing in the old creation can get into the new creation without going through the cross.  This is why we should jump up and down at the privilege of suffering for the cause of Christ.  Great is your reward in heaven.

    The cross is the instrument of judgment.  The cross both cleanses and perfects; all things must go through the cross.  Everyone must go to the cross.  Why not go to the cross now and get the reward; why wait to be taken by force later?

    There is a joy which will survive even the heaviest cross.  Develop the joy of the Lord in the small crosses now; later even the heaviest cross will not crush it.  There are immense problems coming in the days ahead; the problems of today will seem small indeed compared to them.

    In the book of Hebrews it says, “Jesus learned obedience through suffering.”  If the holy Christ had to suffer to learn obedience; certainly we sinners need to suffer to learn obedience.

    The things we learn through suffering are of immense eternal value.  These things can be very valuable now also.  The Holy Spirit will use these things to help us minister to other people in need.  Learn from every experience; do not let them go to waste.

    Our suffering will also help to fill up the cup of suffering for the church.  When we suffer for Christ’s sake we can draw on that suffering to help others.  Because of the suffering Jesus did we are saved.  We may not be able save anyone like He did; but we can draw on that suffering for other’s needs.  Our suffering will produce strength from us to where they are weak.  We draw on the strength produced in us to help them.  They also have strength to help us where we are weak.

    Be wary of a cheap gospel.  A cheap gospel will do little to change your life.  A cheap gospel will do little to prepare you to change other lives.  Life changes require suffering in obedience to the Holy Spirit.  Even if you are in the lowest hell God will deliver you.  God is willing and able to take you to the highest heaven.  God is greatly desirous to take you to the highest heaven.

    There is nothing He can not do for you; first find out what God said; next test it to make sure God said it; next stand on it even if it takes your life.  No matter what comes against you, stand; they can not take your life till God delivers you into their hands.  He that endures to the end will be saved (they will see the fulfillment of God’s word.)


    27.  Power to Reign

    If you would like to reign with Christ you must do His will.  If you want to reign with Christ you must not do your own will.  A good soldier does not do his own will.  A good soldier obeys his commanding officer; he is willing to endure hard things to win the victory.  Do not expect me to soften this message.  I will not teach a cheap gospel.  If I cheapen the gospel I may be able to add more people to accept my teaching; but the power of God will be gone.  God’s power operates only in pure truth; the least little contamination and His power will cease to operate.

    If we are going to deliver this world back to God; it is going to require the utmost obedience to the leading of the Lord.  Jesus has prepared the way to conquer this world; He made it possible for us to do it.  I admit it looks impossible for us to conquer this world; but in Christ all things are possible.  Jesus is only looking for a believing obedient people.  God said, “You subdue this earth;” look to God to supply the need.  Set your face like a flint to conquer this world and put it back into God’s hands.

    Though the way may seem hard at times; Jesus is there.  All the trials and troubles can only do the will of God in our lives.  We have a great advantage over a natural army; Jesus is always with us.  We can always call on Jesus no matter what the need.  When you have a problem you may not see Him working; but believe He is working in the problem anyway.

    Always remember: “Jesus Saves.”  “Jesus Keeps.”  “Jesus Delivers.”  Face every problem with full confidence; you can not be defeated.  Only if you do not believe can you be defeated.

    Do not be turned aside by any ones unbelief.  Do not be turned aside by problems.  Do not fear anyone or anything.  Do not let any earthly affection or desire to turn you aside.  In Christ nothing can stop you.

    Though it is true no one but Jesus has made it before; yet God will definitely take some through even fully into the kingdom in the near future.  To win this war God may have to weaken us; we may even despair of life it self.  If you find yourself in that condition; believe God knows what He is doing.

    We must absolutely see that God is doing the changing not us.  God will not let us do the changing on our own.  We will be changed in God’s way and His way alone; we must however be yoked with Him and do our part.

    Do not look inside for strength, wisdom, or any other ability it will not be there; look to God.  He has all the ability and supply we need; He will never fall short.  God can not fail.  He wants us to believe for what we need.  He wants to provide through us; He has the power and will to do it through us; He will do it only if we believe.

    God will not do our work, we can not do His work; but if we take His yoke upon us, together we will do it.  We are responsible only to do what God says; He is responsible to give us guidance and to supply our need.  God will not fail, He can not fail.  If you spend enough time with God you will believe.  If you do not spend enough time with God you can not believe.


    28.  Confession and Repentance

    When I sin I must confess it and repent quickly; my grief must be short; too much confessing and grieving will only hold me back.

    I have a job to do; too much time on my sin will keep me from having the faith to do my job.  I must allow no sin or weight to hold me back.  Anytime our attention is drawn from Jesus Christ it will hold us back.

    Be aware of Satan’s tactics; he will do anything he can to stop or at least delay us from doing God’s will.  First he tempts us to sin; when we sin he tries to convince us that it was only a mistake; if we recognize our sin and repent; than he tries to keep us in remorse.  He tries to convince us we are not worthy to spread the gospel.

    It is necessary for us to see our sin, to confess, to sorrow, to repent; but not to linger there to long.  Allow no sin or weight to hold you back.  We will win this race.  Run hand in hand with Jesus Christ your friend and guide.  Do not dwell on the past.  Do not let the past rob you of your faith.  You will not be able to do what God wants you to do today if you get side tracked.

    You may see what Jesus says and try to do it and when it does not come to pass immediately you may get discouraged.  God’s promises are not to the carnal mind; don’t get discouraged spend time with God till you have the faith.

    Someone new in the faith may receive a gift of faith from God; but God may require you to have your own faith.  For faith to come out of your own nature requires you to pay the price.  Never look for a cheap gospel.  You can not walk the high road with a cheap gospel.

    When we go our own way instead of walking in the Spirit; we substitute earthly things in place of the heavenly.

    To walk God’s way requires a high price; but the value of what you receive far out weighs the price.


    29.  Forgiveness

    Jesus said, “When you pray, forgive”; we look at that statement and say yes, “We must forgive”; but to truly forgive can be a very evasive thing.

    Many things are said about forgiveness:

    For God to hear our prayer; for God to forgive us; to keep us from the tormentors (peace of mind); power over the enemy; and there are many other things that could be added I’m sure.

    As young Christians we choose to forgive; but the problem keeps staring us in the face; so we forgive again, only to have it stare back at us again.  As young Christians we know little about how to really forgive; so we can only at first forgive by faith.

    There are different levels of faith according to the level of our walk with God; when God says forgive and we try to do it, that is an elementary level of faith; if that is where you are now God will accept you at that level for this Day of Grace; but God will require actual forgiveness in the Day of Judgment.

    Another problem with that kind of forgiveness is that it only puts self in prison; an imprisoned self is much more dangerous than it was before it always finds a way to escape; self has got to be destroyed.

    The Faith to actually forgive will come forth out of the Life of God within you.  How can that Life of God be activated to produce real Forgiveness?  The Life of God within you can not work while self is on the throne; for God’s Life to work self must be destroyed.

    Jesus said, “If any man will come after me: let him deny himself; take up his cross; and follow me.”  Jesus gave us a cross on which we can crucify the flesh (self).  Crucify the flesh. Deny yourself.  Let the very Life of God come forth and then you can really forgive.

    When you have forgiven someone and it rears its head back up; just say, that is self and it must die; but remember that with every death blow you must replace it with God’s Life or it will only return in another form.  Destroy self by spending time with God and than there will be no vacuum; either your life will contain the old self (old man), or the New Self (New man).

    God is Love; just as God is Love, so God is forgiveness; therefore put on the Lord Jesus Christ and make no provision for the flesh.  Remember, in the day of shaking only what can not be shaken (Jesus) will remain.


    30.  The Highway of Holiness

    In Isaiah 35 it says “There is a highway of holiness.  Only the redeemed may walk there.  No evil spirit may walk there.  We may walk there; but only if we believe.  Though our hearts are like deserts; it says the desert shall rejoice and blossom as a rose.

    Allegorically this passage of scripture speaks of God’s people though in spiritual poverty; when they begin to believe all that God says; will come to a place of blessing they know almost nothing about today.  When God’s people begin to believe all God says; they will have strong hands to do God’s will; and strong knees to go where He says to go.  They will attack the enemy without fear.

    God will come with strong deliverance.  The blind will be healed spirit, soul, and body.  The deaf will hear.  The lame will leap like a deer.  The dumb will speak and even sing.  And the supply of the Spirit will break forth like a stream in the desert.  There will be no shortage for any need.

    Those living an unclean life can not walk the high road.  If you are a fool you are excluded.  If you make for yourself a home on earth you are excluded.  It is only for the wayfaring on earth.  It is for those who are strangers and pilgrims on the earth.  For those who look for a city with foundations whose builder and maker is God.

    No devil, demon, or flesh nature will be allowed on this highway.  This highway (which this whole book is about) will be filled with people who trust God in all circumstances.  These people will rejoice and be glad in all circumstances till God finally removes all the adverse circumstances.


    31.  Hid in the Day of the Lord’s Anger

    Zephaniah 2: 3; Isaiah 26:20, 21; Psalm 31: 20; all three talk about being hid in the day of the Lord’s anger.  How are we hid in the day of the Lord’s anger?  Psalm 91 says, “In the secret place of the most high.”  “A thousand shall fall at thy side and ten thousand at thy right hand; but it will not come near you.”

    Just like Jesus walked among His enemies and always escaped till the time appointed of the Father; so we also shall escape till the time appointed of the Father.  How can a person have greater protection than the Father Himself?  Though the whole world comes against you they can not defeat the Father.  With the Father before you nothing can come against you; now that is safety that can not be provided by anything of this world.

    Matthew 28: 19, 20, Jesus said, “All power is given unto me in heaven and on earth….. Lo I am with you always even unto the end of the world.”  With that kind of security we can not be overcome.

    As we grow in faith we draw closer to God we realize more and more that we fall short of perfect faith.  We are humbled by how much faith we are still lacking.  We must grow more and more in faith.  As our faith grows more and more, do not let Satan turn it into pride.  He will say, “Look how great faith you have.”

    Do not compare yourself with others; it will make you proud.  Pride will cause you to fall.  Compare yourself with Jesus Christ; that should humble you.  If people praise you do not receive it.  If people condemn you do not receive it.  People’s opinions are worthless.  What does God say about you?  What God says is of utmost importance.

    Pride turned the great and mighty Lucifer into the evil Satan.  Pride is the deadly poison the fangs of Satan inject into your blood stream; all that are bitten of that snake will die unless rescued by the Holy Son of God.

    Jesus is the only source of humility.  We can not make ourselves humble.  We can humble ourselves and look to Him to turn it into humility.  Pride can reveal itself in very subtle ways: embarrassment, self abasement, introversion, extroversion, and many other forms of pride.

    When you admit your own inability and look to God’s ability that is humility.  When you do with what He says instead of what you think that is humility.  We must be yoked together with the humble Saviour.  When we work in union with Him that is humility.   As we grow in faith there is a danger we may use faith to build our own kingdom instead of His Kingdom.  Humility will help us to avoid that pitfall.

    Satan has no body to work with; his only means of working is by faith.  Satan only builds his own kingdom never God’s Kingdom.  A case in point: When God told Satan he could attack Job and Satan acted on it that was faith.  Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God.  Satan had received a word from God, and when Satan attacked Job he did it by faith.

    Many great men started out building the Kingdom of God then reverted to building their own kingdom.  Keep your flesh under lest you also be a cast away.  Be careful lest you become an instrument of the false prophet.


    32.  Kingdom Economy

    In the world if they want to see how the economy will be in the near future they look at the indicators.  One of the economic indicators is the consumer confidence report.  When confidence is high people buy lots of products; manufacturers make lots of products; then the economy gets strong.  When consumer confidence is low; they buy less and the economy weakens.

    This is very different from the Kingdom of God.  A strong spiritual economy is not determined by confidence in earthly things; but confidence in God.  We know that the future out look for this world is very bad.  Jesus said that “That there will come a time on earth that will be the worst of all.  With our confidence in God it will not come near us.  Though every other foundation fail God can not fail.

    Those who have their confidence in the economy will be in bad shape.  The economy of the entire world will fail and never recover until God rules.  Then it will be God’s economy not the worlds.  If we have learned to put our confidence in God; no matter what happens our future is secure.


    33.  Carnality versus the High Road

    God loves us immensely; but if we live after the flesh we will die.  He loved Adam and Eve as much as anybody; but when they sinned He put them out of the garden anyway.

    People think that because they are Christians that will protect them; John the Baptist said, “Say not we have Abraham to our father; God is able of these stones to raise up children to Abraham.”  You may be a Christian; but that will not keep you from the wrath to come.  If you want to escape the wrath to come you must do what God says.  The Day of Judgment is to judge your works not your new birth.  If your works are ungodly in the Day of Judgment they will burn whether you are saved or not 1 Corinthians 3.

    God is going to remove the restrainer some day soon, and those who live after the flesh will in that day cry out in pain.  God loves His wayward people to much to lose them so if He can not get them to surrender now He will save them so as by fire.

    If you are a Christian and live after the flesh; God has a day planned when all that flesh life will be burned up; do not be foolish deal with the flesh life now.

    If you are unsure, timid, or unwilling to deal with the flesh; I assure you it will not be unsure, timid or unwilling in dealing with you.  The flesh is deadly serious about destroying you.  If you do not take up your cross and destroy the flesh life you will have no excuse in that day.

    I can not tell you to get rid of your television set, luxuries, or any other weights in your life; but I believe you will be much better off if you do.  These are the things that are holding you back.

    I do not intend to make laws or rules for you to follow.  I only intend to show you how to win the prize.

    Jesus said, “My sheep hear my voice and another will they not follow.”  Jesus reveals that to be God’s sheep you will be taught of God.  When God teaches you it will agree with all the Word of God.  When God teaches you it will agree with what He teaches everyone else.

    Jesus also says, “That many walk the broad road to destruction; but few walk the narrow road to life.  In the narrow road there is only room for God’s teaching; but in the broad road you can have non essential doctrine.  In the narrow road all doctrine is essential; but in the broad road you have to agree only on so called essential doctrine.

    You can get the perfect Word from God Himself.  Since the perfect word of God is available to all His people you will have no excuse if you fail to get it.

    Some people will hang on to doctrine even after it is proven to them to be error.  If you are going to get to your destination all doctrine must be perfect.  You must have your plane in perfect condition; full of fuel, the right flight plan, follow the right beacons, go in the right direction, land at the right airport.  Landing just a thousand feet short of the run way will lead to catastrophic disaster.

    Why are people careless about eternal things when they would never be careless about the things of this world?  People would not even get on a plane if the flight plan was for the middle of the ocean.

    The children of the Kingdom seem to lack greatly in wisdom.  They get on a spiritual plane even though the flight plan ends in the middle of a huge fire.

    When I was a young man I joined a church who thought they were the only true literal church.  When I was in that church a short time my mind became greatly agitated.  One of the women there asked me one day, “Did you notice how Satan comes against your mind in this church?”  I said, “Yes I noticed that.”

    God was merciful and delivered out of that church a few months later.  When I came out I felt like I had just come off a rough ocean into a peaceful bay. That experience taught me the value of peace of mind in all things.

    Any doctrine that masquerades itself as though it came from God will be rejected as soon as I see it disrupts my peace.  No matter who speaks what ever doctrine, I never worry about being deceived; I only recognize the Master’s voice.

    Many Christian teachers not only believe false teaching; but teach it to others.  They will be judged for their wrong beliefs and also for leading others astray.

    Those who are depending on the righteousness of Jesus Christ to protect them will discover it was only for the day of Grace.  God is going to have a people who will have judged themselves; they will be holy and without blame before God.  Many people will have wasted away the Day of Grace.

    If you are a young Christian you must follow someone for a time; but any man that does not point you directly to Jesus Christ must not be followed.  He himself is on the broad road to destruction; if you follow him you will go where he goes.

    The writer of the book of Hebrews says in chapter 6, “Follow those who through faith and patience inherit the promises.”  Do not take chances with your soul.  When you get to hear and know the voice of God; you must be weaned off men little by little.

    Never rebel against a leader; but only to follow the greater voice of God. The rebellious also are rebelling against God.

    According Ephesians 4, leaders are here only till the perfect comes.  Those who follow God already have the perfect leader.  Only those who follow the Lord are able to walk in perfect harmony with each other.

    Those who know God’s voice will quickly detect strange teaching and avoid it.  While the word that God speaks to them may be different than what God says to another it will always harmonize with the other.  Any works done in obedience to God will always harmonize with the works of others done in obedience to God.

    Some teachers think they have the best word available so they set up Bible training centers to teach it; but what they should teach most of all is how to hear from God.  They usually teach what God said years ago; an up to date Word from God is missing.  Only those who hear from God can walk the narrow road.  Only those who hear from God can walk in harmony with their brothers.

    People who walk with God can not be put under law it would only hold them back.  Pastors who try to keep their people under law or under their control do not know what spirit they are of.  They will only stunt the people’s growth; they are both walking the broad road to destruction.  Such churches have little or no power.  Nevertheless people seem to be satisfied with a powerless gospel.

    If you are tired of a powerless gospel and want to know the truth; spend time with the one who is the truth.  Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life.”  That Way has no error in it.  You will not even fall one foot short of your destination.  The Word taught by Jesus will contain no errors.  The Life God has prepared for us in Christ is perfect and eternal.  Why would anyone want anything else?

    These things can not be found in any concordance, commentary, help, or book; but only in Jesus Christ.  Just as each muscle in your body needs a fresh word from the head to know how to operate; so you also need a fresh word from your Head.  Jesus has the Fresh Word for you, just the perfect Word for the place you are in right now; if your mind told your foot to take a step; but you took it ten minutes after you went to bed, that would be foolish.

    Yesterday’s word was good for those back then; but today it is full of worms.  If you are going to put your hands to the plow you must not look back.

    The one job of a good teacher is to get you to learn how to hear from God.  Until you learn how to hear from God you can not do what He says.  When you hear what God says do it right away.  Doing God’s will right away will help you to hear even better.  Until you hear and do God’s will no real work for God can be done.

    People live on various levels with God; from the law and flesh levels to walking in the Spirit.  Walking on the flesh level you can do outward physical work for God; but real spiritual work can only be done by walking in the Spirit; flesh work is never eternal.

    Most of God’s people are satisfied with fleshy things as long as they make it into heaven.  Such people will have almost all their works burned up in the judgment.  They are still God’s people; but God must save them so as by fire.

    Jesus told the rich young ruler to have eternal life you need to keep the commandments; but to be perfect you need to sell all and follow Him.  Many of God’s people have only a law relationship with Him.  At some point in time those with law relationships will have to be born again.

    Many others are already born again; but living after the flesh.  Paul says, If you live after the flesh you will die.  The best way to obey God is to walk in the Spirit.  Live in true sonship; obey the voice of the Father.

    God has given us everything we need to prepare; but if you do not believe, it will all be to none effect.  Only believers will be prepared for that day.  One thing that marks God’s sheep is that they are all believers.

    People think that being born again and being believers is the same thing; they are the same only as far as they believe what God says.  The new birth takes place in your spirit; it is when your spirit takes on God’s nature and becomes one with Him.  A person is a believer to the extent he believes what God says.

    The Israelites were God’s people and when they believed and did what God said; God made them to prosper; but when they turned to idols they were unbelievers and God punished them.  If you do not like something God says in the Bible; you may be one of God’s people; but in that place you are an unbeliever and serving an idol.  Do not expect God to treat you differently than His Old Testament saints.

    Church folks think they can indulge in this world’s goods with impunity; they think they will be taken out while the rest of the world is judged.  If you live like the world you will be judged like the world.  Unlike the unsaved though your judgment will be unto victory; but the world’s judgment will be unto death.

    To the thief on the cross it seemed like judgment unto death; but it was really unto victory.  To the other thief it also seemed like judgment unto death; but his perception was right.

    Believe me it is worth living the high call.  Besides full salvation, full preparation, being able to hear, there are other benefits to this high call.  Living very close to the Master gives you Peace, love, joy, prosperity, fellowship with God, and etc; these things will never be taken away from you.

    You will also experience trouble and trials; but the benefits will be well worth the trouble.  Just knowing God in everything, gives you great peace and satisfaction.  You can feel perfectly secure in His mighty arms.  You have absolute security.

    With the kind of security God gives you can say with Paul; “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”  With Paul, “You know how to be abased and how to abound.”  You look not at the hardships or ease, to wealth or poverty, acceptance or rejection; but to the great rewards out of it all.  You know nothing can run out because God is your supply.  You feel peace and contentment in all circumstances.

    People who live close to God are the riches people in the world.  Power, peace, security, and contentment are some of the reasons people become rich; but those are the very things that evade them.  The ones close to God however are not lacking in any good thing.  I would not trade my peace and security for all the billions of the rich.

    The people that are worldly rich are usually poor, blind, and naked; they need to open the door and let Jesus in.  Fellowship with Jesus Christ will open their eyes to the true riches.

    I write these things with urgency.  God’s people are trading an absolutely sure thing ‘The blessings of being in God’s will;” for another sure thing ‘The judgment of God.’

    People who live very close to God live in a secret place.  People around them see them as mysterious they do not know how to figure them out.  If you want to figure out such a person just get close to God and the mystery will dissolve right before your eyes.  Just as you can not understand what I am writing about without full surrender; neither can you understand such a person.

    If you live close to God no evil can touch you without going through God’s hands first.  In the near future everything that people depended on for security that God did not provide will be crushed; but those standing on the very Word of God will be secure.  Thousands will fall all around them but it will not touch them.

    They live in maximum security.  Nothing can stand before them.  The only thing they fear is if they leave God’s side God will just let them go.  God gives us freedom of choice and we must choose to stand with Him.  If we stand with Him He has committed Himself to stand with us.

    When the High ones take the Kingdom I intend to be with them; to overcome to that extent will require great trust and determination.  We must completely believe what God says.  We must completely do what He says.

    There are many Jonathans in the Kingdom who are destined to rule; but will not leave Saul.  Jesus said, “Unless you hate your family you can not be His disciple.  Leave that old fleshy kingdom and come and follow Christ.

    Everything in the old life must go through the fires of the cross to enter the new Kingdom.  Do not be afraid of the cross; it is the way into the Kingdom.

    Jonathan was a great man of God; but he failed to pay the whole price.  David almost lost his part in the Kingdom when he sinned with Bathsheba; but he repented.  Walk with God to what ever level you have come to.  Keep your flesh under lest you also become a cast away.

    Satan has succeeded in misleading a large portion of the church.  God has called me that He might use me to help bring forth a people who will hear God’s voice.

    I am not interested in anyone following me.  I want to help them to hear God’s voice and follow Him.  I do not need anyone to come forth in my name.  I am a friend of the Bridegroom; and I lead everyone to Him; if you decide to forsake me and cling to Jesus; that would be a delight to my soul.

    He is the fairest among ten thousand you and Him were made for each other.  He is so wonderful I want Him to get all that He desires.  He has a deep and intense desire for you.  He gave all that He had to get you for Himself; oh develop that same intense love for Him.

    You can not have a greater love, peace, or joy than you will have when you are intimate with Him.  In Him is found total satisfaction.  God made everything for Himself and that is the only place of satisfaction.

    God has created man to rule this earth.  He wants man to restore it back and beyond where it was before, even too the incorruptible.  God wants all the creation in His Kingdom.

    He wants the animals in His Kingdom; not harming each other.  He does not want the weather systems out of whack.  He does not want earth quakes or floods.  He does not want comets crashing into the earth; but all these things are waiting for the manifested Sons of God to deliver them.

    A people must come forth; they must pay the price to be used by God to deliver them.  God created all creation for Himself.  He is going to restore everything back to Himself; except that which voluntarily chooses to rebel; He going to do it through a people who voluntarily commit themselves to Him.


    34.  Satisfaction

    As many as are led by the Spirit of God they are the Sons of God.  While many of God’s people are running to and froe trying to satisfy their cravings; God says ‘Walk in the Spirit.”  Because they are trying to fulfill their cravings in things, they can not be satisfied.  Human cravings are infinite and only an infinite God can satisfy it.

    If God’s people learned to walk in Him their cravings would automatically be satisfied; there is no other way to satisfy it.  You have been made to live only in the fruit of the Spirit.  Anything that is opposite to the fruit of the Spirit will make you unhappy; it will agitate you.

    That which gives you peace and joy will also give you a bright future; it will also make your life beneficial to others.  Walking in the Spirit you will be able to face every trial and trouble with confidence; when things go wrong you know God has everything in control.

    When your life in walking with God is so good, it is difficult to understand why people still seek satisfaction in things that can not satisfy.  Why would people jeopardize their future on things which can not satisfy or deliver their souls?

    Oh how the heart of God must greave when He sees His people trying to get their security through money, possessions, insurance, and etc. while they serve God a far off.  They amuse themselves with sports, games, movies, and other things; but do little rejoicing in Christ Jesus.

    My brethren I beg you set your heart on heavenly things.  Worship God in the Spirit.  Rejoice in Christ Jesus.  Have no confidence in the flesh.  Constantly keep everything before Jesus Christ; let Him direct everything you do.  Let Jesus be your guide, your protector; yes even your closes friend.

    Take up your cross daily.  Crucify your flesh and its desires on your cross.  Walk with Jesus Christ.  Forsake all that is of the world.  Do not follow the world’s fashions, desires, entertainments, or any other part of the world.

    Do only those things that please God.  Do not say, “I can not always be pleasing God; you can please Him to the level you are in right now.  Keep raising the level at which you praise and believe Him.

    O how God’s heart must greave when His people do not believe Him; it causes Him great suffering.  Pride and unbelief in a Christian causes Him more suffering than any other thing.

    Consider all the things that are happening in your life to be God preparing you for the time to come.  Much preparation is necessary to prepare you for the time to come.  God must work on you every day.  God must work on you all the time.

    You must work together with God.  Everything that comes your way, praise God and thank Him.  Take the yoke of Jesus upon you.  You have a part and Jesus has a part.

    Thankfulness in the midst of trouble is like a healing balm.  Thankfulness is a catalyst that turns your trouble into a great blessing.  Keep your attitude right.  Keep talking to God about your problems.  God can not fail to deliver you.  When God delivers you, you will receive spiritual riches.  Your praise and thanksgiving give you the right to ask of God.

    Very many things must be done in our lives to prepare us for God’s work; do not waste a minute, begin preparing yourself now.  If we are diligent to submit ourselves to every working of God in our lives we should be ready when the time comes.

    God could speak much plainer to us if He wanted to; but God is speaking to sheep and if they are sheep they will hear His voice.  Goats go their own way and find their own pasture.  In this day God is already starting to separate the sheep from the goats.

    You do not need to understand what God is saying to be a sheep, you only need to hear.  Sometimes what God says will go against everything you have believed or thought was God; but if you hear His voice you will receive what He says anyway.

    It must certainly have been clear to Abraham that God did not desire human sacrifice; but Abraham was a sheep and heard God’s voice saying sacrifice your only son.  The disciples knew by the law that they were not to eat human flesh or blood; yet because they were sheep when heard Jesus saying eat my flesh and drink my blood they heard His voice; but the goats walked away.  God is in this day going to again separate the sheep from the goats.

    If Abraham or the disciples had been following a rule book they would never have been able to hear God’s voice; they certainly would have thought a demon was speaking instead.

    If Jesus was following a rule book He would not have let His disciples harvest grain on the Sabbath.  If He followed a rule book He would have sacrificed a lamb instead of Himself.  Rule books can maintain some order in your life; but they will never cause you to walk in God’s will.  You will never see Jesus doing anything because the law said so; He only walked in the Spirit; He only did what He saw His Father do.

    Romans 8 says, “Only those who walk in the Spirit are Sons of God.  They never do their own will or what they come up with themselves.  Why do people keep going their own way today?  There is little holy fear in the church today.

    When people are brought into the presence of God they often fall as dead; Isaiah, Daniel, the apostle John and others all fell before the presence of a mighty God.  The soldiers fell before Jesus in the Garden.  Ananias and Sapphira fell dead before a mighty God.

    Many revivals took place in the church in the past.  Many of the old songs of the church reveal the depth of some of the revivals of the past.  The song, “Fully surrendered Lord Divine, I will be true to thee.  All that I am or have is thine.  I will be true to thee;” reveals a deep commitment to God.

    One of the manifestations that took place back then was people fell before the power of God.  Charles Finney said early in his ministry he went into a factory to preach the word; many people in the factory fell as dead under the power of God and many people got saved.

    Wherever the power of God is manifested people are awed by it.  I am told that an estimated five hundred thousand conversions took place in that revival.  Many of the people who fall today are just imitating the past; but little of the real power of God is present in today’s manifestations.  It is not the activity but the power of God that is important.

    When we substitute activity in place of the work of the Spirit it is idolatry.  Wherever the Spirit of God is leading, you do not find leaders following patterns but the Spirit.

    Many people are still being saved; but we bring them into a barren church.  Many who are saved return to their vomit.  Peter said, “It were better that they had they never known the way of righteousness, than after they have known it, to turn from the holy commandment delivered unto them.

    We will not receive the revivals and commitments of the past except by listening to God today the way they did it.  If your body was responding to instructions sent by the head twenty years ago how confused it would be?  If your body responded to instructions even ten seconds old you would try to find out what was wrong it.

    Are you so foolish as to think that you can follow God that way and win this war?  You must at all times have a fresh Word from God and you must respond quickly.  Deep intimacy with God is absolutely imperative; it is more important than your daily food.

    The Jews thought as long as they were the children of Abraham and had a temple to worship in that would protect them; but Jesus said if Abraham were your father you would do the works of Abraham.  When the Jews did not repent God rejected them and their temple.

    In Luke 3: 4-11 John said, “Do not say we have Abraham to our father; so I say do not say we are the church.  God could call His church out of the stones if He chose to.  Bring forth fruits worthy of repentance.  Every tree that does not bring forth good fruit will be hewn down and cast into the fire of the great tribulation.

    Jesus said the same thing in John 15.  Paul said the same in 1 Corinthians 3; and 11 Corinthians 5.  The writer of Hebrews also said the same chapter 6; He also said, “God would judge His people in chapter ten.  If you do not bear good fruit you will be cast into the fire.

    Abide in Christ and you will bear fruit; but seek to bear much fruit.  In the mount of God there are no limits to the heights you may climb.  In the mount of God there is lots of grief; but the rewards are great.  In climbing the mount of God I find myself rejected everywhere; but none of these things move me.


    35.  The Unseen World

    Paul said in 11 Corinthians 4: 18, “We look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen: for the things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal.”  The human tendency is to look at the things that are seen.  Many scholars interpret the Bible as literal as they are able to; some want to spiritualize as much as possible.

    When Paul said, “He looked at the unseen world” he was looking at things only God could explain.  Interpreting thing literal is not being real and spiritualizing is not being spiritual; looking at what God says about a thing is the only thing that is spiritual.  If we could come up with a formula Jesus would not have said, “Without me ye can do nothing.”

    If you would like to know the root of what is going on around you; you must be taught it by God Himself.

    Everything around us is enormously affected by spirits both good and bad; there is not only a demon behind every bush, but angels as well.  Though our lives are enormously affected by spirits; yet we are responsible for what we do for God has given us the power to conquer them.

    If you choose to obey God; demons can only reveal what needs to be changed in you and boost you to a higher level in God.  Put on the whole armor of God and stand against the devil.

    To put on God’s armor; spend much time with Him and read books and think thoughts that build up your faith.  To defeat the devil you must be very diligent.


    36.  The Demon World

    We do not seem to realize how much influence the demon world has in our lives.  I have had numerous experiences that I could relate; I would like to talk about a few.

    When I was twenty years old I was talked into joining a church that thought they were the only true literal church on earth.  When I was in that church it opened my mind to demonic oppression; my mind was greatly disturbed.  When I came out a few months later it was like I had come out of a terrible storm and into a calm peaceful bay.

    For a period of a year later; at times in the evening I would hear a faint buzzing in my ear which became louder and louder; I would immediately call out to God and it would go away; I knew Satan was trying to make me go insane; had I not called out to God I probably would have gone insane.

    I wonder how many insane people are only demon oppressed or possessed.  Certainly the man that Jesus cast a legion out of at Gadara had a demon problem.

    I fell away from God and was away from God for about ten years.  During that time I became an ultra liberal.  I voted for Eugene McCarthy in 1972.

    I came up with what I thought was a new moral law: I believed that anyone could do what ever they wanted to as long as they did not violate any one else’s right to do the same.  Later I found out it was only secular humanism and that it was around for thousands of years.

    While my law allowed Christians to believe in God; I could not help hating them.  I could not explain why I hated Christians so much; I did not want to hate them.  It was only after I came back to God that I realized it was not me that hated Christians; but the evil spirits that I was entertaining in my life.

    I also discovered why I was perfectly at home in nude night club; but very uncomfortable in a church.  The spirits in my life made me uncomfortable when I was in a place that was against their nature.

    Even as a Christian I used to spend a lot of time watching television; but since I got rid of my television I no longer desire to sit and watch that thing.  I now am horrified when I think of the television programs I used to watch; this tells me that much of the time I consumed doing the will of demons I now use to do the will of God instead.

    Every aspect of our lives is influenced by spirits good and evil.  Spirits are involved in everything we do: What kind of car we drive; sports, movies, television programs, music, church, restaurants, night clubs and etc.

    Each spirit tries to get us to do what is in its nature to do.  When you do something that is different than the nature of the spirit that is in control of your present mood; that spirit will make you very uncomfortable.  A demon of lust will try to get you to lust.  A holy spirit will try to get to do right things.

    There are demons of murder, adultery, pornography, hate, alcohol, tobacco, and other sins.

    Sometimes only one of the demons is dominant.  A dominant demon will exert very powerful influence on your personality.  When there are many dominant demons: they call it multiple personality disorder.  The movie “The Three Faces of Eve” is a good study of this problem.

    When a demon is strong enough to control a person’s whole personality we call that person demon possessed; being demon possessed does not mean he owns the person nor does it mean that person is going to hell; it only means the demon controls the person’s faculties or personality.  Demons can be strong enough at times that the person will become insane.

    A person may find that he hates a person for no apparent reason; this could indicate the presence of a powerful demon.  Jesus said, “If you do not forgive your brother the Father will turn you over to the tormentors.  (I am not trying do diagnose real medical problems.)

    Some believe that because that the Bible does not record any instances of the early church casting demons out of a Christians that it is unbiblical.  First I would like to point out to you John says, “If all the things Jesus did were recorded he supposed the world would not hold all the books.  The fact is that all the works of either Jesus or the apostles did, could not be recorded either.

    Second The Bible says, “As many as are led by the Spirit of God are the Sons of God.”  Note it does not say, “As many as do only what the early church did; they are the Sons of God.”  You could not record in a book very much of God’s leading.  If God led you to your wife certainly you will not find in the Bible that God wants Paul to marry Sue.  While God’s leading certainly must agree with the Bible; yet the actual leading is separate.

    Third I would like to point out to you that Peter says, “There is a salvation that will be revealed in the last day; so God still has revelation yet to be revealed.

    Forth Jesus said, “I have many things to tell; but you can not receive them now; but the Holy Spirit will lead into all truth later”.

    Fifth if we are to follow the early church why than do we need to be taught of God?  (See chapter six).

    Sixth if we are to follow the early church we must get out our history books to see all that they did; this is impossible.

    If you can show where it says that we must not do anything the early church did not do then I would capitulate to you; but if not then I say you have just come up with another of your own doctrines.  God would say to you what He said to the Jews in Jeremiah’s day, “We will see whose word will stand yours or mine.”

    Man is made up of spirit, soul, and body.  A born again believer has God’s nature in his spirit and no demon can touch it; but his soul and body are not saved and that is where the demons can get in.  I deal with this more completely in “God’s Purpose for Mankind on Earth”.  If a demon can get you convinced he can not be there you have no way to be delivered; that is a very dangerous place to be.

    God has put the power in every Christian to cast such demons out.  When a demon is in such control of a person that he can not respond to God in obedience it should be cast out.  When a person is in control of his faculties he should defeat the demons by walking in the Spirit and by obedience to God; but never be ignorant of its presence.

    Many things can be learned about demons by studying Job, King Saul, King Ahab as well as other places in the Bible.

    Paul says in Ephesians 6 to defeat them with the armor of God.  In 11Corinthians 10 Paul says, “We have powerful spiritual weapons that can tear down strong holds; this means that they build strong holds in your mind.  God has given us every spiritual weapon and defense we need to defeat them; we need to use them.

    God also sent holy angels to minister to us.  We see them ministering to Jesus in the desert and in the garden.  We see them ministering to Paul just before the ship wreck.  We see them ministering to Cornelius the Roman centurion telling him to call for Peter.  Many other examples are in the Bible.

    God sent angels to minister to the heirs of salvation.  Jesus indicated that every child has an angel that beholds the face of the Father.  I believe the operation of angels in our lives is very comprehensive indeed.

    Jesus had the Holy Spirit without measure; yet He needed ministry from angels.  God is all powerful; yet He needs us to do our assigned work.  The knowledge and plan of God is infinitely higher than any wisdom we can come up with.

    Returning to the work of evil spirits; let us investigate them further.  When Paul said, “We wrestle not against flesh and blood:” he showed us that our arguments are never with people; but with the demonic world.

    In checking out the unseen things it is important to know whether they are good or evil.

    When we are on the highway we see unseen forces are at work.  Some people are zipping in and out of traffic.  Some people are just lazily going along.  Some are driving at a high rate of speed.  Some people are cutting others off trying to gain the advantage.  In all those things spirits both good and bad are involved.

    Even though spirits are involved; yet each person is responsible for what they do.  We do not have time to talk about responsibilities right now; but know that we can not blame the spirits for God has given us the power to defeat them.  If you are in full control of your faculties and can respond to God; than I say, “Keep God ever before you and walk it out.”

    When you are doing a thing and you feel a little check; investigate it immediately to see if it is God or an enemy trick.  God is always trying to lead us; but the enemy will try to imitate Him.  You must try the spirits.  Learn to hear God’s voice.

    Do not go recklessly on.  If you do go recklessly on the time will come when you call to God but you will not be able to hear Him.  You have the time now to learn to hear His voice.  Be diligent.

    Satan will try to give you a check like God’s check; learn to know the difference.  Satan will give you an uneasy peace to go with it; but when you learn to know God’s voice you will detect the difference.

    It is very necessary to deal with the demonic world; but do not spend any more time on them than necessary.  Jesus had to deal with the devil forty days; but He never neglected the time with His Father.  When you deal with the demonic world, do not get your eyes off of the Father.

    To understand the things that are seen you must look at the unseen world.  All things we see going on around us have their roots somewhere in the unseen world.  In the millennium there will be many unsaved people; but none of the troubles we see in today’s world.  God has to turn the devil loose at the end to reveal who the unsaved are and to judge them.  God already knows who they are; but the world does not.

    Right now God to some extent restrains evil; but the day is coming when Satan and his demons will be turned loose and only those who are prepared will stand.  Paul says in Ephesians 6, “Put on the whole armor of God so we can stand in the evil day.”  In that day when everything that can be shaken will be shaken only what is of God will stand.

    God has given us everything we need; but if you do not learn how to use it you will not be able to in that day.  The time is short and the battle is large; we must begin now so we will have time to prepare for that day.  If you begin now and give it all you have; you will be ready when the time comes.  The enemy is certainly preparing himself; he is absolutely serious about defeating you.

    Paul told Timothy to, “To endure hardness as a good soldier of Jesus Christ.”  Do not deny Jesus Christ in words or works.  “If we deny Him He also will deny us.”  Now is the time to prepare for the tribulation; so we do not hear Him say He never knew us.

    In Vietnam we tried to appease the nations around us; if we would have been serious about it we would have quickly won that war.  We now are making the same mistake in Iraq.  Never fight a war unless you give it all you got.  The nations around you will never agree with you; do not try to appease them.

    Christians are constantly making the same mistake.  Always fight to win.  Never seek man’s approval.  All you will do that way is to through away the lives of those who die fighting.  In the end you will have less approval.  Generals are trained to win; politicians always mismanage a war.

    Whatever Jesus tells us we must believe with all our hearts; then prove it with our works.  The problems we are preparing for are huge and we must not treat them lightly.  We are basically preparing to conquer the whole kingdom of evil and replace it with God’s Kingdom.  All the killing, stealing, adulteries, lies, and every other kind of sin and vise will be removed from the earth by the Sons of God.

    What manner of persons need we be to accomplish such a great a work?  Do not allow yourself to be entangled with the affairs of this life.  There is an enormous battle in the unseen world for the souls of men; but the church is asleep.  Everyone is concerned about comfort, opinions, money, security, and other things of this life.

    Understand that everything in your life is a contest of good against evil.  Whether God wins or Satan in your life is in your hands.  I am now talking about things of enormous importance.

    We are living in a life where even preachers have little absolute truth to be secure in.  When we do not realize that we can be taught of God and go about to work up our own doctrines or accept those taught by others; we have lost the security that only God can provide.

    Are your doctrines able to endure the great shaking of the end time?  If your foundations are shaken what will you do?  Do you have doctrines you think are not essential; or are you on the side of absolute truth?  Every other doctrine is from the enemy.  Jesus only operates in absolute truth; if you operate in anything less you are to some extent working with the enemy.  Many Christians have joined the Philistines against Israel.  Many Christians do not even know what side they are on.

    If I did not tell you the truth you would have no sin; now that you have heard the truth you will have no cover for your sin.  We are in a great battle and you must quit halting between opinions and choose which side you are on.

    When Jesus entered into battle with the forces of evil He recognized the enormity of the battle.  You can read about the many facets of His battle in the book “Scenes Beyond the Grave.”  You can order this book in the bibliography below.  We are facing the same kind of battles (though on a lower scale) as Jesus fought.

    Put on the armor of God.  Do not go to battle with a sword of clay mixed with steel.  Make sure the sword is made of the very finest steel.  Make sure that every part of the armor is made of the very finest materials.  If you have even a little bit of inferior materials (self) in the armor Satan will find it and brake through.  Every vestige of self must be removed if we are going to win in this battle.

    If a doctor or lawyer spent as little time to learn his profession as we do spiritual things he would require more than a life time to achieve it.  This work is of cataclysmic importance we must spend all our time on it.  Get in touch with God in the morning than seek His input in everything you do through out the day.  Treat everything you do even your sleep as part of the battle for the soul.

    Jesus said, “The children of this world are wiser in their generation than the children of light; by now that should really begin to make sense to you.  Remember everything you do is a battle for the soul.  There are normal human desires in everyone.  You have a desire for food, shelter, transportation, sleep, a spouse, and etc.  Satan will try to get you to use the wrong method to fulfill each one.  He will try to get you to eat food that is bad for your health.  He will try to get you to buy the most expensive house, car, clothes, and lose your sleep over frivolous fun.

    He tries to get a person connected to the wrong spouse.  Satan often gets an otherwise strong Christian to go with an unsaved friend.  He tries to get married people to leave their spouse for another one.  You can damage the rest of your life if you do not get this one right.

    A man who rode with Hell’s Angels told me some years ago that when they wanted to have fun they did not seek out bar girls; but looked for a church that was just leaving out.  They would ride their Harleys into the parking lot and race their engines; they soon had a crowd around them.  When the girls asked for a ride they would take them to a wood and have sex with them then return them to the church; they would laugh as they left the girls whose lives they had just ruined.

    I’m sure the girls thought that if they could get them saved that they would have what they wanted; they did not realize they were dealing demons of darkness.  I am sure the demons also laughed at their ruined lives.

    Brethren this life is serious.  Do not look at the world you can see; but at the unseen world.  This whole world is waiting for the Sons of God to deliver it.


    37.  An Uneasy Peace

    I really should not watch this program; I have things to do and it keeps my mind on earthly things.  My boss does not know I am not doing everything he wants me to.  I really should be in church this morning but I am tired.  I almost got eight hours in so I will just call it eight.  I am just going five miles per hour over the speed limit.  I almost stop at the stop signs.  I dart back and forth in the traffic because I am in a hurry.

    When you have many ifs and almosts in your life your peace is very uneasy.  The absolute of the Word of God escapes you.  When your life is made up of such things you can not understand one who walks in the Spirit.  The absolute peace of one who walks in the Spirit always seems beyond reach; and you can not believe that Jesus really means “Be ye perfect as the Father.”  It is hard to understand one who always stops and investigates when he feels a check; when your own life is full of unheeded checks.

    When you see that God accepts you in spite of your uncertain life; you may think your life is still O K.  Know this that for all of these things God is going to bring you into judgment.

    What you need is obedience.  Do not disregard the checks God brings into your life.  If He keeps calling you and you do not answer one day you will call and He will not answer.

    I realize that obedience to laws carries no merit of its own; but it protects God’s good Name before the world.  The even greater purpose is for you to learn to hear God’s voice through the checks and balances.  When you feel a check about what you are doing and you stop you are learning to hear God’s voice; you are changing from a goat to a sheep.

    Satan and his demons also give checks so it is important to see where it came from.  If you make it a practice to always stop and investigate when you feel a check, you will learn to do it better as time goes on.

    Often times Satan will try to give you an uneasy peace.  Remember when you were born again Satan said, “It was not real;” “You did not say the right words;” You were not sincere enough;” or “You sinned to badly this time.”

    How did you overcome his darts?  You put on the helmet of salvation.  Whatever darts Satan fires at you God has an armor to protect you.  Whatever process you went through to defeat him you can use to defeat all his wiles.

    All you had to do to defeat Satan’s darts was to re-examine the facts of your conversion.

    How can I know the difference between Truth and untruth or contaminated truth?

    1.                                                 First you must be fully surrendered to God.  God only reveals His Truth to surrendered people.  You may otherwise receive accurate words; but they will contain no life.

    2.                                                 Second you must not be influenced by the thinking of any other person.  Jesus said, “How can you know the Truth who receive honor from one another?”  Truth can only be taught by God.

    3.                                                 Examine any word that you hear by the Scripture.  All Truth will agree with the Scripture.  God never requires you to blindly receive anything; He says, “Prove all things.”

    4.                                                 Next reject all teachings that disturb your peace of mind.  False teachings and leadings will always disturb or disrupt your peace; some will only make you feel uneasy.

    5.                                                 Sometimes you may feel an uneasy peace is from Satan; but if you begin to have problems getting through to God recheck your uneasy feeling, it may be God giving you your uneasy peace.  Do not trust your own perception without checking it out.

    6.                                                 Approach all problems honestly and sincerely with a real desire to know the Truth.  God can not fail to meet the need of one who is honest with Him.

    If you choose to follow men rather than God; you are a sheep of those men; but not God’s sheep.  God calls all the sheep of men, “Goats.”  God’s sheep only hear His voice and will follow no other.

    Obedience to men or demons will not give you real peace.  Obedience to God only gives you real peace.  As you continue to obey you soon begin to feel His manifest presence; continuously doing His will, will make you perfect.

    When God speaks there is deep inner peace and stability just as in two and two equals four; there is no uneasiness as there would be if you were taught that it equals five.

    If you are taught by man you need to be protected from other teaching lest you go from belief to belief; but if you know the truth you can not be deceived; if your church is worried by false doctrine than there must be a lack of truth in it.

    Never leave an uneasy feeling unresolved it will only get more complicated and you will lose valuable time.  God’s work gets done by people who know what God says; they are people of real faith.

    Jesus said, “The children of this world are wiser in their generation than the children of light.  The children of this world will go to great lengths to prepare for the future; while the children of light are more likely to join the enemy.

    The children of this world will spend eight to twelve hours a day to get a good education; but the children of light spend ten or fifteen minutes in the morning, some only Sunday at church or nothing at all.  The children of this world will spend much time with their boy or girl friends; how much time do you spend with Christ?

    When the children of this world go on a trip if their plans were full of ifs or almosts they would not even expect to get there.  The children of this world will try to get the latest and very best information; while the children of God go back to their forefathers for their instruction.

    If your body would depend on instruction from the head given twenty years ago; you would say it had Alzheimer’s disease.  If your body responded to instructions just twenty seconds late you would go to the doctor to find out what is wrong.

    Why are God’s people content to live in an uneasy peace for years and years?  God’s people do not even realize that there is anything wrong.

    Book learning will never take the place of an intimate relationship with the Almighty.  We must consistently receive a fresh Word from God.  The Word of God is sharper than any two edged sword, it divides between the soul and the Spirit.  When God speaks it is sharp and clear there is no flesh in it.  The Word of God put a clear distinction between what comes from the Spirit and what is only of your mind or soul.

    If the word spoken is not sharp and clear and does not divide between soul and Spirit it is not the Word of God.  God’s Word is available to all who are fully surrendered to Him; why would we speak anything else?  If it is not the very Word of God do not teach it.  We will be judged for how we have instructed our brethren.  The sharp clear Word of God will judge you and those you misled in the last day.

    When Jesus was twelve the Pharisees were held in honor as leaders; but when they rejected His Word just eighteen years later they became hypocrites.  Both they and their followers were judged just thirty or forty years later in the destruction of Jerusalem.

    When you hear the truth you are responsible to accept it.  When the Word of God goes forth those who accept it will save their souls; but those who reject it will be cast into the great tribulation.

    I warn you do not live in an iffy realm; save your souls.  You can have God’s absolute peace; why would you want anything less?


    38.  Wasted Years

    When I was a young married man (about thirty five years old); I was sick so my wife was ministering to me as she loved to do.  I loved when she did that; then God gave me a vision: He opened my heart and showed me what it was I was doing.  I looked at what He was showing me and it was so horrible I could not stand to look at it.  I said, “God take it away I can not stand it.”

    Now before the vision I did not even know that it was wrong.  For the next twenty five years I still could not figure out what was a wrong with it; only over the last year have I begun to understand what was wrong with it.

    What God told me is that I glimpsed a portion of the root of what Satan uses to cause sickness and disease through out the world.  When a person receives ministry in self pity, Satan is wrapping his tentacles around that person and as he gets older it will only get worse.

    This root is first received in childhood.  Mothers have a deep love for their children and love to minister to their needs.  This is not wrong in itself; but care must be exercised that they do not develop the roots of self pity.

    When I was a child I would sometimes get up with a little sick feeling.  When that happened I would say, “O good! I can stay home from school today.”

    I would lie down and mom would minister to me.  If I was really sick I would stay in bed all day; but if it was only superficial I would get up when the danger of being sent to school was past.

    What I did not realize back then was that Satan was wrapping his tentacles around my soul and body to destroy them.

    What God showed me was a root in my life so horrible that I could not even bear to look at it; I see this root of sickness manifesting all around me.

    I see people who do not really need them trying to get handicap permits.  People try to get the closes parking places.  People pray that God would give the doctor wisdom instead of an outright healing.  These things may not be wrong in themselves; but we must not substitute them for developing real faith.

    If you have the strength pick a farther parking place if not push your self as much as you can.  Trust God to give you more strength.  Trust God to help you overcome the spirit of self pity.

    We must understand our lack of faith while we are developing our faith; this is why it is so important for us to develop faith now so we have it when we need it.  You can live a life of luxury, ease, and fun and get to heaven; but you may not have what you need when the really big problems arise.

    If you want to have what you need for all occasions you must endure hardness as a good soldier of Jesus Christ.  If you are going to conquer the enemy you must endure hardness as a good soldier of Jesus Christ.  If you do not pay the price you will not get the goods.

    If you are sick unto death and even the doctors can not save you if you have the faith you will be delivered; but if you did not pay the price only a miracle can save you.

    Satan’s tentacles are about as deeply entrenched in Christians as in the world.  God gave us the power to conquer Satan when we were born again; but we must break the shell of the flesh if we are ever going to see it work.  Christians will succumb to sickness just like the world till they take up their crosses and crucify the flesh.  All the promises of God are to the spirit and none to the flesh.

    When we hear the word “God blesses overcomers” it tastes like honey in our mouths; but when we begin to face the suffering of sickness it feels bitter.  If you stand firm in the Word God gives you it will be sweet again when you win.  Keep putting on the armor of God.  Keep standing firm.  Do all God tells you; till you can defeat everything Satan throws at you.

    The power to defeat Satan will take a lot of preparation; so you must practice now while the tests are small.  No one passes the big tests without mastering the small ones.

    About thirty years ago someone gave me a song.  She said, “God gave it to her in a dream the night before.  The song went like this:

    Would you take my place love?

    Would you suffer long?

    Would you climb this mount of grief?

    To sit upon my throne?

    There’s no fortune and no fame,

    To come by this way.

    All the things of this world are but dung.

    This song has been a guiding principle in my life over the past thirty years.  I have faced times of grief so great I thought they could not be born.  I have seen people step in and help during those times of intense grief.  They bore my burdens with me.

    I thank all the people who stepped in and helped me to bear my burdens; I know God will reward them greatly.  I especially want to thanked God (who sent them) and also brought me through those times.

    I also thank God for every trial He sent; they provided much needed lift to His throne.  I intend to destroy every tentacle that Satan has wrapped around God’s people.  I will not quit till Satan is driven completely off this earth.  God is going to have an earth that will be completely in His Kingdom.

    Whatever the price I intend to sit next to Jesus on His throne.  His throne is large enough to seat millions if they only will pay the price; come and join me.

    It seems most in the church not only will not rule with Christ; but they do not want Him to rule over them.  God sent me into many churches: He said, “Do not try to be anything just bring me with you.”  I came to those churches bringing Jesus; but He had no natural beauty (Isaiah 53) so they rejected Him.  If I had come agreeing with them they would have received me.

    They said by their actions “Don’t bother me with the truth we have our own beliefs and we don’t want to change.  They are sending a message to God, “We will not have this man to rule over us.”

    God is right now separating the sheep from the goats.  The goats get their word from others and their forefathers; but the sheep only listen to the Shepherd.  I am not the Shepherd; but I will bring the Shepherd to you and you to the Shepherd.

    While Jesus has no form or comeliness and no natural beauty; yet I say He is the most beautiful of all beings.  Right now He speaks in a still small voice.  We must be very quiet before Him if we would hear Him.  One day His voice will thunder in judgment.

    The pictures and words in magazines, books, catalogs, television, movies, and etc. scream out in a deafening roar; we will not be able to hear Jesus’ still small voice and that of the world at the same time.  Shortly it will be too late to learn to hear His voice.  Call upon Him while He is still near.

    Young people are growing up with such hopes for the future that they have no time for Jesus.

    Middle age people are so busy making their future they have no time for Jesus.

    Older people have spent so much time on themselves they no longer can hear Jesus; they waste away what is left of their lives in fun, relaxation, and or in despondency.  A whole life that was so full of promise wasted away; If God did not provide a fire to rescue them only their spirits could make it into heaven.

    Why would anyone want to waste away their life when Jesus has plenty of room right beside Him on His throne?  Only Jesus has the things that people have been looking for and could not find in other things.  How awful that such potential is going to waste.

    People everywhere are going to the grave having known only a little of the deep inner peace that only Jesus can give; some having never known that deep inner peace.  Jesus was just outside their door with more than their hearts could wish for or even desire.

    Can you see my tears and sorrow to see such waste?  Why do people wait for God to do what only can be done by us and Jesus yoked together?  Why do the shepherds say “Salvation= Jesus plus nothing?”  Where do they find that in the Bible?  Why do the shepherds listen to the wrong voice and lead God’s people astray?  Do they not know there is a judgment coming?

    We constantly hear an easy gospel, they recommend more diligence; but if not do not worry you will still be whisked away while the world suffers.

    While Jesus plus nothing sure sounds good no supporting verse can be found in the Bible.  Jesus and you yoked together is found in almost every page of the New Testament.

    I tell you they themselves do not believe Jesus plus nothing.  When you read Romans 10: 9 it says “You must believe in your heart and confess with your mouth;” you can see even your initial salvation requires both yoked together.

    There are certainly many things Jesus had to do alone; but there also many things only you can and must do.  Salvation can only be a joint affair.

    Why do God’s people go to the enemy’s camp for fun, relaxation, entertainment, security, and etc.?  Is God’s hand so short that it can not meet their needs?  What is the enemy giving you that is worth throwing away your future for?

    Is it maybe that the enemy will just let you while away the days doing nothing?  Is it that God’s will requires you to do a lot of hard rowing?  Is it that God’s blessings require you to overcome; while the enemy will let you go to sleep and just float down stream?  What will you do when you come to the falls?

    Satan’s way always leads to destruction.  Joining the philistines may seem easier now; but it will eventually lead to destruction.

    Join God’s team and fight with Him no matter how much smaller His army may seem to be right now; it will absolutely win out in the end.  God’s way may seem difficult and you may be despised; but the rewards will be out of this world.


    39.  Perfection

    Perfection: in my books unless otherwise indicated refers only to the spirit and the soul; the body will be perfected in the resurrection.

    Perfection in the spirit took place at the new birth.  Perfection in the soul is an on going process.  Perfection in spirit was when God became its Father and it took on His Nature.

    Perfection in the soul is as we live in obedience little by little taking on God’s Nature in our souls.  When we have God’s Nature complete in our souls doing only those things that please Him then we have become perfect.  God’s nature in our souls= God’s Name in our foreheads.

    The word perfection is used a lot in the book of Hebrews.  In 5: 8, 9 it says that, “Jesus learned obedience through suffering and was made perfect.”  In 6: 1 it says that, “We should leave the foundation doctrines after we have learned them and go on to perfection.”  Verses 4-12 warn us what will happen if we do not.  Is the word perfect for Jesus different than for us?

    Hebrews 7: 11 says that, “The old levitical priesthood could not take us to perfection.”  Verse 19 says the law could not do it either.  Verse 28 says that, “Jesus is perfected forevermore.”  In Hebrews 11: 40 it says that, “The cloud of witnesses could not be perfect without us.”

    Jesus said in Matthew 10: 25, “It is enough for a disciple to be as his master.”  Does this not tell us that the perfection referring to Jesus is the same as the perfection referring to us?  Paul sure thought it was; in Ephesians 4: 13. He says, “To the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ.”  Jesus Himself said in Matthew 5: 48, “Be perfect as the Father is perfect.

    Be not faithless but believing.  If you are one of His sheep you will believe what He said.  Jesus does not expect you to look within yourself to see if it is possible; and say, “I believe He meant something different.”  Why would you live in unbelief?

    God says in Hebrews 3: 15, “Today if you will hear His voice harden not your heart as in the provocation; the day of temptation in the wilderness.”  If you want to enter His rest you must believe what He says.  I have heard numerous preachers trying to get around the teachings of Jesus: Some said, “It was Old Testament”; some said “It was transitional”; some said, “It was for the millennium”; few received it for us now.  When Jesus told Nicodemus, “You must be born again”; was that for a different time then the Sermon on the Mount or was it transitional?

    My brethren these teachings can do you no good until you accept their full force in your life today.  Until these things are full force in your life now; you can not prepare for the evil day.  This is what Jesus meant at least in part; “Except you eat my flesh and drink my blood you have no life in you.”

    Many preachers have no trouble accepting what their professors said; but reject or change the words of Jesus; they are bowing their knees to their professors instead of to Jesus Christ.  Before this thing is over they will throw those idolatrous teachings to the moles and to the bats.  Every knee will bow to Jesus in the judgment; it will do no good to tell Jesus you meant well.

    Jesus said in Luke 13: 24-30, “Strive to enter in at the narrow gate: for many I say unto you will seek to enter and shall not be able.”  The Master will rise and shut the door; if you are still a worker of iniquity at that time you will not get in.  If you think this applies only to the Jews remember Paul says that “We have become one man.”

    Look at it this way; there is a stairway to heaven.  Those who keep the law are on the first step; those that are born again are on a higher step.  Obedience by faith takes you on to higher steps; but we are all one body and going up the same ladder to heaven.  If you decide to stop on a lower rung God will put a fire under you that will get you going.  Do not be deceived God is not going to let you stay where you are.

    When Jesus said to the rich young ruler; “To receive eternal life keep the commandments; but to be perfect sell all and give to the poor” is still as true today as it was then.  You must keep working out your salvation with fear and trembling.

    Some will point out Jesus said, “It is finished.”  His work may be finished; but ours is not.  All through the New Testament it tells us how we are to work out our salvation.  It also tells us in Hebrews 7: 25 that Jesus is still working as our intercessor.

    I say to you again, strive to enter the narrow gate; strive to enter God’s rest; work out your salvation with fear and trembling; constantly keep putting off the old man and put on the new; put on the whole armor of God and be prepared for the evil day; do not let the grace of God to you be in vain.

    I know God has spoken to you many times I also have pointed you right to Him if you still go your own way you have no excuse.

    When I write of perfection it only includes the soul and spirit; the body must wait for the resurrection.  When you were born again your spirit received God’s incorruptible nature; as you work out your salvation you receive God’s incorruptible nature little by little in your soul; in other words God’s mark in your forehead.

    Those who have God’s mark in their foreheads will stand in the tribulation.

    I have put before you a straight stick all crooked sticks put beside mine will be easily seen to be crooked.  I hope you will chose to carry a straight stick.  Believe and obey all that God says and your stick will be very straight.

    Perfection required of this generation


    God told Noah that he was perfect in his generation and God called Job a perfect man; God has a standard of perfection He requires of every man and every generation.

    God’s perfect will for Noah was to be (at God’s direction) a preacher of righteousness; warn of a coming flood; to build an ark; and to save a portion of every kind of animal and eight humans alive from the coming flood.  Noah obeyed God’s commands and overcame the world so God called him perfect.

    Job was a man of deep Faith in God and hated evil; God let the devil go first after his possessions then let him put him in great pain yet he remained faithful; Job overcame the devil so God called him perfect.

    We do not read in the Bible that Daniel was a perfect man; but Daniel overcame the Lions a type of the flesh so Daniel overcame the flesh.

    Each of these men Noah, Job, and Daniel did what God called them to do and so were perfect in their generation.

    What is the standard of perfection God requires of this generation?  In Revelation 7 we read that winds of tribulation were not to blow till the 144,000 were sealed in their foreheads.  In Revelation 14: 1 we read that that seal is the Father’s Name.  In Revelation 22: 4 we read that all God’s servants will have the Father’s Name in their foreheads.

    What is the Father’s seal the Father’s Name in their foreheads?  Romans 12 says be not conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your minds.  Transformed in Romans 12 is the Greek word metamorphoses and is used to describe the New Birth in another place; this transformation puts the Father’s Name (Nature) in our minds (foreheads).

    Paul says in Ephesians 4: 24 “Put on the new man who after God is created in righteousness and true holiness”.  Colossians 3: 10 Paul says that the new man is renewed in knowledge after the image of Him that created him.  The new man is our born again spirit we must bring this same new birth into our souls but in the mean time keep putting the Spirit in charge in our lives.

    We know that when we speak of God’s Name we are really speaking of God’s Nature.  When we were born again God’s Nature was put in our spirits.  Every seed brings forth after its own kind.  11 Peter 1: 4 says we are partakers of the Divine Nature.  1 John 3: 9 John says that whosoever is born of God can not sin for God’s seed (Nature) is in him and he can not sin; this refers only to our born again spirits as of today for our soul and body can and still do sin.

    1 Peter 1: 3 speaks of our new birth in the past tense referring to our born again spirits; but in verse 23 he says “Being born again” putting it in the present tense referring to our souls.  Much of 1 Peter 1 refers to the soul.

    1 Peter 1: 9 he says, “Receiving the end of your Faith even the salvation of your souls”.  1 Peter 1: 23 he says, “Being born again, not of corruptible seed, but of incorruptible, by the Word of God which liveth and abideth forever”.  We see that “Being born again” is in the on going present tense meaning our souls are being saved little by little.

    What is inferred by these few of many, many verses is that God’s mark in our foreheads is God’s is Nature in our minds (born again souls).

    When our souls are born again we will not think any evil thoughts nor can we be tempted to; our souls will have the same perfection that is already in our spirits ( the new man created in righteousness and true holiness).

    What than is the perfection required of this generation?  For the first fruit company (144,000) must have born again souls before the tribulation can begin if God is going to have a people who can stand in the tribulation.

    Jesus said as He went to the cross, “Satan cometh and hath nothing in me”; in the tribulation there must be a people who can say, “Satan cometh and hath nothing in me”.


    40.  Hell

    Proverbs 6: 27 calls, an adulteress a fire.  Proverbs 7: 27 says, “The adulteress’s house is the way to hell and death.”  Job 31: 11 says, “Her way leads to destruction.”  Habakkuk 2:5, says, “Alcohol increases the desires of hell.”  James 5: 3, says, “Riches (gotten corruptly) shall eat your flesh like fire and will witness against you; it is heaped together for the last days.  James 3: 6 says, “The tongue is set on the course of nature and the fires of hell.  Hosea 7 says, “The heart of God’s apostate people is an oven…..and burns with flaming fire.

    I have partially quoted these scriptures to show what the Bible calls hell fire.  You may take your Bible and read the rest of the verses.  You can see by these verses that hell comes right out of your own belly Ezekiel 28: 18.

    One who indulges in illicit sex, pornography, hate, drunkenness, and such like are already in hell; the fullness of this state will be revealed after death.  If a man is a Christian and lives in this way he must be saved so as by fire.

    Brethren the fires of hell are very attractive.  The fires of hell can be likened to a maelstrom.  If you get caught in a maelstrom and get to close to its center it will take you to destruction.  If there is a flood and the water gets higher than a culvert or sewer it goes in a circle into the hole; this is called a maelstrom; in its grip you could be sucked into the hole and drowned.  Hell is like that maelstrom.

    Hell fire comes right out of our own belly; it is made up of the strong sinful desires that come out of our lower nature.  These strong desires are like a maelstrom; they have a strong pull toward death and destruction.  In the book “Scenes Beyond the Grave” it calls these desires “Evil Magnetism”; you may order this book in the bibliography at the end of this book.

    The currents of our lower nature are so strong we need the power of God to break free from them.  The world has provided numerous things to attract us: television, movies, alcohol, night clubs, and many other forms of entertainment.  All the entertainment of the world is going to get worse and worse.  We need to seek to break free from these things while we still have time.  If you get pulled to close to the center of the maelstrom you may not have the power to escape.

    God spoke in Hosea 7, “They are all adulterers, as an oven heated by the baker.”  “They made ready their heart like an oven… “In the morning it burneth as a flaming fire;” there you can see how the fire comes right out of their belly they were walking the broad road to destruction.

    Jesus wants us to walk only on the narrow road to life (perfect obedience).  You must remember that we only need to walk to the faith He has brought forth in our lives at this time; that faith will grow through much time with Him.

    Pray much, when a person spends much time in prayer and communion with God he not only choosing heaven; but also building the Kingdom of God.

    This is what Jesus meant when he told His disciples to enter the narrow gate.  Jesus was already talking to saved people.  This is not talking about the new birth; but putting off the old man and putting on the new man.  If you Christian walk in the old man you are on the broad way to destruction.

    The words of Jesus are the most pertinent in the Bible for present needs.  Most Christians accept the new birth as pertinent; but put the Sermon on the Mount to another time; how foolish.  When you add or take away from the scripture you bring judgment on yourself.

    Isaiah 29: 13 God says, “For as much as this people draw near me with their mouth, and with their lips do honor me; but their heart is far from me, and their fear toward me is taught by the precept of men, there wise men shall perish.”  God wants to teach us Himself.  When men teach they cause the people to perish; when God teaches it produces life, even the life of God.

    When the tribulation hits do not look to the military, police, or any other law enforcement body as their flesh will also be out of control.  That day will burn as an oven.

    Take up your cross and crucify your flesh with its deeds now.  Get on the narrow way.  Put off the old man with its deeds; and put on the new man.

    In Matthew 7: 24-27 Jesus says, “Anyone hearing His word and obeying it is like a wise man who built his house on a rock; but those who disobey are like the foolish man who built his house on the sand.  That wise man’s house will withstand the greatest time of trouble ever to hit this earth.  Jesus is not talking about the new birth; but obedience.  In I Corinthians 3 Paul says, “We can build with flammable or inflammable materials they are talking about the same thing the day of judgment.

    In Isaiah 30 it says, “God is going to sift the nations with the sieve of vanity.  It says God will put a hook in their jaws causing them to error.  Paul says in 11Thessalonians 2: 11, “God will send strong delusions to those who love not the truth.  Paul also says in 11 Thessalonians 3: 8 that, “They would be reprobate concerning the truth.”  Romans 1: 28 says that, “They would have reprobate minds.

    In 1 Corinthians 9: 27 Paul says, “He keeps his body under lest he become a castaway (reprobate).”  Hebrews 6: 8 says if we bear thorns we are rejected (reprobate) and will be burned.  Do not be deceived if you live after the flesh you will be burned; the fire will come right out of your own belly and destroy you.  Do not get too close to the center of the maelstrom; you will not be able to escape.

    I have gone on line on to Christian search engines and to some of the web sites and find that some sell pornography.  Some Christian websites sell books on getting the opposite sex in bed with you.  I find some preachers teach nudism and Christianity side by side.  God told the Jews not to bring the hire of a harlot into the sanctuary.

    Many Christians openly support abortion of the innocent while turning criminals loose.  I tell you that even evangelical churches have gone into deep apostasy; yet these same people believe they will escape the judgment.  The fires of judgment in their bellies are already ignited and when the restrainer is gone they will flare out of control.  This world will burn as an oven; all who live ungodly lives will burn.


    41.  Go Forward

    Many churches have risen in the past.  God spoke a word to a man and he many times overcame great hardships to bring forth a church based on what God told him.

    Martin Luther went through great difficulty in starting the Lutheran church.  He returned the people back to the fact that we are justified by faith.  Martin Luther never seemed to go very far past that doctrine.  He still believed in infant baptism and persecuted those who believed that a believer must be baptized on their confession of faith.

    He apparently felt he had to save their infants from hell by baptism.  He called those who baptized by faith only Anabaptists   (You can read about many of these martyrdoms in a book called “Martyr’s Mirror).

    John and Charles Wesley brought back the doctrine the new birth.

    The revival at Azusa Street brought back the doctrine of the baptism with the Holy Spirit which only Jesus can do.  John the Baptist said, “Jesus is the one who baptizes with the Holy Spirit.  Some think it is the Holy Spirit; but all four Gospels say Jesus does it.

    The latter reign move brought to forefront the gifts of the Spirit.  All these moves had a common problem; they camped out around a set of teachings.  God’s word to all of them is, “Tell my people that they go forward.”

    I have believed in the doctrine of the perfection of saints for over thirty years.  I knew Sam Fife personally one of the main proponents of that doctrine.  I used to go to some of the churches and farms started by him.  Except for an occasional visit I have had little contact with them in the last twenty five years.  Recently I have read some of their sermons on the internet and see little growth in their doctrine since the nineteen seventies.  I am saying to them what I am saying to all the rest it is time to go forward.

    While on one of his farms in Meadowlands, Minnesota I had a dream: In my dream I was standing by a picnic table and Brother Sam walked up.  On the picnic table were two plates containing two pieces of bread; one was fixed one way and the other was fixed another way.

    Brother Sam asked, “Have you anything to eat brother and I said, “Yes! That one is for you.”

    Brother Sam took his piece of bread and sat down with his back to me and began to eat it.  I wanted to eat my piece; but I said to myself, “One piece of bread is not enough to satisfy him.”  I wanted to eat my piece of bread so much that I took a bite out of it then he was done with his so I asked him if he was still hungry and he said, “He was;” so I gave him my piece and I was surprised that he took it; but he again sat with his back to me and ate it.

    When he was through he stood up walked over to me and put his arm around me gave me a good word and walked off to a train station.  Brother Sam died a little over a year later.  I knew God was saying He was going to give me a different word than He gave to Brother Sam; but if he could have heard it he would have received it.

    Satan’s biggest trick to overcomers may be to get them bogged down around past teaching.  When preachers learn new ways to say what God said in the past they think they are receiving new revelation; but they are giving the people a pot of worms just seasoned a little different.  The only thing that is really going to feed the people is divine revelation and wisdom.

    Divine revelation and wisdom is available to all who surrender completely to God’s will.  I say to those who feel that they are unfed and dead, “Surrender completely to God’s will and God will feed you.”  If you are not eating well spiritually it will be your own fault; God will feed you if you will pay the price.

    In Exodus 14: 15 it says, “Tell my people that they go forward.”  When God spoke these words to Moses Pharaoh’s army was on one side of them and the Red Sea was on the other side.  The Israelites must have thought they were certainly going to die this time.  Moses himself was crying out to God to save them; but God said, “Tell my people that they go forward.”

    I can tell you that even if you are dying of cancer these words are for you; God is only waiting for you to believe.  Completely surrender your life and will to God and spend a lot of time with Him; that will bring more healing to you spirit, soul, and body than anything you can do.

    The mighty general Patton was marching his army through Europe when his army stopped for days.  He went to the front and asked what the hold up was; and was told that the German resistance was too great for them at that place.  Someone told him that our seventy and eighty millimeter tanks were no match to the German eighty eights; he said “What do you mean were no match?  We have the greatest army in the world, move forward.”

    In the church we need leaders that will be bogged down in nothing; they will constantly get new revelation from God and always move forward.  Without constantly receiving new revelation with the determination to do it the church will fall away and die; God longs for such a people.  Do not look at the giants like the Israelites did.  Look at God.  God is able to do anything and He will perfect all those who will believe.

    God said, “To the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ” and that is exactly what He means.  Believe all that God says and move forward.  Just repeating a revelation will not bring it to pass; you must do what He says.

    Jesus said, “Take my yoke upon you.”  There is a work for you to do and a work that Jesus will do.  I have laid out at least a portion of what God would have you do.  Whatever He tells you to do, do it and you will receive.  Do not sit waiting on God to do His part if you are not doing your part.


    42.  Conclusion

    When I started to write these books I did not know where it would lead.  When God told me to write; He came upon me in the Spirit of Inspiration and Revelation.  I did not write what I came up with, with my own mind.  If I come up with my own word or interpretation: it would only be an idol that I fashioned with my own hands; it would only be idolatry.

    When the Spirit of revelation comes upon me I receive thoughts which I must fashion into sentences.  I try to keep as much of myself out of it as possible; but I am sure sometimes a little of myself gets in.  If you detect an error in any of my books God did not reveal that.  If you would be so kind as to tell me or e-mail me a correction I would appreciate it; even if you are wrong I assure you I will not look down on you.  If you try to correct me and I know you are wrong I will correct you only with the greatest love for your soul; isn’t it better if we receive correction that we may receive only the truth?  I would like to be corrected no matter in what spirit you are in.

    I write these things as accurately as possible; I do not soften them or change them; however I may make a mistake.  Any corrections must be proven by the Word of God for I can not compromise with anyone.  I only want to teach the very Word of God.

    Beloved this is the last time and I choose to love only the very Truth; because it is the last time I do not have time to fool around with error.  I count error as my enemy; I hate it with a perfect hatred.  I sharpen my sword that I may destroy every last bit of error in my life that I find; if you can show me any error than you are doing me a great service my friend.

    The Word of God must be exceedingly sharp and it must very keenly divide between what comes from the mind and what comes only from the Spirit.  My mind can only produce what is of this world which is darkness; but the Spirit speaks only from the Eternal realm which is the only True Light.

    The devil will till you Jesus is the Son of God; but it produces only darkness because it is only of this world.  The Spirit will till you Jesus is the Son of God from the Eternal realm and it will produce only Life; the world produces death; but True Life is only found in God.  The same words spoken from darkness that produces only death will produce life when spoken by the Spirit.

    I will come against and destroy any error in the church as God gives me wisdom and direction.  We will soon come to the time when we can not tolerate even the least little bit of error.  I must be free of error before I can completely free others of error.  Forgive me if I have any error in these books; I certainly want to correct any that can be found.

    The Word we receive by revelation will become a stone cut out of a mountain without hands; this stone will become a mountain that will fill the earth.  This stone is a shield for the righteous and will crush the wicked; it will grow till it destroys death itself.  This Word is Jesus Christ.

    The Word of God must be without error and it must not be developed by human minds if it is to crush the kingdoms of this world.  If I developed this word with my own mind you need to not fear it, it can not harm you; but if it is by revelation of Jesus Christ, then you had better take heed to it.

    God is going to rear up a people in this hour that will live in the Spirit of wisdom and Revelation: that perfect people and perfect Word and they will conquer the whole earth; yes they will destroy death itself.  Conquer the world do not let it conquer you.

    Anything less than what I presented to you is only idolatry; throw away those idols and follow Jesus wherever He goes.  Let your life reflect the absolute truth of Jesus Christ.  Jesus very much needs a people who will believe, trust, and follow Him.

    God is all powerful, all knowing, every where present; yet He has needs to be fulfilled just like you and I.  God created mankind because He needed someone who would overcome all odds to glorify Him.  When you come into intimate contact with Him and go wherever He goes you fulfill His needs.

    Sincerely in Christ

    Frank Overholt


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    In God’s Love

    Frank Overholt