Benefits of the Kingdom

End time series 5

This message was preached the in Mwanza, Tanzania, Kenya, and the Philippines 2009. I am reworking it in a word processor and putting it on paper for those who want to read it. All my messages are only for those who want to walk the high road with Jesus Christ; but those who are satisfied with an ordinary Christian life; I write nothing for them.

God Bless all of you. Someone told me last night that (Bwana Akubariki) means God Bless You, and last year I learned that (Bwana Yesu Asafiwi) means praise the Lord Jesus: just the little Swahili I have learned. I don’t know much Swahili; but I am thankful for what I have learned. I don’t know if I will ever learn to speak Swahili, but probably not well, but maybe a little, I am glad to be one with you guys today. It is good when people of different cultures and races can just get together and enjoy each other.

When I leave Africa I will be heading for India: it is going to be an altogether different culture, and different people. God has people all over the world. From India I go to the Philippines, to an even different culture. I am just glad to serve God, and go wherever He leads me, and whatever the culture: I want to do it God’s way. There is nothing wrong with the different cultures.

I feel like we have gone through a lot of things in the last week; and I would just like to go over the benefits of meeting with Jesus, and the consequences of going our own way.

I would listen to great men of God, over the years that I had great respect for, and they would go before the Lord and get great miracles; I would go before the Lord, and it didn’t seem like anything was happening. I have been seeing these things now for the last thirty six years, and great things are happening in my life now also: God has great things in store for all those who meet with Him.

I came back out of the world to the Lord June, 1973, and by the fall of that year, I surrendered to the Lord, and tried to keep it up all these years: after I surrendered to the Lord I begin to receive many words from God that I could not explain to others; recently I have been receiving inspiration to preach it and then put it on paper: so that is why I come over here to preach, then when I am back home, I will write it down on paper and put it on the internet.

Yesterday we were talking about the Day of Fire; God has a real love for His people and He doesn’t want them there. Paul said in 1 Corinthians 11: 31, 32 that if we would judge ourselves we would not be judged with the world. If we would go through the cross into the New Creation we would not be judged with the world

When Jesus and the two thieves were on the cross: we see a representation of the three different kinds of people on earth today: Jesus went voluntarily in obedience to His Father; Jesus represents all who voluntarily take up their crosses and follow Jesus; the saved thief represents all who will be saved so as by fire; and the lost thief represents all who are lost. If you go to the cross voluntarily following Jesus Christ you will do an enormously great work for God.

The work Jesus did is so enormously great we will not know its total impact till we are in the New Creation; maybe not even then. We have a thief on the cross put there by force; but if he had served God from his youth, what a reward would have been waiting for him? He made his house out of wood, hay, and stubble; what will he live in, in heaven? It is still better to be in heaven (even without a house to live in) than to be in hell.

God has a heart just longing to bless His people: Psalm 81: 10-16, I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt: open your mouth wide and I will fill it; but my people would not hear my voice; and Israel would have none of me. I gave my people up to their own heart’s lust: and they walked in their own counsels. Oh that my people had listened unto me, and Israel had walked in my ways! I should have subdued their enemies, and turned my hand against their adversaries. The haters of the Lord should have submitted themselves unto him: but their time would have endured forever, I should have fed them with the finest of wheat: and with honey out of the rock should I have satisfied you.

Adam Old Creation                                                                                                                                                                                                       Jesus New Creation                                                                                      

Soul Mind Will Body                                                                                                                                                                                                    Holy Spirit Our Spirit



Figure 1: A picture of a Christian with his born again spirit in the New Creation; but his soul, mind, will, and body still in the Old Creation. The Old Creation is everything on the left side of the cross, and the New Creation is everything on the right side of the cross, in this illustration.

God greatly longs for us to be in the place of blessing. Jesus said one day as He was leaving Jerusalem: Oh Jerusalem, Jerusalem, you that kill the prophets; how I would have loved to have taken you under my wings as a hen with her chicks; but you would not. For six thousand years God has waited to be able to pour rich blessings on His people; but His people went after idol after idol, even in revival; the revivals lasted only a short time as His people sought their own counsels, and used their own wisdom to maintain the revivals; so they just died right back out. Our wisdom cannot produce a revival, nor can it maintain one that has been started. God wants to conquer our enemies of lust, pride, unbelief, fear, and etcetera. God wants to feed us with the finest of wheat: food for our bodies, well balanced minds, and the finest revelations for our spirits; blessing and prosperity.

One of the benefits of meeting with Jesus in the morning is: the more you meet with Jesus the more it produces health in your body. Isaiah 40: 31, “They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; they shall walk, and not faint”. I always thought (years ago) that God meant spiritual strength; but God showed me that it is for our soul and our body as well. That word wait: from what I understand, it is a word that is about the braiding of a rope; so that you take many strands of string, and braid them together in such a way that, each strand carries approximately the same amount of weight, making it a strong rope. When you meet with Jesus, early in the morning, God begins to braid Jesus and you together, making the two of you together very strong, and able to accomplish His purposes. Ordinary ropes will break, but God will not break; so if you are braided together with Him, than you cannot be broken.

In Judges you read time after time that God’s people would fall away from God, and fall into bondage to their enemies; then God would raise up a deliverer, and a weak revival; but it was enough to free them much of their bondage, only to repeat it again and again. We see in our time churches falling away, and God would raise a new church, in weak revival; but they would get a measure of deliverance: this has been repeated many times with only an occasional strong revival, usually lasting less than a year, before it begin to wan.

If we lack prosperity: it is because we have failed to do what God says: if we do what He says, He will feed us with the finest of wheat and bring honey out of the rock. God is a God of Love and compassion.

It is like the river in Ezekiel 47 that comes out from under the Sanctuary; or your belly, and starts very small with only a trickle of water; but it becomes deeper and deeper, till it eventually gets over your head. When you meet with Jesus, you will not be able to use all of these powers at once; but as you keep meeting with Jesus, you will more and more be able to use the power that God placed within you, at your New Birth.

Like the Children of Israel in the wilderness who went out and gathered manna every morning, and got only what they needed for that day, and the leftovers only bred worms. God gives you what you only what you need, for today, tomorrow, you will need new manna, for that day. Everyday God has tools, specifically made to form and shape you for that day: God is making you a very useful servant in His Kingdom. God has a job so great that we are not able to truly understand it right now; but God has shown me enough, that I know, that He has an extremely great work for us to do, and it is very important that we prepare for it. I believe you will understand a little more when you have heard this message.

I wish I could convey to you, how important it is for us to prepare, for the work that God has for us to do: I am not prepared to tell you all that much about it right now; just know, that if you will accept it; God has work far greater than any man has ever done on earth before, except Jesus, and the weaker and more dependent on God you are, the better He will be able to use you to do it.

When God showed me many of these things; I looked inside myself, and I saw how weak I was, and I felt that God had stronger people, who could do it much better than me. I tried and tried to do what God told me; but I just could not do it. I was sure God had much stronger people then me, that He could use better than me. God was not after a strong person; just a willing person. I will not be doing the work alone; I will put my effort into it; but it will be directed and empowered by God.

When Jesus was led by the Spirit into the wilderness: two gospels say, He was driven of the Spirit into the wilderness; and two say, He led by the Spirit into the wilderness. Yesterday I spoke on the Day of Fire; driving you to the cross, and today I speak of the benefits of the Kingdom; leading you to the cross. There is so much God has for us: there is no limit to what we can receive, and it will continue for eternity: you never will get to the end of it; the only limit is our unbelief, (lack of faith).

If we walk after our own counsels: how many times did we decide what we believe God meant by what He said in the Bible? How many times have we waited on God to tell us what He meant by what He said? Are we following our own counsels? Are we following the Spirit of God?

The first thing I want to talk about is health: if you look at the church today, you will find about as much bad health in the church as out of the church. Romans 7 calls everything in the Old Creation as being subject to the law of Sin and Death. Romans 5: 13 says that before the law was given that sin was not imputed against the people; but because they were violating it, it still produced death. It may not be held against you if you accidentally fall over a cliff not knowing it is there; but it will still kill you when you hit the bottom, because you violated the law of gravity.

For thousands of years God’s people broke the Law of Sin and Death and as a result they died long before their time just as if they had known they were breaking it. If they break it on purpose they may be judged differently when they stand before God; but they will still die early because they broke the Law of Sin and Death. The Law of Sin and Death will kill you: if you parents broke it in a way that it affected you; it will kill you if you break it accidently; and it will kill you if you break it on purpose. The Law does not know the difference, and the rocks do not know the difference.

It says that sin was not imputed unto them that did not know the law; but they still died because they violated it. You may not be faulted because you died early from violating the Law of Sin and Death; but you life is cut short before your work is done anyway. If you don’t learn God’s spiritual laws you will be affected by how you keep them just the same as a man of the world.

If you live in the Old Creation figure 1 you will be subject to the Law of Sin and Death and you will not finish all the work God called you to do. All the effects of the Law of Sin and Death will work in you regardless whether you knew it, or understood it, or not.

You may not know the things I just told you; yet you try to follow the teachings of Jesus to the tee: if you are doing the things that are above the Law of Sin and Death, in the Law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus; you reap the benefits, you will fulfill far more of the things God has for you to do, even if you don’t know about these laws.

You may decide to keep the sayings of Jesus: you read, blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven; so you humble yourself, and try to live in humility in everything you do. I will not live for myself. I mourn because of the evil around me. I mourn because I still have evil inside of me. You try to live in everything Jesus said.

Jesus said he that does and teaches what I say is like a man who built his house on a rock; but he that does not do it, and teaches against it is like a man who built his house on the sand. When the Day of Fire comes you will find out whether you are on the rock, or the sand. You don’t need to know anything about the Old and New Creations and going through the cross; all you need to do is read the teachings of Jesus and do them.

If you say the teachings of Jesus are not for today but some other day: you are building on the sand. I heard preachers say that the Sermon on the Mount is for the millennial age; some said it is Old Testament, but they receive the new birth for today. I maintain Jesus’ teachings (all of them) are for us today. Any Christian could have followed this pathway for several thousand years now; we are all without excuse. God’s people have followed their own counsels for thousands of years, and so the finest of wheat and honey from a rock have been withheld.

Malachi 4: 2 unto you who fear my name shall the Sun of Righteousness arise with healing in His wings, and you shall go forth, and grow up as calves of the stall. The Sun of Righteousness is Jesus. It does not say some day; but those who fear God’s name, the Sun of Righteousness will arise with healing in His wings. There is no excuse for a Christian to live with poor health. We may not have been taught, and it may not be your fault; but if you do not do what Jesus says, and rise up in health, you have no excuse.

If you will make up your mind to do what Jesus says, as much as you are able; if you meet with Jesus every morning, and learn of Him and do what He tell you there; and if you surrender and commit your life to Him regularly, often: you will be on your way to good health.

I had a heart attack on or near my 38th birthday, I could no longer run, I could not sit on the floor, I could not wear a tight belt, or anything that interfered with my breathing. I had angina pains in my chest for years. About 5 years later I was told that vitamin E and lecithin would clear my veins and strengthen my heart; so I did it and my condition improved. About ten years after I begin taking vitamin E and lecithin; God begin telling me I needed to get off of it; God said I am your healer. In my mind I believed God was my healer; but in my heart I doubted that I could do it.

One day about 6 years ago I had a grandson who was graduating from air force boot camp; we were invited to come and watch his graduation, and I forgot my vitamin E and lecithin; I said I only will be gone four days; but when I got back I was very sick with flu symptoms, and angina pains in my chest. I kept thinking about how God told me it was time to get off vitamin E and lecithin, how was I going to get the faith to do it?

I went for another year and a half and finally said I am going to do it; so I went off of vitamin E and lecithin, and again it felt like a bad case of the flu, and my chest had angina pains, I suffered them for eight days then God said just go back on them. About eight days after I went back vitamin E and lecithin I knew I had it; I went off of them and this time no pains and I have been off ever since. I have a number of other stories I could tell you about how He healed my stomach and back; but if you will spend time with Jesus Christ you will begin to realize you have power for better health.

It says in Romans 8: 2 that the Law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus has made me free from the Law of Sin and Death: even though it says we have been made free, until we actually get into the Spirit in the new creation, figure 1; we will not know it by experience. When the Bible speaks of past tense in the New Testament it is usually speaking of your spirit; as we get it into our souls we then know it by experience.

Isaiah 40: 31 it says that they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint. I believe the best time for waiting on the Lord is early in the morning; don’t let anything to crowd you out. I cannot tell you how much or how quick your healing will take place: but if you will just keep meeting with Jesus Christ early in the morning, and keep putting what you have in the Old Creation, through the cross, and into the New Creation: there is healing for you: it is one of the benefits of the Kingdom.

No disease can get into the New Creation. Unfortunately I still spend some of my time in the Old Creation. It takes a long time to get to where you spend a large portion of you time with Lord; therefore we need to concentrate on spending more and more time with Jesus, in surrender and doing what He says

Jesus told a story about a certain man who had a vineyard and he hired workers to go into his vineyard early in the morning and work in his vineyard; then he went out at the heat of the day and hired more; and finally at the eleventh hour he hired more, and at the end of the day everyone received the same wage. Jesus is saying that we may have to work all our lives in God’s vineyard; but our children may work a shorter time yet receive the same as us and our grand children may work even less time yet receive the same as us.

You do not have to worry about your children and grand children as when required God can do a much quicker work, and they may even go in ahead of us. Don’t be jealous because they go in first and have the same as us: let’s just be thankful for what God gave us. Give God all you have and let Him judge at the proper time, what each will receive.

Remember the River of Life coming out of the Sanctuary (your belly) starts with just enough water to get your feet wet; but as you go it gets deeper and deeper till it is over your head. It may take a long time for us; but many may be save at end that may need to have a quick work done in them: God will bring also; but if you waste your time you may miss it all together. God is giving you instructions now and He wants you to do the work now.

The next thing I have down here is peace: when you meet with Jesus, in surrender and commitment, you receive a peace that nothing can interrupt. Satan will use every means he can to interrupt your peace, and only you can let him interrupt that peace: all you have to do is to sin, satisfy your flesh nature, and your peace will be gone; but if you maintain your relationship with Jesus: no matter what Satan, a demon, or a man does: nothing can take away your peace; you are the only one who can disturb your peace.

You can have a certain peace in the Old Creation; but if something bad happens, and you get upset, it quickly lets you know that your peace was only a false peace from the Old Creation; because the peace Jesus gives does not go away unless you lose it through sinning. Only you can lose you peace; but nothing from outside of you can cause it to go: the peace of Jesus Christ will abide, even if you are being crucified on a cross.

Peace is one of the best protectors you have: if you get off in sin, or a false doctrine, you will lose your peace; it is a great guide, as long as it is there, you know you are in the will of the Lord; but when you are used to being at peace, and then when it is missing, you will know it right away; then you can take immediate steps to correct it. You will always know you are in the will of God; not because you are doing what some human told you; but because the peace of God is in your heart.

If you spend a lot of time with Jesus and are doing what He says; you will soon develop a deep peace inside that nothing from the outside of you can interrupt. If a false teaching or a temptation comes along, and it looks like it came from God; but you begin to lose your peace, and now you say that did not come from God. Your peace from God only is an extremely good and sure guide and it is a thing you can depend on to keep from error.

The peace you get from following a man may already be false: make sure you get your peace only from Jesus and preferably early in the morning: this is the only sure guide; the only sure way to know the false from the true. One who is used to feeling the peace of God and the slightest little error and your peace goes and you immediately stop and correct your direction: you will never be deceived for long.

When I was twenty years old I joined a church where they believed they were the only true visible church on earth; they believed that all who were born again were a part of the invisible church, but only if they joined their church can they be a part of the visible church. I was a young Christian, and I wanted to be in the closest place with God as I could. Before I joined, I listened to them and I did not have an argument against it, as it sounded like they were right’

After I joined their church, in my mind a great war broke out; and one of the women asked me if I noticed how Satan comes against your head in this church? I said, yes, I noticed it. I did not know what was going on; I felt because I finally found the truth that Satan was coming at me with all his might.

My mother and my Pastor talked to me till they convinced me that I was on the wrong path, and it was like I was on an ocean, with wind and the waves beating against my mind, and then I came into a peaceful bay. I learned from that experience that when you get into false doctrine that it will take away your peace. If you have the peace of God, Satan in all his might cannot take it away; but only if you let him, can he take away your peace.

If you abide in Jesus, (the New Creation figure 1 above); you have a peace that nothing outside of you can take away from you. If you have not developed the deep peace of God, then you must do that first; then you will have a tool that will keep on the right track, and nothing will ever deceive you. If things interrupt your peace easily, then just spend more time with Jesus: it is the answer to every problem.

I left that church and then three or four times over the next year when I was in bed I would hear a faint buzzing in my ear, then it got louder and louder; I knew it was Satan trying to drive me insane; so I called out to Jesus, it would try to come back; but I just kept calling out to Jesus till it left, then I went to sleep. I read stories of people who came back from hell and some reported that there was a loud annoying buzzing there. If I did not have Jesus to cry out to I would probably be insane; but I have Jesus and I have peace.

Next I have written down here joy: In Hebrews 12, it says that Jesus for the joy set before Him: endured the cross, disregarded the shame, and is set at the right hand of God. Can you imagine a crown of thorns on your head; blood running down your face; someone beating that crown of thorns with a stick; trying to drive those thorns deeper into your skull; bending over while someone beats you on your back until, your back is nothing but ribbons; being blindfolded while someone slaps you and asks you to tell who slapped you; don’t you think that Jesus as the Son of God knew who slapped Him?

Wouldn’t it be the hardest thing if someone slapped you, and you knew who slapped you, and then still keep silent? The solders spit upon Jesus, nailed Him to a cross, and then dropped it into a hole; imagine the pain; what kind of joy can still be there, after all that? That kind of joy can only come from God, a divine joy; that joy has been given to you, the same joy that Jesus had: all you have to do is keep crucifying the flesh; keep living with Jesus: contact with Jesus is the most powerful force there is.

I cannot tell you how many times God told me how to do a thing; but inside I knew that He did not want me to do it. I was in a law suit, where a person was suing me, and God showed me how I could get that person’s lawyer disbarred so he could not practice law anymore; but I knew God did not want me to do it: so I didn’t. I was called before the elders wrongfully on a number of occasions, with the knowledge of what was wrong, and could destroyed what they were trying to do to me; but I knew God did not want me to do it, so I didn’t. What I did according to the will of God is very small compared to what Jesus did; but it allowed me to do everything with joy.

You can never touch Jesus in the Spirit without being changed. When you meet with Jesus, maybe you feel nothing; but spiritually you are touching Him; you may see through a glass darkly; but you are still being changed; you cannot do that without being changed, and if you will continue to meet with Him; you will receive a joy that nothing can stop.

The more you meet with Jesus, the more the water of life will rise, and you will be doing greater works. Jesus said I am the way, the truth, and the life: there is no way but Jesus, there is no truth but Jesus, and no other life. If you are a child of God and you touch Him, you will receive life.

Don’t think that just reading the Bible, and trying to understand it will give you life. Jesus said to the Pharisees you search the scriptures thinking that in them you have eternal life; but they only speak of me. Life is not found in the scriptures; but in Jesus. If you read the Bible and you find Jesus, then you have life; but if you only find words: well, you must find Jesus. Life is always found in Jesus.

The next thing is patience: How many years has it been since Adam fell? As near as I can tell it has been about six thousand years, since Adam fell, and Jesus must be asking: when am I going to find a people who will listen to me? When am I going to find a people who will meet with me? I want to meet with you, so much; I want to share my power with you. I want share my love, compassion, my joy, my peace, my happiness with you.

Hosea 8: 5, “How long will it be till they attain unto innocency”? In the book of Hosea you can see the longing of God’s heart: how much He longed to share His wonderful goodness with Israel; but they were just steeped in corruption, and the fire of their corruption burned continuously night and day. The church in America and many parts of the world has so mixed the world in with their Christianity that many churches are in the same condition as Israel was in that day.

Why do we keep going out into the world? Why do we think that we will get what we need in the world? The patience of Jesus Christ is great: still waiting after six thousand years; I need to learn some of that patience. We need to develop the patience to always meet with Jesus; we need to have what we need for the Day of Fire. Jesus longs to give us what we need; He loves us more than we can even imagine; He has so much for us.

God often tests my patience, and it does not feel real good; but He is building character and patience in me, sometimes I wish He had an easier way to do it. Here is the thing: Peter said that the trying of our faith is more precious than gold, it is one of the most precious things that there is; so if the trying of your faith is working patience in you? That is something that is found in God. Jesus is going to keep perfecting your patience and perfect that which you are receiving from Him early in the morning; He wants us to have His patience.

We tend to look at things with our eyes, and it looks like what we need is a better house, car, clothes, more money, and other earthly things. When you look at meeting with Jesus: it is hard to get up early, I want to sleep, I want to rest, I don’t want to take up my cross, and I want to do what I want to do: it looks like death rather than life.

Jesus said if you take up your life, (the things of this world), then you will lose it; but if you lose it for His sake, you will find it. If you are satisfied with what Jesus gives you, and pour out your life for Jesus: you will find that, what you have been searching for in the world, you now have in Jesus. You were really searching for satisfaction, joy, peace, contentment, happiness, and other things: you find them in Jesus, not in the world; then you will be His life to those around you.

People will see what you have in Jesus and will want the same. Why are you so happy and content? Why am I not content like you? Take them to Jesus, and if they are willing to pay the price, then after a while they have the same as you, then they can bring another to Jesus. God needs a people who will pay the price so this world can be brought back from destruction.

Next endurance: Jesus said that he that endures to the end the same shall be saved; this is not your eternal salvation, (that can’t be earned); but he shall receive what he is believing for. This little saying in America kind of illustrates what this means: A person does something nice or important for another and they reply, Thanks! You saved my life; this is a similar meaning; it did not mean that the person was about to die and you saved his life.

Jesus likely meant that when you need something that you receive it through patient endurance. Say you need something a bit costly, and you put money away for it till you have enough, then you buy it: you patiently endured till you had it: you endured to the end; but if you give up before you have the money; you were not saved.

Jesus was not giving another plan of salvation: He did not mean a lost sinner could be saved by just enduring to the end. The word salvation in the Greek is a very comprehensive word: sometimes it just means to achieve a certain result: it can mean that when you meet with Jesus early in the morning; you keep doing it no matter what comes against you until you receive what you came there for.

In the Christian life there are going to be many things that you will get by overcoming. There are many things to overcome in life they do not earn you a place in heaven; but they help you to achieve an end; but heaven can only be received by a gift from God. Many things in your Christian life can only be achieved by patient endurance, by overcoming, by enduring to the end: enduring till you receive the thing you are after.

In 1 Corinthians 13 Loves endures all things. God will have to send trouble into our lives to perfect this; but you receive this by meeting with Jesus Christ.

Next is Power: in everything about the Christian life we need to look to Jesus; He is the source of everything. The name Christian means little Christ; little anointed one; we receive that anointing from Jesus we are part of his flesh, and part of His bone. Jesus said all power is given to me in heaven and in earth: go you therefore, and when He said go you therefore it meant that we were to use that power, so we could do what He told us to do.

God wants us to handle His power in love and compassion. Remember that if you go to another Christian, and say something mean to Him: you just said something mean to Jesus. No matter what that person did to you, you do not return it back to them. Regardless what another does to you, you are not responsible for that; but only what you do back.

When you show love to another: you are loving Jesus; even if it is your wife, husband, or children; remember to show as much love as possible; sometimes a person must be corrected, but it must be remembered, they are still Jesus. The whole idea of correction: is restoration, and wholeness: it means Jesus has a cancer in His body, and you are operating on it to restore it to health. Love sometimes needs to do some hard things; but if you remember it is Jesus it will help you to do it in the utmost love and compassion.

Meeting with Jesus, early in the morning, will help us do all we do in love. You will recognize Jesus here in the church, and it will help you recognize Jesus everywhere. Jesus is everywhere: we need to meet with Jesus in private, and we need to meet with Jesus in each other; we need to recognize Him wherever we go. We need to love Jesus wherever we are; and in whomever we find Him.

So when you go before Jesus there is power: when Jesus was in the garden, and the solders came to get Him, He asked them, who are looking for? They said, Jesus, and He said I am He and they fell over backwards; can you imagine having that kind of power? And still submitting to be taken and crucified.

Jesus sweat, as it were, great drops of blood; He had the power to deliver Himself from the cross; yet He went as meek as a lamb to be crucified. Jesus could have delivered Himself at anytime; He could have called on the angels to deliver Him; yet He submitted to the will of His Father. The people said, if you just come down from the cross, we will believe you; to have the power to deliver Himself; but to choose to do His Father’s will instead, took the very power of God; yet this same power was given us when we were born again.

The God power will be released in us, as we crucify the flesh, as our souls are born again; unfortunately, most Christians release hardly any of the God power that is down inside them. There is a world waiting for God’s Sons to come forth in power, and set it free from its bondages. If you are too busy, too lazy to meet with Jesus; do not want to take up your cross to follow Jesus: then you are too busy to save the world; and the work God called you to, will never be done by you. Is what you are doing, more important than saving the world? Is it worth paying the price for?

The whole world is groaning and travailing, waiting for you: the whole world is at stake; what have you got, that is more important than that? The world is waiting for people, who will do what Jesus said and did. Jesus went through Galilee and Judea: healing the sick, raising the dead; but only in a very small part of the world; Jesus wants millions of His people the world over doing this.

What would happen to this world, if Jesus had millions of His people all over the world, who became so one with Jesus, that wherever they go people are healed, raised from the dead, have the burden of sin removed; spreading peace, joy, happiness, love, and all the attributes of God, all over this world? Don’t you feel sorry to see so many living in abject poverty here in Mwanza? Do you like seeing trash laying everywhere; sewage running down the streets? Does it make you feel bad? Don’t you want to see the purity of Jesus Christ coming forth here?

Many of the people who live in the trash are very miserable; don’t you want to see them have joy, having a good life? It is all waiting on you right now. If you don’t have time to meet with Jesus; then you don’t have time to save them. Jesus has been waiting six thousand years for such a people: He is giving the revelation right now, that will bring forth such a people, and He trusted you to be among the first, to receive this revelation. God is about to make the last to be the first in His Kingdom. I believe you will lead in the greatest move God has ever brought forth in this earth; for the American church has rejected it.

Are you going to fill God’s heart with joy, and take this revelation, and use it to bring forth the greatest work of God, since the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ? Can God depend on you? Are you going to be the salvation of the people of this city, this country, and the whole world? Can you see how much God wants to see this? Can you see the longing of His heart?

Do you know what makes Jesus cry? Jesus does not cry when a man like Peter denies Him; Peter did not want to do it. Jesus cries when He gives His people gifts of absolute stupendous value, and they are just too busy, and not interested, to even take them. I am here pleading with you tonight, take the gifts that have been presented to you tonight. Seek Jesus who presented this gift to you; I am just a man; I can’t do it, but Jesus can, and all you need to do is to respond to Him.

Next is all supply: I have been too many poor countries, and one thing they all seem to have in common is: that they are all trying to get things; especially things for nothing; I reach in my pocket to help someone, and suddenly there are twenty hands held out for some of it. Poor people down inside are always depending on people, or things around them to supply their needs; they are not looking at the unseen, but what they can see.

People who ask or beg for money from others, are so turned around inside, that their very make up, will keep them poor; their thinking is poverty: so that if someone gave them fifty years worth of wages in money at one time; they will be back in the same condition in a couple of years.

Jesus said, if you take up your life you will lose it. If you can get your people to get their eyes off the things around them: things they can see, as though it can supply their needs, and just begin to look to Jesus to supply their needs; you will begin to turn their poverty to plenty. When a person begs from another person: they are worshipping that person; when God is the only one who has all you need; but He will make you go through things to begin to change your attitude, before He gives you very much.

Anything you worship: you are saying it is bigger and stronger than you; but it cannot meet your need, only God can. If you will go to God, and let Him change your mind set, to where you always look to Him, and do what He says, you will develop a mindset of expecting plenty, and you will use it to build God’s Kingdom.

Why does Jesus let you struggle from day to day? Jesus is training you that there is only one place to get what you need. Jesus could have supplied us with not only everything we need; but with so much more that we could not run out, no matter how much we spend; but then we could never develop the responsibility, and other character changes that we need: those changes that will be with us forever; those changes that we will use in eternity.

Do you have a lottery around here? Yes! Well in America the winner can take a certain amount of his winnings a year for twenty or thirty years; but if they are willing to accept half: they can have it all at once. Someone went around to see what had happened to people, who won the lottery, who took it all in one lump sum; some may have received as much as ten or fifteen million American dollars; but they found that most of those winners went bankrupt, in about four years. Ten million American dollars is about twelve Billion Tanzanian shillings.

The problem with the lottery is: that the people who play it usually develop a mindset, which leads to poverty. People who always have enough to do the work of the Kingdom: are people who spend very little on themselves; but use most their money for the work of the Kingdom. Prosperity comes from the inside. Prosperity will come to the one who meets with Jesus in surrender, and commitment; and learns to do only, what He says

Check yourself to see if you have the nature of prosperity: when you have a little, do you make it go as far as possible? When you have a little more money; do you start spending it on things you want, but don’t have to have? If you have that problem, then God’s ability to use you will be limited. God is waiting on people, who meet with Him early in the morning; learn of Him; use only what they have to on themselves; that do not spend more on themselves when they have more; and whose interest is the work of the Kingdom, not ease, wealth, and comfort.

When you get to where you live the same, no matter how much money you have; when you keep sharing what you have with others; but you may be saving for something God wants you to do; God’s infinite supply is available to you. Everyone who is born again: is a King’s child, they can live in the palace, with everything that they need; but you need to learn how to receive it, that it must be received by reaching out in faith: receive what you need so you can do the work of the Kingdom.

When you begin to meet with Jesus regularly in commitment and surrender; doing those things He tells you to do: you will soon come to the place you never run out of what you need to do the work of the Kingdom. God sends many angels on many assignments and no angel was ever short of what they needed to carry out their assignment. All the saints that have gone to heaven ahead of us; always have all that they need; don’t you want God’s Kingdom to come on earth as it is in heaven? Do you think they receive everything without faith? They know by faith God is going to supply their needs.

We need to learn to operate in faith: all of heaven operates on perfect faith. No one in heaven needs to see the supply: if God tells them something to do, they just go ahead and do it; they know that everything will be there when they need it. The person on earth that meets with Jesus regularly will just begin to step out and do what God says; because he knows that he will have all that he needs.

I told Bishop Lucas last night that two years ago I had enough faith to go into Mwanza, and Shinyanga, in Tanzania; but I didn’t have enough faith to go much further; but this year I go into four African countries, India, and the Philippines: this trip is costing me about three times as much money; it was about all the faith I had for this trip. I will continue to meet with Jesus, and I know my faith will continue to grow.

You can see I have a little faith, and as I continue to meet with Jesus my faith will grow, and I will do greater exploits in the future. I will have to deliberately keep stretching my faith as I am soon going to go beyond my ability to make enough money to pay for them; but until I begin to go beyond my ability, my faith will stay small. My upcoming tests: will I be willing to go beyond my ability?

There is perfect supply; but if we admit we are poor in spirit; then we must admit there are things well beyond our present ability; but we need to constantly keep stretching our faith a little at a time; as my faith keeps growing I will take bigger steps; because those who keep meeting with Jesus in the New Creation: must face tests and keep growing their faith.

This is a second list and is a description of the Kingdom of God: it is a description of the New Creation. You need to understand that what you take into the New Creation will be there forever, and when all you are is there, you will be there forever: it is heaven where Jesus is. Where Jesus is there is heaven: He is in your heart and my heart; so heaven is in our hearts; we have too limited a view at times.

Paul said a drunkard cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven: that is because the Kingdom of Heaven is the place where God rules; and we cannot be ruled by alcohol and by God at the same time. The Kingdom of Heaven is in the New Creation and the drunkard is in the Old Creation; every kingdom is ruled by a king: if you are in God’s Kingdom then God rules over your life.

Next perfect order: if you are very prosperous, and then poor; you are out of order. In God’s Kingdom everything is perfect; so if you live high on the hog: spending money as fast as you can, then you are operating out of order; that is not the Kingdom of God. You have to meet your king, and find out what He wants you to do, and then do it.

A kingdom: Is a people ruled over by a king, and if the people do not obey their king, they are operating outside of the kingdom: if they want the benefits of the kingdom, then they must do what the king says. God’s Kingdom only operates in perfect order.

In a place like this there is an order set up, and here Bishop Lucas is the person under God who heads up this order, we have a moderator, preachers, cooks, and others who rule smaller parts of this convention to make it operate in order; but it is only an earthly order, there is nothing a wrong with it, it was only necessary just to make this convention function well. The order in this convention is only temporary, and only for a short time; but in the New Creation the order is perfect and will never pass away.

The order here in this convention is not perfect: some may go their own way, and not follow it; but it meets the needs of this convention; but in the Kingdom of God, the New Creation the order is perfect, and will meet all needs, perfectly.

The next thing actually is similar to perfect order: perfect harmony: Your body is a good example; if the head sent out instructions to the ear, and it accidently went to the eye, it would not know what to do with it. What if the eye tried to hear? It couldn’t do it. Your eye cannot hear and your ear cannot see.

Your eye receives instructions, what to see; the ear receives instructions, what to hear; your hands receive instructions, what and how to handle things: when your body operates that way with great skill: then you are able to do many, even ordinary things, such as preparing a meal; brushing your teeth; as well as other things that require you body to develop great skills.

The Kingdom of God is not an organization, a corporation; but an organism: no committee, or board or directors operate the Kingdom of God; but only the head, God alone can order the Kingdom of God. Rulership by a pastor is Nicolaitanism; rulership by the people Laodiceanism; and only rule by God is God’s Kingdom. The only order for God’s Kingdom is found in its head. God’s people will only operate properly (perfectly) when they operate only under God.

If you and I decide to agree on a thing to receive a thing from God: if you examine our agreement very closely you would find it is not perfect; therefore it will only work if God gives us a gift. If you walk in the Spirit and I walk in the Spirit then we will be automatically in perfect agreement without any effort: without the Spirit we can do nothing.

If a part of your body refuses to listen to the head then it is out of order and many things could not be accomplished. You could not prepare a meal, you could not do many even ordinary things, and the body would begin to die. Cancer is when a part of your body operates apart from the head.

God’s Kingdom is like that; when God’s people learn from the head, doing what it says; then the work of the Kingdom will be done: God’s people each receive a different instruction from the head; but in perfect harmony with each other, then the body will be in order, and the real work of the Kingdom will be accomplished.

If you see Olympic skaters, they will tell you that they need to practice many hours a day; they need to learn many skills, and learn them very well, or they will lose to another; and so with any kind of profession; everything must operate just right. When the Body begins to operate within the kingdom, doing what God says, then we will be operating in perfect harmony. When we do what we want to do, we are out of order, and the body of Christ cannot do what it has been called to do. This world will continue out of order, till God has a people, who are in order.

Jesus told the disciples to pray that God’s Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven. Do you believe that God can bring forth a people on earth that will operate like they do in heaven? If you do not believe God can and wants to do it then why pray that prayer? God is able and will bring forth a people who walk in perfect harmony. We cannot even get two people in perfect harmony; but God will bring many into perfect harmony. God’s order is already in heaven: when we get the flesh out of the way; get our souls through the cross, and into the New Creation, under Jesus: then we will be in perfect order.

Perfect order and perfect harmony cannot be accomplished by an act of our will, nor by the wisest of plans: there will always be some distance between us. Distance in the spirit is not like distance in the physical world: distance in the spirit is caused by sin and disagreement; harmony in the spirit is caused by walking in the Spirit. Two walking in the Spirit are walking together even if they are on opposite sides of the earth: there is no distance in the Spirit; all distance is caused by the flesh.

We have our spirits already in the New Creation, and in perfect order; Paul says this is the earnest, the down payment, the guarantee that the rest of our being will make it. The Holy Spirit of promise sealed our spirits when we were born again, He will put God’s mark in our foreheads (minds), then the seal of the living God will also be in our minds.

Next Perfect Love: perfect love casts out all fear; when you have the perfect love of God, operating in you, you do not have to be afraid of anything. I have been in some very dangerous places and completely without fear; but I am poor in spirit: I do not put myself into those situations on purpose to demonstrate how much faith I have; I only try to walk in the Spirit and do what God says, and if I get into a very dangerous place, I know God will keep me.

I am going to continue to follow the Lord, and I know I will end up getting into more dangerous situations; but I know God will take me through. If I get afraid; then I am putting more confidence in the danger than I am putting in God. If I put my confidence, my faith in the danger I am by faith giving the danger the authority to go ahead and attack me; but if I know God is protecting me: my confidence is in God, and I am invulnerable, and cannot be taken: I am worshipping God instead of the thing I might have been afraid of.

Perfect love, loves everyone equally. Jesus loved the thieves on the cross as much as He loved His disciples, and He loved those who put Him on the cross just as He loved everyone else. The Bible says John was the disciple Jesus loved: I believe it means John was walking in a higher place than the other disciples, and Jesus loved where John was walking more than where the others were walking. I don’t believe Jesus loved John more than the others. Jesus loves everyone equally.

When you have perfect love: you will love, even if the person is putting you on the cross; you will say, “Father forgive them; they do not know what they are doing”. Perfect love is found only in the Kingdom of God. It is important to God that we go as far as we can in the Spirit, and He wants you to go as far as you can, as much as He wants me to go as far as I can.

I want everyone here to go into the New Creation and meet with Jesus; getting as much of you as possible into the New Creation, and then going out and bringing others into the New Creation: show them how to do it. I want you to spread the good news wherever you go. Go in love. Don’t treat one person different than another. Treat everyone with the Love of God, which you found in Jesus, when you met with Him, in the New Creation, in the morning.

Next perfect honesty: when you are operating in the Kingdom of God, you cannot be telling a lie: there is no lie found in God’s Kingdom. All lies come from the father of lies: Satan. God cannot lie, He cannot condone a lie, and He cannot approve of a lie. Jesus is the Truth with no shadow of error; the Truth and a lie cannot coexist. God never tells a person to lie.

Jesus said I am the way, the truth, and the life. Jesus is perfectly honest. Jesus is perfect truth. If a Christian is working for the Lord using any form of dishonesty: he is to some extent using Satan’s tools to try to do God’s work. Some of the Old Testament saints lied; some were great saints of God; and sometimes they received good things inspite of the lie; but it was never God’s will for any man to lie. No lie will ever be found in the New Creation.

Jesus said take up your cross and follow me. The cross purges out all lies and anything else that makes us unfit for heaven. Our job as Christians is to move into the heavenlies. The cross prepares everything for the New Creation. We need to live in the New Creation. In the New Creation there is no lie. No one can walk in the Spirit and lie at the same time.

Lies are always from the kingdom of darkness, never from God. Jesus said that Satan: is a liar, and the father of it, and the time will come when if you are still a liar; you will be cast into the Lake of Fire; by that time you had better not be a liar anymore.

Next perfect obedience: in the New Creation there is perfect obedience. We need to learn to operate in the New Creation, and there is no disobedience in the New Creation. Jesus had His own ideas as to what He thought His Father wanted Him to do, as a boy; but Luke said He returned with His parents and was subject to them. Hebrews says Jesus learned obedience through the things which He suffered.

Jesus, when He was here said, He could do nothing, but what He saw His Father do: Jesus was saying, till I receive instructions from my Father, there is nothing I can do; Jesus was in perfect obedience, Jesus operated in the Kingdom of God: God was His King. Jesus was saying I am going in a way I have never gone before, and I don’t know the way nor do I have the power: I must receive everything I need from my Father.

We are basically going in the same way as Jesus went; so we must depend on Jesus who went before us. My finger knows nothing about the world that it has to operate in, neither the thumb, nor the eye, nor any other part of the body; so it cannot command itself, or another part of the body: all commands must come from the head. All knowledge is found only in the head.

I find many Christians think they can somehow or another tell other Christians what to do; but they don’t know the way themselves any more than Jesus did before His crucifixion. I cannot tell you what to do; because I don’t know the way, except that I know that Jesus is the way: I only take you to Jesus and let Him lead you.

Perfect power: we spoke of it earlier, but let’s say this much that if you operate in the Kingdom of God, that there is nothing God tells you to do, that you do not have the power to do: you can do all things through Jesus Christ, your strength and power comes from Jesus. There is perfect power, in the Kingdom of God.

Jesus said that all power is given unto me in heaven and in earth; go you therefore…. This means that this power is given also unto us so that we can go and teach all nations. God’s power is like atomic power: if it is used right, then it is very beneficial; but if it is used wrong, it can be very destructive. With atomic power, you can generate electricity, which helps people; but you can also make an atomic bomb, which can kill many people at once. God’s power is the same way: handled right it can be very beneficial; but you can also handle it wrong and cause great damage. We cannot fulfill Gods calling on our lives without using His power; but we cannot handle, or even release His power in our lives; except we meet regularly with Him.

We read in Numbers 13, and 14 about the 12 spies that searched the land of Canaan; 10 of the spies said the inhabitants were too big for us; but 2 of the spies said we can take them: God said He was going to give us this land, and we can do it. The ten spies looked at the giants, and they discouraged the whole multitude; but the two spies looked to the Lord, the two believed that God was giving them that land.

Years ago I had a disagreement with my wife as to what church we should go to; so I was called to go before the elders of the church she wanted us to go to. The elders of that church said that because a man should leave father and mother and cleave to his wife that I should go with her to her church; but a saying came into my mind that God has used many times since, the saying was: “What does God say”? The elders recoiled at that saying and never answered that question; but that saying stuck with me for many years, and it is still one of the first questions I ask in any situation. My wife and I solved that problem in a few months; but it taught me to always find what God says in any situation.

When the twelve spies went in to spy out the land, two quoted what God said; ten said they saw the inhabitants and they are giants. That land is a type of our body. In our bodies there is the lust of flesh, the lust of the eye, and the pride of life; there are all kinds of sins that dwell in our bodies. For thousands of years people looked at the inhabitants and said, we cannot take that land; every now and then you see a man rise and say we can take it; I am not sure what they do wrong but they never seem to make it through. Maybe men think they can pray their way through, to take this land; maybe read the Bible constantly; maybe through great mental effort; or maybe their will power: whatever thing they use, it will have to be God’s power.

God’s power is found only in the New Creation, except occasional gifts of the Spirit. Our job is just to do what God says, and God will bring it forth when the time is right. Canaan could not be conquered when they left Egypt, but God had a perfect time, they only needed to be ready. You need to daily take up your cross, be transformed by the renewing of your mind, and be changed from glory to glory by beholding God’s face; little by little, day by day, and work out your salvation with fear and trembling: when the time is right the bridegroom will come and finish the work.

No matter how hard we work even in the New Creation; the time is in God’s hands: those with enough oil; those who built their houses out of gold, silver, and precious stones; those who built on a rock; those who are taught of God and are obedient to what He says will go in; but the rest of God’s people must be saved so as by fire: then all of God’s people will be saved; but they will be in various levels set by their lives on earth, judged by God.

If you will meet with Jesus in the New Creation, you will have all the power you need to do what He tells you to do. Time after time as you meet with Jesus you will notice your faith to do God’s work has increased, and as you are faithful you will become more spiritually powerful, more useful to God, and more able to help your fellow man; but God’s power is profitable only when it works by love, which you will also receive only in His presence.

Years ago right after my wife divorced me, I met a young lady that I thought might be a good replacement for my wife; we will call her by a fictitious name Sonya. Sonya invited me to go to her church, which I did for a short time. I never knew where Sonya lived, yet I kept seeing her on the road, and I lived in a fare sized city, with maybe 40,000 cars yet I would see car about every two weeks.

We probably have 50 grocery stores in my city, yet one day I was checking out groceries when the lady ahead of me turned around and smiled at me: it was Sonya. About 6 months after this started, I came home from work and took a shower and put on clean work clothes for the next day; I planned to go to the grocery store to get a few things, when a voice spoke to me and said, “Put on another shirt”, and I said I have on a clean shirt; but it said, “Put on a good shirt, you are going to meet Sonya tonight”: I put on a nice shirt and went to the store and sure enough Sonya was there.

About 9 months after this started; I went to Wal-Mart and got a new coffee maker, because my old one was broken; on the way home she appeared right beside me on in the car. Sonya had on a pair of white pants, was chewing gum, had one foot on the dash, and in the vision we were going to a church convention; and a voice told me and said, see! I have everything under control: this vision was as real as though it was actually happening; but it was just a vision.

I told God I have to find out, is this you or if is it an evil spirit? I told God let me meet Sonya tonight one more time, and I will make this a test: I will ask her a question and according to how she answers me, I will determine who is leading me and giving me all these supernatural happenings. Sonya was at the supermarket and I asked her a question, and she answered in the negative: so I said to God it is over with.

I asked God, how Satan could make all these supernatural things to happen? God took me to the book of Job and said, when I told Satan he could touch anything Job had, all he had to do was believe, and he had the faith to bring fire down from heaven; send a mighty wind; and even bring the Sabeans. Satan operates by faith just as we are commanded to do: the kind of faith the Paul talks about in 1 Corinthians 13: the kind of faith that can move mountains, but has no love. Satan has no power of his own. Satan commands God’s power by faith. Satan came back to God and presented himself again; Job 2: 3 and God said to Satan, Job still holds his integrity though you moved my hand against him to destroy him. Satan commands God’s power by faith in a limited manner; but he always intends destruction. God wants us to use His power by love, and always to perform the will of God.

I want to challenge everybody; don’t go follow a bunch of visions and dreams: check out every leading, see who is giving you your leadings. Satan is quite capable of giving you visions and dreams; but his leadings always lead to destruction. About a year later, my brother told me Sonya was having an affair with a married man: I was so thankful I checked it out till I knew who was trying to lead me, who was making those supernatural things happen.

The power of God operates by faith, whether you are a child of God, child of Satan, or Satan himself; unfortunately Satan believes what God says more than most of God’s children do. Satan knew that when God said he could destroy everything that Job had that all he had to do was to believe and it would happen. We often have doubts about what God tells us to do, and we hold back: we need to recognize that it is so important that we stick our necks out and, do what God tells us to do.

I was told it was too dangerous for me to come to Africa alone, and I found many of those dangers that they were referring to; but God protected me through every one of them. Everywhere I go, God gives me a person to submit to, and I am very careful to obey what he tells me to do. When a man God put over me tells me not to do a thing, unless God has told me to do it; I submit to him as unto the Lord, and leave all judgment to God.

All power is given to me as long as I operate in the New Creation, under Jesus: when I operate in the New Creation I am operating in God’s perfect will; this is true for every Christian. When you are operating in the New Creation, your will is conformed to God’s will. If I came over here alone in presumption instead of faith; I would most probably be dead already: I would not dare to come over here alone without spending a lot of time with God first.

Faith is given to us as we meet with Jesus much early in the morning; otherwise we may be moving in presumption. Presumption will make us ineffective and may get killed in dangerous situations; but as you meet with Jesus you come to the place you absolutely know God is with you and leading you. Everything you to do for God hinges on the time you spend with Him.

Next conquest: There is nothing that God told you to conquer, that you cannot conquer. In God’s Kingdom, you can conquer anything. The Lord’s Prayer: Your Kingdom come, Your will be done; on earth as it is in heaven. In heaven all the things we are speaking of today, are already operating perfectly.

Jesus said in Revelation 2, he that overcomes will I give power over the nations, and he will beat them to pieces with a rod of iron. Our first conquest must be the nations within, and if we don’t conquer them first, we will not conquer the nations outside either. I don’t know if God is going to have us conquer physical nations or not; but I do know we are to conquer the nations within. Our job today is to work on ourselves, prepare ourselves, and do the work God instructs us to do today; and when the time is right, we will know what to do with the physical nations. We can try to save as many people as possible in Kenya and make this a Christian nation. Pray for your nation and its leaders, and submit to them as much as you can: for in its peace you also will have peace.

2 Corinthians 10: 3-6, “For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war after the flesh: for the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling of strongholds: casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ: and having in readiness to revenge all disobedience, when your obedience is fulfilled”.

The supernatural weapons Paul is speaking of here are found only by meeting with Jesus in the New Creation: they are found nowhere else. Satan has setup many strongholds in our minds, and we need the mighty weapons of God to cast them down. We will find out that as we go on that the battle for the mind is going to become stronger and stronger: we will not be able to avoid it. In verse 6, “Having in readiness to revenge all disobedience when your own obedience is fulfilled”: we need to conquer the strongholds in our minds, (disobedience) and be prepared for God to use us to fulfill this verse. Paul says plainly that those who fulfill their obedience will be revenging all disobedience on the earth; against Satan and his horde.

Nebuchadnezzar had a dream and Daniel interpreted it; in that dream was a statue with a head of gold, chest of silver, legs of brass, and feet of iron mixed with clay. Next Daniel saw a little stone cut out of a mountain without hands; begin rolling down the mountain, it became a boulder; then it became a mountain that destroyed the statue; and then covered the whole earth, and destroyed all the kingdoms of the world.

The Stone is like the river of life; it started very small, then became bigger and bigger: this rock is us joined to Jesus: those who meet with Jesus will be cut out without hands; it will be a work of God only; we will grow and grow: more people, more power, and more like Jesus; and it will be a mountain that will cover the earth, and there will be nothing they cannot conquer.

Other verses you can read on the subject of God’s people being conquerors: Psalm 149: 6-9; Daniel 2: 34; Malachi 4: 3; 2 Corinthians 10: 6; Revelation 2: 27

Perfect success: In heaven when God tells any being to do something; they are always perfectly successful, and for God’s Kingdom to come on earth as it is in heaven: we also must come to perfect success. You must expect a lot of failures, but you must continue meeting with Jesus, continue to cast down the strongholds in your mind, continue doing the work God has called you to do, Continue to believe everything Jesus said even if you cannot do it yet; and trust the keeping of your soul in the hands of Jesus as a faithful creator, 1 Peter 4: 19: He will recreate your soul in His image.

Do not be afraid to fail: you will learn from your failures, and you will little by little learn obedience through failures and sufferings, till your own obedience is fulfilled, then you will have perfect success.

I have shown you the value of getting out of the Old Creation; and the value of the New Creation, is beyond anything your mind can even comprehend right now. The things I am telling you are eternal things; all these things will be with you forever: Jesus and His people together forever. Let’s see this stone begin to cover the Philippines; eventually it will cover the earth, but for now let’s cover the Philippines. God has planted all the things we speak of today in us already: when we come before the Lord, till we are in perfect obedience; then all these things will be working in our lives to their perfection.

The man, who operates perfectly in all these things, will have perfect success. I went through these things with you, to show you how important it is to learn to meet with God, so He can bring you to all these things; for the Kingdom of God is waiting, for you. There is no one here that cannot do these things, it is available for all. Don’t look at yourself as though you can do this in your own strength or skill; you cannot do even one part of this, in your own strength.

When you meet with God till he is doing these things through you; then you will do what you are not now able to do. There is a difference between the way Satan operates, and the way God operates: Satan tries to take you by force, and make you do, what he wants to make you to do; but God never violates your free will. Satan puts all kinds of temptation before you, and will try to get other people, to force you to do his will. Satan uses any kind of force that he thinks will do the job.

God uses perfect freedom, He gently leads you one step at a time; but if at any time you choose not to, He will just let you go; He never takes you by force; He always keeps you in perfect freedom. This message to be continued for all eternity, God Bless You

Frank Overholt